Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karan finishing teaching to Ginni. He asks if she has any other tension. Ginni says she is in tension. Karan asks to tell him her tension then. Ginni thinks of speaking him in English and says “I really tense about my exams.” She gives him a letter and asks him to read once she goes from there. Karan gets suspicious. Before Karan reads it, he gets a call from someone.

Maya asks Ginni why is she smiling. Ginni says she gave letter to Karan and is awaiting his reply. Sumitra brings gulab jamoons to everyone and gives them. Baburam and Roopesh like jamoons. She gives it to Bela, but Bela says she does not want to eat anything from her. Raghu asks Bela about Shivani. Bela says she went out and asks him why is he worried about her. Shivani comes just then and says Bela is right, he does not need to worry about her. Bela sees Shivani without sindhoor and mangalsutra and asks about them. Shivani says whenever she sees Raghu, she remembers about his betrayal, so she did not wear it. She says she brought divorce papers and asks Raghu to sign them and free their fake relationship. Sumitra smirks seeing that. Raghu picks papers and signs on them. He says their relationship is finished now. Shivani says their relationship finished when he married Sumitra and gives him mangalsutra. She says he fulfilled his promise by marrying Sumitra and now it is her turn. She calls Karan and he comes in. She says she wants to convey and good news and it is her marriage with Karan soon. Ginni asks if she is joking. Karan says Shivani is not joking, it is true that he and Shivani are getting married.

Baburam thinks with Karan and Shivani’s marriage, he will become Rich and says he will arrange their marriage. He asks Ginni to bring gulab jamoon. Maya says she will bring them and goes in. Sumitra smirks and thinks Ginni lost his prince to Shivani.

Raghu remembers Shivani telling that she will marry Karan for his sake. He addresses maliksaa and asks if he is doing right, it is strange that he got a habit of taking care of babyji, but once she goes, everything will be alright.

Sumitra brainwashes Ginni and asks if she will let Karan marry Shivani. She says love happens only once like she loves Raghu. She asks if she can forgive Shivani. Ginni says she cannot forgive babyji as she shattered her dreams of marrying Karan. Sumitra asks her to be calm, she will find a way soon.

Karan says he is happy about her decision, but looks like she is not happy. He says he is okay if she wants to take more time and says he wants her to be happy. Shivani sees Raghu nearby and says Karan that he is very happy about their marriage and was thinking why did not she take this decision before. She says why did she come to this house where she did not get happiness, her decision of marrying her servant was wrong. She says she wants to get out of this poverty and his poor locality as she cannot be happy here and will get happiness from her old friend/Karan. Karan smiles and says if she has taken a decision, then he does not have any doubt. He will promise that he will keep her happy for her whole life. He says her bye. Shivani goes in. Karan sees Raghu standing nearby and calls him. Raghu says she came to congratulate him and he had told him that only he can keep babyji happy. He asks him to think how can he make his married life more happier. Karan says okay and leaves from there.

Precap: Raghu says Shivani that he cannot let her marry Karan. She says she will not marry Karan if he breaks his marriage with Sumitra and remarries her..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. oh good grief!! wat on earth does raghu really wants!.. he cnt have to two women eh eh!!………….

  2. she should jus leave raghu since that what he wants… but marryin karan am not so sure about.. cz his mother is her brother wife’s aunt… am not sure wat is they relationship…. omg what is goin on with these series!!!

  3. Come on rague make up your bleedy mind wat u want….

  4. Yaaah, shivani hz suffered a lot.

  5. It is because raghu comes to know that karan is renuka auntys son ! Thats Why he told her not to marry him

  6. Raghu is a betrayer

  7. wat a stupid serial!!

  8. wat a crapppy serial!!

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