Gustakh Dil 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 27th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sagar asking Lajjo who taught you this. Sagar asks the girls also. They keep quiet. Lajjo says no one, you wanted to see modern dance, but I know classical dance. He says do you know classical dance, when did I say I want to see modern dance, lets see your classical dance. Lajjo dances. The girls smile seeing her. They make fun of her. Sanson ki mala ………………….plays…………………Sagar looks on. He comes to her. Sagar says not bad. The girls are shocked. He says you know the basics. He looks at other girls and tells Lajjo welcome to the group. Lajjo smiles. The girls make fun of her and tease her.

The girls talk and decide to rag Lajjo. Lajjo comes to them. They ask her to make coffee for them. Lajjo does it. She finds it hard to use and then brings the coffee. They thank her and act sweet. She says please throw our glasses in dust bin. Lajjo says even I m late. They ask her to clean the room and leaves. Lajjo cleans the room. A lady comes and asks who are you, are you new girl, why are you doing this. Lajjo says the girls told me to do this. The lady says I will clean you go. Lajjo says I will help you and they clean together.

The lady says I will bring tea for you. Lajjo says I m getting late and leaves. Sagar asks to change the concept on phone. He stops Lajjo and talks to her. He says we have meeting with sponsors tomorrow. Lajjo is shocked. He says we have to style you, I will arrange the dress, some early tomorrow, don’t be late. He says I don’t want to hear a no from the sponsors. He says this is make or break, any mistake can end the career. Lajjo comes home. Sagar talks to Barkha and tells her everything about Ratri. Barkha says how can she be so unprofessional, the sponsors will sue us, what will we do.

Sagar says I have someone else instead Ratri. Barkha asks who is this girl, is she a known face. Sagar says no, trust me, she will become something, I need your approval. Barkha says I trust your judgement, do we have a choice, if you think she has potential, then go ahead. He thanks her. She says all the best, I m eager to meet her, I will be back soon. She ends the call and says I hope everything goes well.

Its morning, Anjali comes to meet Sagar and asks are you sure about this girl. Sagar says yes. She asks the girl’s name. Sagar says Trishna. Anjali says you want me to do her styling. He says yes, Indian traditional wear. She says I want to meet her. He says trust me. She brings some sarees. Lajjo is on the way. She gets a call from city hospital and goes there. Sagar selects the costume for Lajjo. Lajjo sees Mili in the hospital and says how did this happen. Mili says I got hurt while swinging. Singh calls Lajjo.

Lajjo talks to the doctor and he asks her to switch off the phone. Lajjo does so. The doctor says Mili is fine now. She asks can I take her home. He says no, we have to keep her here for one hour. Lajjo says I will make a call and come, but Mili does not allow her. Sagar waits for Lajjo and is angry seeing her phone off. Anjali says its time to go in meeting. Sagar says I felt she is different, but even she is so irresponsible, its my mistake.

Anjali says I will make her ready but when will she come. If this opportunity goes then. Sagar gets tensed. He leaves for the meeting and comes to meet the sponsors. Aarushi says I m sure your new find will be gorgeous. She asks about the girl. Sagar says she will come. He talks to her. Lajjo leaves and is on the way. Aarushi says don’t expect us to final the deal without meeting her. Sagar says she is on the way. Singh says she left, she will come. Sagar calls Lajjo.

He scolds her. Lajjo says I m reaching. Lajjo comes there in her bad saree. Sagar scolds her and asks her why is she not in her costume. Aarushi asks who is she. Singh says she is the one. Aarushi is shocked. Lajjo looks horrible and tired in her outdated saree.

Aarushi asks Sagar how can she sponsor such an ordinary girl and refuses to sponsor Lajjo.

Update Credit to: Amena

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