Beintehaa 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 27th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Aaliya seeing Ghulam and Shabana standing seriously. Shabana says she spoke to Zain and he told everything. Usman on the other side says Aaliya called her and informed why she went to Bhopal. Shabana says if she was coming to celebrate religous night/shab-e-meraj, she would have brought Zain with her. Aaliya thinks Zain must have seen her schedule. Usman on the other side says Aaliya told she is going to get her degree certificate. Aaliya says Shabana that Zain is very busy. Shabana says it is okay and asks her to help her in serving food. Usman says Zain that Aaliya is his wife and he would not have sent her alone. Surayya comes there and says Aaliya is not a kid and she went by flight.

Aayath waches horror movie and gets afraid Rizwan brings popcorn for her. She gets afraid and hugs him tightly. Rizwan thinks he became a fan of horror film makers. Aayath asks what is he doing here. Rizwan says since Aaliya went to Bhopal, she wanted him to feel homely, so he came here. Aayath says it is her mamu’s house and Zubair is there to take care of her. Rizwan gets angry hearing Zubair’s name. He then plays a prank with Aayath and frightens her again. Aayath starts beating Rizwan with pillow. Zain sees them fighting and remembers Aaliya fighting with him.

Zain and his friends with Zubair watch cricket. Zubair predicts batsman will hits a sixer. Batsman hits sixer and Zain’s friends praise her. Zubair says his mom says if he would not have been a banker, he would have been a bookie. Zain imagines Aaliya there who says he is enjoying with his friends without her. Friends sees him talking alone and asks whom he is talking to. He gets conscious and closes the door.

Aaliya opens her suitcase and finds Zain’s shirt with her clothes. She wears Zain’s shirt and imagines Zain asking her why is she wearing his shirt. She says it came with her clothes by mistake in a hurry. She says it is her wish to wear it and asks him to watch him match as Zubair informed her everything. Aaliya’s cousin comes and asks whom she is talking to. She says no one and closes the curtain on Zain.

Zain sits sadly in his room. Usman comes and asks who won the match. Zain says Australia won. Usman says match is between England and India. He says it happens usually when we think we should spent time alone, but when that loneliness is because of someone, then that person’s place cannot be filled. He says nobody can fill Aaliya’s place in his life and gives him Bhopal’s ticket to go and bring Aaliya back. Zain says she will come back in 1-2 days and he has work in office. Usman asks him to think tonight as flight is in the morning. Ishq hai…. song plays in the background. Zain starts thinking.

Shaziya scolds his father for serving food in film shooting. Chakkiwala says he was in jail and she did not help him. Shaziya says if she would not have been there, he would have been still in jail. Chakkiwala asks she did not bail him though. A film crew lady asks Chakkiwala if food came referring him as spot dada. Chakkiwala asks her why is she calling him spot dada. Lady comes there and identifies Shaziya as her friend. Shaziya asks her what si she doing here. Lady says she is junior dancer and asks if the phone is Shaziya’s. Shaziya says it is hers and starts showing pics in mobile. Lady identifies Barkath as Bobby and says she was junior artist like her and has gone to jail many times. Shaziya gets shocked hearing that.

Shaziya comes to Barkath’s room and hears her talking to Meer Khan. She calls her Bobby and asks her how is she. Barkath says her name was Bobby when she was working in films and it is her past which she wants to forget. Shaziya asks what about the people whom she betrayed and was in jail because of that. She says what will Usman and Surayya do when they know about this. Barkath asks what does she need. Shaziya says she must be experienced and knows how to deal. Barkath says when she did not inform Surayya/Usman about it, then she wanted a deal and asks what she needs. Shaziya says she needs money every week.

Aaliya looks at her mobile and rememebrs being intimate with Zain. She is engrasped in Zain’s thoughts while working. Lamhe idhar bhi hain…. song plays in the background. She looks at mobile and thinks kitkit cannot even call her. Her cousins come and ask whose phone call she is waiting for. They ask then why did she check her phone at least 150 times since morning and ask if she is missing jiju/Zain. Aaliya says she is not missing anyone. Aaliya then again starts remembering Zain. She turns back and sees Zain standing there. Zain thinks she is looking fit as she is away from him and enjoying without him. Aaliya thinks he enjoyed parties without her and does not even look sad. They come in front of each other and look into each other’s eyes.

Precap: Zain is driving a jeep with someone who asks if he is married. Zain says he is married. Guy says if he has fought with his wife, then to say her I love you. Shabana and Ghulam are tense that Zain and Aaliya are not picking calls.

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  1. put a ban on this serial as well

  2. ABCDE please keep ur suggestion to u only ok. Wow finally zain reached bhopal but i think there must be any. spoiler

  3. A dialogue from the movie “The Vow” starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams….

    Paige : “look,i have a theory…”
    Paige:”One is guaranteed to preggers if she does it in a car”.
    they move forward to kiss… a heavy load vehicle comes and hit their car…and both meet with an accident.
    Paige(Rachel) suffers a memory loss in which she forgets about her life with her husband(leo)…she forgets every moment of love spent with him..she forgets every “vow” she took while getting married to him.

    leo : “I have a theory too. My theory is about moments. Moments of impacts.
    My theory is that, these moments of impact, these flashes of high intensity that completely turn our lives upside down actually end up defining who we are.”

    ther comes a turn in their lives….
    but like every other happy story…this couple too stays happy ever after!

    A worth watching movie “The Vow” absolutely fabuluous… 🙂

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      We get it … u posted this on the ema page also

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