Beintehaa 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya informs Zain about Fahad demanding property division. Shaziya gets happy and thinks she will get 15% propety share tomorrow along with Barkath’s share. She thinks she will enjoy her life like in heaven. She dreams about Surayya washing her hair, feeding her jalebis, then pressing her legs, etc., as a servant. She then dreams about fighting with Nafisa and scolding Surayya for serving Nafisa. She asks Nafisa why is in her dream. They both start fighting in dream. Nafisa comes there and wakes her up. She calls Shaziya cheapster. Shaizya asks her why did she call her cheapster. Surayya seeing them fighting and scolds them. She says Barkath is trying to unite this house, but they are dividing them. She warns them not to fight.

Usman calls his lawyer who gives him partition will. Usman reads the will and signs it. He says Fahad that he has signed the will. Zain comes and gives his property share to Fahad, he says Fahad that he has even prepared papers and gives them to Fahad. He says hope could give him 51%, but he is heir of 49%. He says dad did not take anyone’s share, then how can he do it to his children. He says Fahad that he can go, but for building relationships, faith is the main necessity. Fahad says Zain that he is stupid to give his share to him. He asks Usman and Surayya to convince him. Zain says he has taken a right decision and he has his nephew and nieces to take care of him when he gets old.

Fahad asks Usman if he is dear to him like Zain, if he would have been dear to them, then they would not have signed the will and freed him. He says what will he do this with this wealth if he cannot spend his life with his brother who gave his property share to him. He asks sorry to Usman and Surayya for asking his property share. Surayya and Usman hug him emotionally. Fahad says our house’s happiness is with the whole family being together. He hugs Zain. Zain says Surayya and Usman that he and Fahad do not need division. Aaliya says even Barkath does not need division/partition. Barkath nods yes. Aaliya says property papers are the biggest culprit here. Fahad tears papers. Barkath, Shaziya/Nafisa get angry seeing that. Usman and Surayya hug their sons emotionally.

Zain comes to his room and sees her sleeping. He remembers she asking him to give his share to Fahad and Fahad tearing partition papers. He says he helps her alway and today he will tell help her. He writes a love letter to her with his feeling written on the paper. He says he said I love you to her and not Aaliya Bhatt. He says I love you Aaliya, I really love you.

Precap: Barkath says Mir Khan that Will’s copy is with lawyer and if Usman is killed, Will will be executed automatically.

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  1. someone kill barkath

  2. yeh kill thah cow

    1. Will aalya see l d luv leter.

  3. stupud barkhat ne show ka romance le liya get lost

  4. very boring episode

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  6. aliya will expose the truth of barkat

  7. Awwwww……,..!!!!! So cute ,a love letter. Romance in every scene. Luv u zaya.

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