Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivani asking Raghu to fulfill the responsibility of a servant. Raghu says ok and promises to get her married infront of his eyes. He says, I will see you going to the palace from this basti. I will organise your marriage, just because you are my owner. He leaves. Shivani looks on sad. Sumitra follows Raghu. She gets angry at Shivani. Raghu takes Shivani’s side. Sumitra says, you have done a favour on her. Raghu gets angry and asks her not to say anything against Shivani. He says, I can’t listen anything against babyji. Sumitra thinks Raghu is a fool. He loves babyji, but doesn’t realize his love for her.

Karan picks Gini’s call. Gini tells him that she felt really bad as he suffered because of her. She apologizes to her. Karan says, I am not upset with you. Karan asks her to come to learn accounts. Gini says, I will come soon.

Bella brings Shivani to a shop and says she wants to give her a wedding gift. Shivani says, I want to take memories of the house. Bella says, we will buy jhumkas for you. They see the jhumkas and Shivani is trying it. Some neighbours come and taunts Shivani. Bella gets angry. They say Shivani don’t value of this jhumkas. Shivani thinks let them think me bad as Raghu have to live here. Baburaam talks to Rupesh about the calculations.

Bella comes and asks him, did you calculate babyji’s marriage expenses. Baburaam said, I told that I would organise the wedding, but I don’t have money. Sumitra says, babyji is not daughter of this house. Gini tells Sumitra that babyji is daughter of this house. Maya asks Gini to shut up and gives idea to Baburaam to take money from Karan.

Karan comes home with gifts. Baburaam welcomes him and tells Karan that he will organise the wedding grandly. Karan thanks him and says I brought gifts for you. They get happy. Gini asks, where is my gift? Karan says, gift is there for you too. Gini smiles. Maya says, you have given us wedding clothes for us. Baburaam says, we have managed the money, but have to manage little amount. Karan signs his servant, who brings the bag. Karan takes out money from the bag and gives 5 lakhs rupees to Baburaam. Sumitra thinks, this is a golden opportunity. Baburaam is happy and says how can I take your money.

Baburaam refuses to take. Raghu comes and says babu is saying the right thing. Baburaam says, Karan will feel bad if I doesn’t accept the money. Raghu gives money to Karan and says we can’t take money from you. Shivani is part of our family. Shivani comes and says no Raghu. She refuses to marry with Raghu’s money. She asks him to decide, she is part of the house or his owner. Raghu says, you are both.

Shivani says, I can’t take money from my servant. She insults him. She says, you have forgot the limits. She asks him to keep the money. Baburaam says, babyji is right. I will manage with this money. Shivani asks Karan, did you got something for Raghu? Karan says yes. Shivani asks Raghu to wear the same clothes brought by Karan and says afterall you are Shivani Rana’s servant.

Shivani says, you have taken my responsibility for so long. Karan feels bad. Raghu looks on sadly. Shivani says, this suit is a wedding gift from my side. Raghu recalls Shivani gifting him a watch. Karan tells Shivani that we will go to London. Maya is shocked and asks Vivek to learn something from Karan. Shivani tells Maya that she is shifting to London after her marriage. She tells Raghu that once she leaves the city then he will be free from her work. Karan says, ok I will leave. Shivani asks Karan to give his wallet. She takes out money from Karan’s wallet and gives 5000 Rs to Raghu as tips. Raghu is surprised.

Shivani says, you deserves a tip when you are working for me. She says sorry for not giving him tips before. She says, I couldn’t do anything for you as I forgot that I am your owner and you are my servant. She says, I won’t forget it when you made me remember. I will give you more tips before leaving. She asks, will you manage my wedding? Raghu says, hojayega babyji. It will be done.

Karan tells Raghu that he felt really bad when Shivani talked to him like that. Raghu says, she will be alright soon. He thinks I kept babyji far from myself, but why I am sad. I want her happiness..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. so sad episode………….. “”Raghu says, hojayega babyji.”” like the beggining of the serial…..

  2. why these shows have so much drama? and are men that foolish where they cant xpress their feelings. I think these shows must have some sense of level headed thinking. You can miss a whole month show and still catch up

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