Devon ke Dev Mahadev 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

the episode starts with Shivaji and Ganesh discussing the events. Mahadev says pride destroyers everything. Any one who is sure if himself never tries to prove anything and is humble but Banasur and Agni both are in a tussle of proving they are great. As a consequence Banasur is loosing the glory of his ancestors and Agni is loosing it’s purity. He tells Ganesh to help Agni sort himself out. He said kartikeya will return Ganesh says he wants to do a yagya to help Agni come put away his negativity

Agni dev wonders who defeated him. Could it be Mahadev then he says no. He decides that he has to do more in order to protect himself. He creates a vail of fire around him. Many people get burnt. Kartikeya sees this and tells Agni to stop but Agni starts to fight him, he tries to burn kartikeya but does not succeed then he says that you have come here because you want to be senapati again. Kartikeya says no I just want to protect innocent lives . Agni says I will stop harming them but you have to promise me that you won’t take up the post again. KartikYa says I won’t promise you anything till you are full of negativity . Agni says he is going to Kailash to rid himself of it

Banasur asks his courtiers why that flag is flying??? Who could be the enemy. Narad Rishi comes there and says the enemy is not always an outsider. He could be onside too. Banasur says I will kill him. Narad says it’s not that simple. Banasur says when it’s about my protection it’s like that only

Narad says that Anirudha was last seen in war with asurs. After that his whereabouts are not known. Yadavs think you are to blame. Banasur says if I had him I would have killed him by now, what you were saying about insiders ??? Narad says let’ your spy’s do thT work

Banasur tells his courtier to fond out who this insider could be

He goes to meet Mahadev

At dwarika some shepherds are going to thro remaining milk in the sea ,Krishna tells them not to do that and rukmini gets annoyed at insult of milk, suddenly some asurs come there and start to torture people. Krishna tells them that will fight then yadavs will fight . It will lead to destruction why not stay in peace they understand and leave

At Kailash Banasur says that yadavs are suspecting him of kidnapping Anirudha . Mahadev says if you haven’t then you should not be scared. Banasur says I have come to request you not to come to my aid if battle happened. Mahadev says he won’t come till Banasur called him. Ganesh tells Banasur to look at his own palace .some good is happening there

PRECAP Mahadev stops Agni and opens his third eye

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizaada

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