Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghu seeing Shivani talking to the roadside goons. He goes near them and asks Shivani to come home with him. Shivani introduces goons to Raghu as her new friends. She introduces Raghu to her and asks Raghu what is he to her. Raghu takes her to the side and says these guys are not good and asks her to come with him. Shivani says he does not care about her, so he should not be bothered about her. He holds her hand and her to come. Goons see that and ask Raghu why is he forcing Shivani.
Raghu gets angry on goons and asks them to leave, else they won’t be able to walk. Goon holds Shivani’s hand. Mera Ranjha… song plays in the background. Raghu twists goons hand and starts beating goons. Shivani gets happy seeing Raghu fighting for her. A lady on street asks Shivani to stop Raghu, else he will kill the goons. Shivani stops Raghu. Raghu angrily looks at Shivani and goes from there.

Karan comes to ice cream parlour with Ginni and buys her icecream. He asks her to taste it and tell her opinion. Ginni says it is very tasty and she has not tasted such a tasty ice cream in her life.

Karan asks parlour owner not to charge Ginni when she comes next time and to take money from him. Ginni thinks Karan has made her special friend. She thanks Karan for making her special friend. Karan says it is his friend’s parlour. Ginni sees a couple wiping each other’s ice cream-smeared face and thinks Karan should also wipe her face. She smears ice cream on her face. Karan looks at her face and gives her tissue paper to wipe her face. Ginni asks him to help. Karan wipes her face. Ginni thinks it is such a romantic moment.

Shivani follows Raghu and says she wants to talk to her. Raghu says he does not want to talk to her. She asks him to answer her questions and asks why did he react when goons held her hand and why did he get angry when she spoke to goons. She asks if he has answers for her questions and says reality is he does not want to accept the fact that he loves her. Raghu says why does she think whatever she feels is truth, it was just his responsibility towards her. Shivani says it was a husband responsbility towards his wife. Raghu says it was just his duty and says he was her daaju’s servant, her world is different than his. Shivani says she left that world for him and he is his world now. Raghu says he cannot make her his part of world and his world is very poor and cannot let her part of this world, he promised maliksa to give her the luxuries he gave her. He is not the person who can give her happiness and luxuries and Karan is that person. Shivani is shocked to hear that. He says Karan is her childhood friend and they both understand each other. He say Karan did not tell you, but he loves you a lot, he is waiting for you since many years. He says he is trying to explain her what is good for her. Shivani asks him to kill her if he cannot be with her. Raghu says he will die but will not accept his marriage with her, he says he is marrying Sumitra soon and Karan is perfect for her and cares for her a lot, so she should marry Karan. Shivani says if he wants that, then she will marry Karan for his happiness, but will love him forever. Her love’s win is to see him happy. She says she will not marry Karan until he marries Sumitra and will be his wife till then, she promises to leave and forget him once he marries Sumitra.

Shivani informs Bela what Raghu said. Bela asks Shivani how can Raghu even think about it. Shivani says she wants to make Raghu realize that he loves her. Bela says Raghu is very stubborn and what if he marries Sumitra. Shivani says she is sure Raghu’s heart will melt her her, she is Raghu’s and Raghu is hers. Someone knocks the door. Shivani goes out to check and is shocked to see Raghu and Sumitra in a marriage attire in front of door.

Precap: Raghu says Bela that he married Sumitra as Shivani asked him to marry Sumitra.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This show is getting nowhere…. Boring….

  2. How the hell he could that witch wen u did not divorce shivani… Only if he ent trying to pretend so dat shivani marry Karen…

  3. Raghu is making his life….Shivani’s life ….. And Bo Bo face Sumintra life a shit case…… None of them would be happy

  4. Raghu is so stupid…this show is so freaking boring…i was in love with this show but now i dont like at all….fucking idiot raghu and sumitra both are such stupid

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