Ek Mutthi Aasman 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
kalpi is calling at different places but nothing is working out. kamla comes and says don’t be disappointed regarding the restaurant. I see the will in you. You’ll make it through. Kalpi says i know that’s why i’m praying to God. But i don’t know how to start. Kamla says did you know that you’ll start a life? God is testing you and i believe that you’ll top the test. Tomorrow we’ll talk to all the ladies about the it.

Scene 2
raghav says on call to someone i’m not coming to the office. pakhi comes downstairs. Raghav is discussing office affairs. Pakhi comes and says good morning. Raghav responds. Pakhi asks how is your hand. Raghav says its okay. Pakhi says i wanna talk about something.There in chowl kamla says to ladies that working for us can only fulfill our needs. We should start something of our own. one lady says you’re right but how will we start without loan. Kamla says so its nothing to be disappointed. Kalpi says every big thing starts with small. Kamla says she’s right. We’ll cook in our houses we won’t need a kitchen or investment. Ladies agree to her.There raghav asks pakhi what is it? Pakhi says its my friends engagement party. I know you don’t like to go to parties but they have invited you specially. They’d be hurt if you don’t come. Raghav says i’d love to come but i’m not feeling well and there is too much work. Pakhi asks what happened. He says nothing much. Pakhi says i know you don’t consider, me your wife but as long as we’re together we’ll be husband and wife in eyes of world. You can come as a friend. Raghav says okay i’m coming. Pakhi says thankyou. Let me bring you the soup.

Scene 3
nettu comes to kalpi and says why are you not ready? Don’t you have to go to the engagement? Kalpi says i’m not in mood to. Nettu says how can you say that. Kamla comes and asks whats going on? Nettu says look its her friends engagement but she’s not going. Kalpi says i don’t wanna go alone. Nettu says i’m coming with you. Don’t worry go and ready. Kamla says nettu is right you should go you will feel better. Kalpi says then you should come too. Nettu says she’ll be bored there. Kalpi says you’ve to come. Kamla says okay i’ll come with you.

Scene 4
kamla kalpi and nettu are at the engagement. Raghav and pakhi arrive too. Nettu sees them she says in heart i should get raghav and kalpi meet. Nettu says to kalpi bring me some water. She sends her in the direction of raghav. Kalpi goes there and strikes him. They’re both shocked. Raghav says fates want us to meet again and again. I think something is gonna happen. Kalpi says no way can get us together. We’ve to stay parted for this year. Raghav says i’ll stay away from you. Pakhi sees them together. She comes to kalpi and asks how are you, kalpi says i’m good. Kamla comes there too. She’s also shocked to see raghav. She meets pakhi. Kamla says you look beautiful. You didn’t like this color why are you wearing it ? Pakhi says raghav likes it. Kamla says that is so good. Its the sign of good relationships of husband and wife. You should wear the color your husband likes. Pakhi asks kalpi about her restaurant. Kamla says this restaurant is our dream and hope. We dont just make money like rich people. This restaurant will give new life to people of chowl. Kalpi will be their power so no rich guy can betray us. Raghav leaves. Kamla says you should stay with your husband in events like these. Pakhi goes to raghav. Kamla says kalpi its late lets go. Kamla says to nettu lets you. Nettu says i met pakhi after so long can we stay here for bit long. Kamla says okay then you stay we’re leaving.

Kamla and kalpi are going out. Nettu goes to the bride and congratulates her. She says kalpi is going without telling you. ria stop kalpi and kamla and says you people can’t go like this . Her mom says ria and kalpi are childhood friends. You’ve to stay here.The dance is going on in the engagement. Everyone is enjoying . Kalpi is not dancing. Ria asks pakhi where are you going ? She says i’m looking for my husband. Ria says introduce him at least. Pakhi takes her There and says this is my husband raghav. She holds his hand. Kalpi doesn’t like this . Raghav congratulates her. Ria says you’re such a good couple. I’m so happy that you came.
Pakhi is talking to raghav. Raghav takes her hand off and says i’m coming. Pakhi stops him and introduces him to another friend in the same way. Kalpi goes out. She is bit upset and recalls the promise raghav made in mandir to her.

