Maharana Pratap 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap is going to leave bijolia with phool and hansa mosi says, i am coming. Pratap’s friend says, shall we go bauji raj? Pratap says, ok. Gohar says to herself, pratap is going with same way that i told you. Troop is moving toward chittor. Ajab cries and hansa mosi supports her. Jalal’s soldier gets ready for war. Jalal says, i have heard that afghan’s do anything what he want. everybody gives slogan of jalal. Soldier gives news of gohar jaan and read it. Pratap sees behind and gohar jaan gets surprised and phool thinks about pratap and phool says to soldier to stop. Phool says, i am going return back to fort and if you will request in front of her then she will definitely come. Pratap denies about it. Phool says, but i am going to bring ajab.
Phool goes toward bijolia fort again. Ajab thinks about pratap.
Ajab says to dassi, change everything. Phool reaches to fort and says, why dont you come with me. I know you think about pratap. I will give time for you. Ajab says, chittor will become your home. Phool says, i need your help more at this time and if you will not come with me then i will not go to chittor. Phool close her door. Gohar jaan gets worried and says to herself, shahanshah will wait for her and she is getting late. Jalal thinks about phool kanwar. Gohar says, please go with phool to chittor. Ajab says, if chittor will become her home then i will also come with me father and mother. Hansa mosi says, please confronts the situation ajab and go to chittor. Ajab says, i am coming with you.
Phool and ajab reaches there where pratap exist. Phool gets worried about pratap when she didnt find him. ajab says, he will not do this. Pratap come to that place. Pratap says, you have done wrong. Gohar ask about pratap’s friend then pratap says, they will gone. Then everybody again move on. Jalal and bahram khan gets spread their soldier for war with pratap. jalal says, first of all i will win phool’s heart. Then she will see pratap’s death with my hand. Do something for me and phool’s meeting. jalal soldier gives information that pratap and his troop is coming. Gohar jaan see the map and says, that is the place where jalal has decided for attack on pratap. Gohar stops the troop and says, i am very tired, shall we stay here? Phool says, you are live like soldier but now you are travelling with queen. pratap has decided to stay here. Ajab says, why are you tensed? Phool says, what will be his reaction when he thinks about his marriage. ajab says, lets leave everything on time.
Here at chittor, everybody is preparing for welcoming pratap. uday singh says, i want to hug pratap. Pratap feels that there is something wrong. Gohar reads the jalal’s letter. Pratap see gohar jaan. Pratap ride to nearby areas. Phool gets worried about marriage. Ajab says, dont worry, lets see the situation then tell to him. Phool says, i am going to see the near place. ajab says, where will you go. Phool says, i was wrong with my decision. Phool see gohar jaan then gohar tell that pratap is waiting for you behind the hill. Phool gets happy.
Pratap then see cooking utensils and also footmarks of peoples. Then he see jalal and gets surprised, and he moves towards his friend, ajab calling him. Phool moves towards hill side and gets happy to see the decoration. Ajab says, phool is not present in her tent. Pratap says, you go in your tent, i will see the situation. Phool calls pratap and says, i was worried to say in front of you. Jalal says, i also want to see you. Jalal appear in front of phool kanwar.
Phool gets frightened and ask, who are you? ajab says to gohar jaan, i have sent pratap behind phool. gohar says, i also want to go with him. jalal says, i was thinking for you and i am yours and you are mine. Pratap see the jalal and surprisingly says, my friend here!!!!!
Then he heard that he is akbar, pratap gets surprised and again thinks about wording.

Precap:- Pratap fights with jalal.

Update Credit to: tushar

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