Qubool Hai 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s haveli
While shazia is talking and explaining as to how she wasnt able to come ton ight, on the phone, she hears a knock on the door. She cancels the phone. nazia comes in with food, while shazia vents out her anger at her for pretending to be simple. Shaia asks her not to think that she wont go down the guilt trip. nazia tells her that she didnt mean to kill her but she didnt even try to save her. Shazia is shocked to hear this. Nazia says that she juist wants her to eat. but she forcibly throws nazia out. she lands into ahil’s arms, who is in a rage at shazia’s behaviour. He asks her whats wrong with her, and why is she angry at her all the time. Before he can finish, shazia slams the door on his face. ahil maintains his calm somehow, and tries to stop her from crying and consoles her.

After having worked in the kitchen, sanam is about to walk out, when she collides into rehaan. rehaamn asks if she is going somewhere. she says that its very essential for her to check on dilshad, after the operation to monitor her recovery and her medicine dosage too. He finds her coughing and sneezing bad. Rehaan is surprised that its too late, and finds that she has fever, and asks her to rest. rehaan says that if she doesnt mind, he would go and see her if she’s okay and give her the dessert too. She is surprised and thankful too.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
Dilshad is wondering why sanam didnt come. She hears a doorbell and finds rehaan standing there, and recognises him, when she remembers sanam mentioning him. she instantly greets him and gets him inside. rehaan gives her desserts and asks her to take care of herself and take her meds on time. dilshad says that she’s okay and compliments him on his good nature. rehaan says that good people find others also good, like sanam. he excuses himself citing that its getting late. He leaves. dilshad turns around, wondering that sanam is very fortunate that she is working in such a nice person’s place.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
The next morning, the alarms ringing wakes up sanam with a start, and she picks up the phone, and ahil says that he can call her at anytime. Sanam asks what does he want and he pretends not to notice. sanam finally asks what does he want, adding a Sir, and he complies. ahil starts giving a specific and long list of what he wants for breakfast, and gives her just 30 minutes to prepare it. sanam is shocked, but he slams the phone shut. she vents out her frustration at him and his appetite. She gets to working instantly.

later, when ahil comes down and doesnt find his breakfast on the table, he is about to scream in anger, when he finds sanam coming in with the tray of food. he sits down while she serves it all out. He starts eating while she waits. He notices the sewai, and asks who told her to make this. she replies that she made it out of her wish. He begins to eating it, and having had the first spoonful, he remembers having the same by tanveer’s hands, and the memory of how she had got him to promise that she wont ever be replaced by anyone else. He puts down the spoon and rushes from there. sanam is surprised to find him like that. He asks her why she made this. She asks whats wrong with it. Sanam says that she just felt like it. Ahil asks how can she even think of making it and serving it to him, and that she shouldnt ever make it again. She says that she doesnt know whats her mistake. ahil says that he cant explain nor can she understand. He gets emotional, while composing himself, he gives her the order to prepare a lunch for his foreign clients. He leaves, while she is boggled. He turns around and finds her saying that she made such good dessert but he doesnt like anything at all, and that she would eat it later. he softens and leaves.

Sanam begins to working in the kitchen, after she finds the copy of the recipe. She goes to take some items from the fridge, and in the meanwhile, azhar’s parents steal away everything from the plate, when sanam is distracted. sanam is shocked to find stuff disappearing. Outside, azhar’s parents are very happy to find food. sanam is forgetful and doesnt really remember how to deal with the owen. while she is trying to figure it out, shazia comes in for water. Shazia finds sanam, grappling with confusion in the kitchen, while she is confused whether they should use steelware or plastic containers. Sahzia intentionbally tells her to use steel containers, thinking that now she would teach her a lesson. sanam complies, and gets to putting steelware in the owen.

Meanwhile, in his room, Ahil talks to tanveer, that time heals the physical wounds, but the y never fade away, and when they come again, it pains a lot, telling her how he missed her today due to the sewai. He apologises for calling untimely and asks her to take care of herself, and cancels the phone. He gets a call from rehaan after that, and knows that the delegates are coming and tells him that the food is ready for them. He thinks about going to check on the food.

In the kitchen, sanam is busy with her preparations, thinking that she needs just another 15 minutes. latif comes in, overdressed and asks sanam to adjust her saree, and she complies. after she leaves, sanam notices sparks in the owen. She is shocked. Sensing something wrong, sanam opens the oven door, and a gush of fire spreads out, she retreats in shock, and falls in ahil’s arms. he shuts the owen down and extinguishes the fire. Sanam is in shock still. he turns around to sanam and says that he cant believe what she was just doing. Ahil tells sanam frantically as to why and how can she be so careless, as she would have burnt this place down completely, by her brash behaviour, and they would all have died. While he is angry, he notices that her hands are burnt down. He gets emotional and asks how this happened. she says that she can take care of herself and starts searching for turmeric. ahil takes her insistently and places here hand under cool running water. Ahil remaks that she cant take care of herself, and is ahead to fulfill the challenge. sanam is in a world of pain, while ahil tends to her. He throws the ointment to her, to apply on the hands. sanam is unable to and is fidgeting. ahil notices it, and comes to her and takes it from her hands. He places ointment on her scalded hands, while she watches him as he does so. He watches her as she breathes a sigh of relief. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Tanveer, in her cell wonders who this girl, sanam is. She thinks that she would have to find out the entire history about this girl. Ahil attends to his clients and to make them comfortable, he cater to their palate serving them foreign cuisine. But he is shocked as he finds sanam coming in with her own interpretation of the cuisine and serving it along with the pudina chutney. he is increasingly tensed and angry at sanam, while his clients taste Sanam’s “world famous” Pudina chutney.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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