Raghav goes to kamla and says are you still angry with me kamla maa. Kamla leaves without saying anything. Pakhi comes and says raghav lets go and eat something. Raghav says i’m not in mood to. Nettu says raghav should be with kalpi. She goes and says pakhi come in i wanna talk. Pakhi says raghav is my husband you can say here. Raghav says you should go. Nettu takes her in. Raghav gets a call and goes out. He sees kalpi there. Raghav goes to her. Kalpi says why you come in front of me. I can’t hurt ai again and again. Raghav says what about the pain you’re feeling . Kamla comes there and sees them together. They’re shocked.

Precap- kalpi and kamla are going. A car is coming towards them. Raghav jumps to save them and the car hits him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. How come the updates so delayed today?

  2. anybody know what happen

  3. why r u people so anxious? go to facebook Ek Mutthi Aasmaan -Raghav and Kalpi- hope you dont mind – is it neccesary to give feed back here?think twice. you will def enjoy in Facebook page more than here.

  4. i gave the link- u can go n discuss more than u enjoy- so much to laugh there. hope se u there

  5. my fb not opening so what happened

  6. what the hell is kamla problem no rich guy can betray them…..who’s chawl she living in….it is the most stupid line i have ever heard and from the dumbest woman to as for paki really shamelessly holding raghav hands like that she should know better……but i still not watching because i dont think we will get ragna if we do then that is the twist i least expected……………but still not liking the story and what is the point mother india have to give ragahv blood really shameless

    1. Phaki is distasteful …when will she learn…the man don’t want you girl…

      Ragv stop playing dumb and letting Phaki have her way…she always have her way…You are not hers to be introducing around.

      this is just great…another twist…i wonder if they going to make him bed ridden for the rest of the year….and Phaki have to play nurse maid…or Kamla? that will be a kick in the stomach….

  7. Why is Pakhi clinging to Raghav like a leech?Disgusting….

  8. this anxious of urs make them the way they are now.neglect them na. i told u there are so many sites u can go watch directly online – even no wif u r interetd to watch.Facebook- account opening is very easy.

  9. lol! Atiba u late today…

  10. Hate dumla and pookie
    Frndship name use karke raghav ko apna banana Chahti hai stupid pookie

  11. Accident me raghav kalpi ke sivay sab bhul jaye to jitna maja aega
    But ESA nahi hoga pawNdeep pookie ke sath hai to ‘ ulta karegi raghav sab kuch bhul jaye ga or pookie ko apni wife manega
    I think so

  12. So will Raghav lose his memory now and forget Kalpi……………… or would he plead with Kalpi and Paki will hear…??? But that girl Paki mean she must get him….. Imagine she knows he an Kalpi love each other and yet she still trying to get the man..hmmm

  13. They shouldve push kamla in front of the car!

  14. Kamala and she big frog and hog face always up in kalpi n rag face please somebody burst pookie bubble

  15. Hello mon, ek, chocoapi, net and other tu frineds, i think after this accident paakhi get chance to come close to raghave and spend most of time with him and raghave also even would say has softercorner for her may be guari doesnt like this in starting but after see her help she also started to like her. bu this would be disgusting and i am not feelng well and very hurt. as we all can feel raghave and kalpi love because this love is very very true and i dont think after having accident even he will loos his memory but heart always kept true love may be he is not reay to accept and recognise anyone but whever he will see kalpi feel like haven and want his full life with her but everyboday sayspakhi is his wife he is not able to express his feeling towards kalpi but it will be very very hurted now for we all end of raghave and kalpi or may be kamla will get promise to kalpi i will give him blood if you will get out from his life forever as he is now pakkhi’s husband and her happiness how she rude. i hate this ema now only love raghve and kalpi i m n ot able to sleep well after thinking that all ….paakhi b*t*h kaise raghave ka haat pakad kar intro karwa rahi thi jaan booch ke she is very very selfish and can do any think ragahve whats wrong with you why are u not abe to do anything nfront of her whay r u not able to understand her planning an prank u had habbit to be in surronded of selfish persons and you can imagin what next they can do why are u not able to jude this paakhi and give her one best slap to distroy her all dream and show her real place. why r u giving so much pain to ur love. u r not taking revenge from kappor after marryin paakhi even she is taking revenge from u and kalpi to destroy her love dream and all why r u not abe to udnerstand ps writer do soemthing good so that we all enjoy this show dont destry raghave shigania personality and popularity infront of his fans

