Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghu nervously telling Shivani that he cannot dance with her. Shivani says it is okay, she wanted to dance for dada/dadi’s sake, but if he does not care about her happiness, it is okay, she will deny to dance. Raghu holds her hand and asks her not to tell that he does not care about her and says he feels pain seeing her sad and he cannot be happy seeing her sad, he says if she insists, he will dance with her and will try his best to win.

Madhavi asks daadi why did she force Raghu to dance. Daadi says she is doing this for Raghu as Raghu is not realizing his love for Shivani. With them dancing together, Raghu will realize how much he loves Shivani. Madhavi asks why should she interfere in their personal matter. Daadi says helping two lovers meet is a good thing and she will do that.

Shivani and Ragu rehearse dance on song Saathiya Saathiya kya kiya…badmaash dil ye thag hai bada.. while kids watch them and clap. They both look at each other’s eyes romantically and dance. Kids say Raghu that he dances well and he will will for sure. Sunanda watches them and thinks today kids are praising them, later whole family will praise, she will not let this happen.

Nishi shivers and says Bela that she is feeling cold. Vivek goes to bring medicine. Neighbour comes with food and asks Bela to feed Nishi first and then give medicine. She says if it was in her hand, she would have taken them to her house. Latha thanks her. Baburam says Latha that he cannot see his family on street like this and will not have food until he gets a house. He and Roopesh go in search of house.

Shivani says Raghu even kids are praising his dance. He says kids are lying. Shivani says kids don’t lie. She sees her hair cut short and asks Raghu how can his hair be so short. They both then hear Sunanda scolding servant for dropping gift. She asks him to get lost until the party gets over and says who will pick gifts from ground now. Raghu says he will pick them and keeps gifts on table. Sunanda gives him money. Raghu asks why is she giving money. She says it is tips as he worked as servant. Shivani gets angry and asks Sunanda what is she doing. Sunanda asks how can they pay back Veer’s 20 lakhs with his being a bodyguard and suggests them to work as a servant to get some tips. Shivani asks her to shut up. Raghu stops Shivani. Sunanda says it is good for him and asks him to keep the money. She says he does not have self-respect to stay there and goes from there. Shivani asks Raghu why did he stop her. Raghu says Sunanda is right, they have to clear Veer’s debt soon. He says he will do night shift and repay debt soon.

Raghu comes in search of job and does not find any. He sadly comes out office when he sees a man forcing a lady to come with her. Lady pushes her and when man angrily tries to beat her, Raghu holds his hand and rescues lady. Man asks Raghu who is he. Raghu asks her if he is not shameful to beat a lady. He fights with man/good and beats him. Man apologizes and leaves from there.

Sumitra gets happy seeing Saharia family on street eating borrowed. She throws stinking water over them. Bela asks if she has gone mad. Sumitra says we throw garbage here, so she threw kitechen’s dirty water. Vivek angrily says Sumitra that she crossed all barriers and tries to go to hit her, but Latha says Sumitra has dirt in her mind and if he throw stone on her, we will get dirt on us. Sumitra thinks they are on road, but still egoistic. She will teach them lesson.

Precap: Shivani informs Raghu that someone cut her hair.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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