Ek Hasina Thi 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Durga meeting Shaurya. Shaurya says you have many questions for me, I can answer them, but I want to know how do you know Payal. Durga says when I came from America, I worked in a NGO, I met Payal there for the first time, she was in bad state, she did not remember anything. I saw the pain in her eyes and I got related to her. I came to know Payal is in same state since two years and no one attended her, I came to know she came there running from someone. So I brought her here and admitted her in good hospital, where you met her.

She says I did every treatment, but nothing happened. Payal can’t live a normal life. Shaurya smiles. Durga cries and says I used to meet her often. I told Dayal about her and he took met Payal. Then he told me that he saw Payal somewhere. She says I checked on internet and found out she is Payal Mitra who was raped by a rich guy. When you met Payal yesterday, I could not believe, the man who raped Payal, that rapist is you, Shaurya Goenka. Shaurya is stunned. He says Durga, it’s a lie.

She says so I want to know the truth from you, before I make an opinion about you, it would be better if you tell me. Shaurya thinks to make a fake story. He acts like crying and says you are asking me the truth, after knowing me so well. She says I want to know did you and your friends raped Payal or not. He says fine, I will tell you the whole story, then you decide who is victim and culprit. She says in rape, the victim is always a woman. He says what pain, when there was no rape. Durga says what.

Shaurya says we did not believe it. I will tell you the truth. Payal was my driver’s daughter who used to stay in our servant’s quarters. Payal and Nitya used to come in our house but we did not treat them as servants. Payal and I became friends, Payal thought its love, when she told me she loves me, I did not tell her anything, as I could not break her heart, as I really cared for her. He cries. Durga gets angry seeing his crocodile tears.

He says it pains a lot when I think about it. I was a fool to flow in her emotions and we did a mistake. He says we had physical relations. Durga cries. He says believe me, don’t think I m wrong, that night Payal showed her real color, she pressurized me for marriage and blackmailed me. He says I was feeling guilty then I told her I will talk to mum, but Payal was smart, she knew mum will not agree. He says she accused me of rape. He shouts and says she accused my three friends also to get money from me. Durga thinks of the past.

Shaurya says then I came to know Payal loved me to take money, it was Nitya and Payal’s plan. He says then mum decided to fight against her, and we won the case. He says Payal’s parents did suicide and her sister run away. Payal is responsible for all this, and she could not bear this and lost her mental balance. He says she ruined her family in her greed and took our respect from us. He says Payal was characterless. Durga gets angry. Akash comes to see Payal in the hospital. He acts like a doctor and asks the sister to show Payal’s medical file. The nurse gives him the file. He checks it. Durga thinks Shaurya is lying, he ended the truth with his lie. Durga shouts no. She cries and says Shaurya you are lying.

Dayal removes Durga’s shoes and sees her feet bleeding. She cries and says Shaurya said Payal is characterless, I felt to kill him, but………. I could not do anything. She says I had to be quiet, he lied to me having tears in his eyes. Dayal says calm down and wipes her tears. He says Shaurya’s real punishment will be he feels his life is worse than death. He says he has to feel his every breath heavy. Dayal does first aid to her feet. She says we will go where no one knows us, a different world, we should take Oayal and go, I don’t want to be here.

Dayal asks will you lose, as it can happen again with anyone else. He says it’s a war and you have to losse small games to win. He says every woman has Maa Durga in her, my daughter is Durga herself, be brave. Durga looks at Maa Durga’s pic and Maa Durga……………plays………………..

Durga prays to Maa Durga and says I want pain for Shaurya. Rajnath tells Sakshi that we don’t have any fear about Durga. Dayal asks Durga to call them. Durga calls Sakshi.

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