  16. Gauri after see her child in pain and still he will memring kalpi kalpi still u want to take revenge how roude may be now you will think that raghave is ur child and he was not able to get ur care and love now he is with you and u r spending all time to take revenge and forget her kid he is in pain but still thinking for ur happiness but u ra vry selfishand kepp him aways from his love and paakhi ko jabardasti thop rahe hai now she will be ready but after get to know that paakhi is his wfe he will thik how can he destory her life and all bull shit

  17. What kind of revenge is this? Raghav is being nice to paaki so why does it take one year for this revenge? Gauri’s got her memory back in one day so why can’t revenge take that amount of time too? Really?? Do the writer’s think we have all the time in the world to devote to this nonsense? Now Raghav will be hurt and paaki will take care of him. What the hell is that? Kalpi will always feel bad that he got hurt to protect her. This is so retarded. Really a waste of a beautiful love story and Kamla should just die BC I hate her lectures! So Raghav is rich and therefore he is only good for rich paaki?? Really???? Sucks!!

  18. We need to pray for any child who has a mother like Kamalaa in real life. The writers and Creative time are showing only a story of a manipulative woman “Kamalaa” who is causing grief to so many and killing her own daughters dreams with a excuse of being poor and hating Raghav whose fault is lot smaller compared to Kapoor’s who “killed” another human being as per story line and even now they would not hesitate and spoil any body’s life and this dumbo Kamala has them in their house but she hates Raghav so much and is so much hatred towards him.He can easy kick her to the curb but he is tolerating all the mistreatment from the Kamala and Vittal for Kalpi’s sake.
    What a bad story line all because of EMA writers and PD inefficiency. BTW what is up with Raghav’e soft tone when he talks to Pest Poo and she is soo hypocritical , she says come as a friend to the party and then she falls all over him. He seems to be tolerating it for some reason.
    I am sure they are building all this climax to link to what happens after the accident. But unfortunately the EMA writers and creative team will mess up so bad that it will confuse all as to the direction of storyline. Also what is up with Raghav’s Pink v-neck T-Shirt and white blazer. He looks tired and very distracted. May be he is getting tired of EMA writers and creative teams crap.

  19. Sorry just realized, Raghav is wearning pink because the writers like to color coordinate Raghav’s and Kalpi’s cloths, even though they twisting & turning their love life 🙂

  20. and that pakhi is doing everyhing to getraghave love i dont know is it true love stroy of raghave and kalpi dont know i beleive it is but now depend on writerand bapa. i crossed my fingures and dont want to seprate ragave and kalpi paakhi ko muh ki khaani pde she is so mean and selfish always think for her self never think about others. i dont know why ragahve entertaining her dost ke naam main dahaba

  21. Paki very selfish girl. Even though she knows Raghav and Kalpi love each other she purposely act that they are husband and wife to jealous or give pain to Kalpi.
    She always tell she has Kamala ma’s sanskar if she should she will not behave infront of Kalpi what she behaved in this episode. May be Kamala’s sankar is only selfishness as they(kamal and paki) only thinks about their happiness.
    Raghav is disgusting he is not a man??????

  22. Pakhi to counter the bitter truth of Raghav and Kalpi’s marriage in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan


  23. Hi all can i join u here in ema writters not no what they want to show by joining kiti of neetu what type of revng gauri is taking she got her son after somany yrs now destroying his life an i also feel that raghav will forget kalpi

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