Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghu is about to tell the truth to Shivani, just then Sumitra pushes the tree pot. Raghu sees it and saves Shivani. He gets injured instead. Shivani shouts Raghu and gets worried for him as he is bleeding. Sumitra says, I want to kill Shivani, why Raghu came in between.

Bella asks Gini to talk to Karan and confirm his love for her. Gini calls Karan. Karan picks the call. Gini says, I want to ask you something. Karan says, I too wants to talk something. He tells about reading her letter. Gini smiles. Karan tells her that he don’t love her. He says, I love Shivani. Bella hears it. Gini is shocked and tears flows from her eyes.

Shivani puts the bandage on Raghu’s hand. Sumitra comes and asks Shivani to move. She acts to gets worried for him. Raghu stops Shivani and says our talk is incomplete. Bella comes and says Gini wants to tell you something. Gini tells Raghu to forgive her. Raghu says, you are not at fault alone. Karan is also at fault.

Gini tells him that Karan has not done any mistake. She tells him that she went to club to meet Karan. Some goons was trying to misbehave with her and Karan saved her. Raghu asks, why you went to meet Karan? Gini says, I love Karan. Raghu is about to slap her, but Shivani stops him. Gini apologizes to Shivani. Sumitra thinks everything is getting out of her hands. Shivani asks Gini to stop crying. Gini tells Raghu that Karan took her to his house after saving her. Raghu asks, why you didn’t tell me before. Shivani says, I didn’t want her to fall in your eyes. She says, everything will be fine.

Raghu says, your heart is really big babyji. Sumitra asks, that’s why you have broken babyji and Karan’s alliance. Now they can marry as everything is well. Raghu says yes. Shivani asks, what you were about to tell me. Raghu says, I have to rectify my mistake. Sumitra thanks God for saving her fake marriage. She says Gini also didn’t tell anyone about me. Maya comes and blames her for provoking Gini.

Maya says, I can understand everything. Gini don’t have brain to do this. She asks her to tell the truth. Sumitra accepts and says I don’t know this would happened with Gini. She says, I tried to trapped Shivani. Maya says, it is good that babyji is getting married to Karan finally. She says, I want babyji to go from here and asks her to have patience. Sumitra promises her not to do anything wrong.

Raghu comes to Karan and says apologizes to him. Karan says, I am not angry with you. I would have done the same thing. Raghu thanks him. Karan says it’s ok. Raghu says, I am very happy that I got you for babyji. I am relieved now. Karan asks him about marriage preparations. Raghu says, it is going on. Karan gives him bangles and asks him to give it to shivani on his behalf. Raghu takes it and leaves.

Shivani cries and thinks she is getting married. She cries badly. She says, I won’t forgive you Raghu. Raghu comes and says Karan sent something for you. He asks her to look at her bangles sent by Karan. Shivani doesn’t look at it and thinks I will repay the pain to you. Raghu keeps the bangles on the bed and is leaving. Shivani stops him and asks him to keep it in the cupboard. Sumitra smiles.

Shivani says, you used to say that I am your owner then why you are looking sad. She says, I will wear whenever I like. She insults him. Raghu looks on surprisingly and keeps the bangles in her cupboard. Sumitra interferes. Shivani asks Raghu to tell about their relation. Shivani insults Sumitra too and calls her servant.

Raghu says, I kept the bangles and is leaving. Shivani stops him and insults him further. Raghu lowers his eyes and hears her taunts. Shivani says, I will tell what you have to do. She asks him to organize her wedding being her servant. She says, you will see me getting married to some other man with your eyes. Raghu looks on. Sumitra is annoyed.

Raghu tells her that your marriage will be solemnized infront of my eyes. I will organize everything and make sure that you go to the palace from this basti because you are my Malkin..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. Pls updathe kumkum bhagya also immediatly!! Just like the way u do this!! Pls!!

  2. Pls update kumkum bhagya also immediatly!! Just like the way u do this!! Pls!!

  3. i watch all serials of zee tv…. and this is one dabba serial..!!

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