Rang Rasiya 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
mohini says to Lailayou did that? Laila says your DIL threw water at her, mohini says why you did that without sking me, doctor say there was chilli in water, mohini says maybe it got in water by wind, mohini says we they did mistake, they were playing, paro is wincing in pain, doc does bandage and says she will be fine in two days but be careful next time, he leaves, laial comes and says I will be your for two days, Maithili says I will call rudra, paro sasy no its his 1st day in bsd so don’t disturb him.

Scene 2
in bsd, aman brings one man and says his camel is lost, rudra ssy so we will find it? aman says its important fro him ,rudra ask why ? aman sasy that camel has given special training to transfer guns across border without man, rudra sy who took your camel, man says tejawat he use to take camel from me, rudra says it means tajawat’s men are around, an says tejawat has asked camel from me and if I don’t give him then.. please do something, rudra ssys this means Laila was right tejawat is here only, he ask aman to do strict checking at border.

Scene 3
Laila brings paro in hall, Maithili ask where are you going? Laila says she was asking to make food, Maithili says are you mad I have made it, you rest, Laila says she wants to make herself as rudra like her food, Laila ask how do you know what rudra likes, Laila says I was his messenger and it was my duty to keep check on everything, Laila says I know about you too, will you wanna know? Maithili looks at her. Laila says I will place chair in kitchen, she goes, Maithili says you should have asked me I would have made it, are you angry with me that I put chilli water in your eyes, paro sasy nothing like that, Laila calls paro in kitchen, maihtili says Laila is becoming your good friend but don’t forget only I am your jija. par comes in kitchen, Laila holds her and says now I will be your hands and eyes, you just tell me what to do.
mohini is taking food and money for sumer when danveer comes and sees bag, he ask do you meet sumer, mohini sasy he is my son, danveer he is killer too, mohini sasy her was probed by rudra and dilsher he is innocent, danveer says remember one thing he will never come here, mohini cries for sumer. Laila listens it and says oh her life is struck in sumer so he can be handy.

Scene 3
Maithili brings paro to room and says did your sabzi is made, paro say it feels like you are jealous, Maithili yes I should be, paro says listen I am making sabzi fro him as he is changing, he gets angry on me but there is something change in him, something is going on in his heart, our relation is changing and I will do everything, maithili ask from where you get so much strength, paro say we listen that people love first then marry but its only in stories but a marriage is marriage and thread of relation can go from hand if you leave it little so I get patience, I know my marriage was not a fairytale but after that its in our hand that how we live, today I have no problem with this marriage, today we took 1st step and then we will develop love and move to next step.. she stops and recall her promise to god, Maithili says how will to go to next step when this Laila.. paro ask what? Maithili sasy I don’t wan to get involved but I don’t find her good, something is wrong with her, paro says I know she lied about bhajan but she asked foregiveness too, Maithili say not only that but she shows some right on rudra, its weird, don’t you find it weird, paro sasy rudra is my husband, I trust him so its not weird, Maithili ask do you want anything, paro says no, Maithili say I will go now, she leaves.

Scene 4
rudra comesback, Laila sees him and deliberately bumps in him, he holds her hand from falling, she says thanks, he looks at her angrily, paro comes there with bandage on eyes, he says paro, Laila says its me, rudra throws her away and runs to paro, paro is about to go to him but slips rudra holds her closely and gently and ask what happened to you, paro says color went in my eyes, we were playing, rudra calls out everyone, he ask Maithili how she got hurt, Maithili says it was my fault I put colors in her eyes, paro no we were just playing, rudra sasy are you kid, he ask did doctor check her, why you didn’t call me, he scolds Maithili, Maithili says sorry and cries, mohini says why are you shouting on her, paro started it all she was dancing then all got involved and this Laila was also dancing so why scolding Maithili only. he ask what doctor said, Maithili sasy he said she will be fine in two days, paro says nothing happened, rudra sasy so you are waiting for it to happen, If anthing happens to you then what I.. he stammers and says what would I say in bsd and women centres, paro is about to go but rudra says don’t go alone, paro says I can handle myself, she slips rudra holds her and says done, he puts hand around her waist and take her to room, Laila fumes.

Scene 5
rudra brings apro in room and ask her to take rest, paro sasy I am fine, she is crying, rudra sasy stop crying as tears have salt eyes will burn, he sits next to her and ask why are you crying? is it burning, paro says I am not vrying in pain but you got so much angry.. rudra says I had to if anything happens to you then I,.. he says its follishness, paro sasy why you scold jija, rudra it was her mistake, paro sasy we all were playing, she cried because of you, rudra says you.. he says I am tired with your tears, I am going and when I comeback you should stop crying, he looks at her.

Scene 6
mohini says what was the need to put chilli, Laila says how dare she look at my paro, mohini sasy you made her blind but rudra is running behind her now cant you see, because of this from when rudra returned he is only loking at his wife, Laila sasy don’t call her wife, mohini says she is his wife and this is truth, rudra is acting like that he is 1st man to get wife, you are of no use, mohini goes away, Laila says now you cant see rudra but I promise soon I will tke you away from rudra’s life.

PRECAP- at dining table, rudra gets up, dilsher ask what, rudra says me and paro will eat in room, Maithili says you said paro is not hungry, rudra says so what I will make her eat, dilsher says its bad what happened with paro but this made my wild son a good husband

Update Credit to: Atiba

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