Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 11th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 11th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Veer hugging Shivani from behind. Shivani gets shocked and turns to see him. She asks, what are you doing. Veer says, I am sorry. I thought Madhavi is here. Madhavi comes and says I asked her to use our washroom. Veer tells that he misunderstood Shivani to be her. Madhavi says, I recognized you even if you wear blanket in the night. Shivani gets tensed hearing that words. Veer says sorry. Shivani says it is ok. Sunanda collides with Shivani and yells at her. Shivani picks her bag. Sunanda asks her not to touch her things and never cross my path.

Sunanda talks to someone on phone and says I am coming. I made an excuse to get money. She leaves in her car. Shivani overhears her and thinks that briefcase have money inside. She thinks to find out about Sunanda.

Sumitra insults Saharia family. Panditji asks them to sit for the puja. Sumitra stops Saharia family from sitting for the puja. She reminds them that they are servants. They go and sit far. Sumitra asks Panditji to start the puja. Panditji reciting the mantras. Sumitra puts ghee in the havan. Lata thinks she is missing Raghu. They would not have been insulted if Raghu was with them.

Shivani follows Sunanda and wonders why sunanda came to this hotel. Sunanda turns. Shivani hides. Sunanda goes to the casino. Shivani follows her, but is stopped by the guard. Guard says, only member can go there. Shivani gets call from someone. He tells that you wants to know about Veer’s well secret. Shivani says, what did you know? He says, I know everything. He asks her to come to some place within half an hour and disconnects the call.

That man says, this girl will become a scape goat and Veer Pratap will be killed. Shivani calls Raghu, but he doesn’t pick her call. Shivani says, she can get to know about the well’s secret. She decides to go alone. She takes a taxi.

Lata cries and says Sumitra snatched my mother’s last thing ie, her bangles. Vivek promises to get her jewellery back from Sumitra. Raghu sees Shivani’s miss call and calls her. Shivani tells him that she is going to Road no 7 as someone is going to tell her about the well’s secret. Raghu asks, do you know him? Shivani says no. She asks him to reach there soon. Raghu takes an auto and goes to that place. She gets down the cab and awaits for that person.

The man comes to Shivani and smiles. Shivani gets shocked to see him. He takes her forcibly into his car and binds her mouth and hands. Raghu comes to the place and looks for Shivani. He sees Shivani’s bangle lying on the ground. Raghu thinks this bangles is of…..He hears Shivani’s voice and sees her in the car. He runs after the car, sits in the auto and asks the driver to follow the car. Kidnapper takes Shivani to some place and opens her mouth. Shivani pleads with him to let her go and shouts for help. He says, I wants to tell you something. He asks her not to get scared. He says, I wants to tell you the secret. Shivani says, please let me go. I don’t want to hear anything. Raghu comes there and beats him. He keeps knife on Shivani’s neck and says I just wants to tell you about the well’s secret. It’s secret is too dark and is about to say. Veer comes and shouts him. Raghu and Shivani get shocked.

Veer asks Shivani, why you are quiet. Shivani says nothing. Veer says, it was a bad experience. He keeps his hand on Shivani’s shoulder. Raghu comes and sees him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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