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Peon is talking to someone while cleaning Pallavi’s cabin. Karan Sir took that contract from our new madam. He notices Pallavi and ends the call. She tells him to send his secretary asap. He leaves.

Pallavi calls Latika to her cabin asap. Latika is in the middle of something but Pallavi is adamant. Pallavi scolds her secretary that she dint even bother to inform her. she is told that Shanaya picked her call yester night. I told her everything. Secretary leaves as Latika comes in. Pallavi is upset that she wasn’t told about it. Latika had dropped her a mail but she dint check. Latika makes it clear to her that she isn’t her servant that she can talk to her like this. Pallavi wants her to tell the whole office how Karan bagged this contract. Latika reasons that their price quotations must be lower than ours. Though they are our very old clients and this has never happened before. She has no idea how this happened. Pallavi blames her for it. You all think you are too smart. first your mom lured Meeta by her words and got that contract and now you and your brother are trying to get all our clients away from us. Don’t forget that I am the biggest shareholder of this company. I can throw you out any minute I want to. Latika calls it unfair but Pallavi dismisses her.

Karan hugs his mom. He is gaining confidence that he can do something on his own that too without using dad’s name. There is another good news. I told you about that contract that I got yesterday! My company is giving me a promotion because of that. Sharda and Sakshi are very happy for him. sharda thanks God. Karan tells his mom that dad always used to say that I could never do anything without him but today I made his company lose. Sharda tells him to celebrate his win and not someone else’s failure.

Latika comes there. She looks upset. She asks Karan how he got that contract. Did you leak any info from our office? They all cannot believe what she is saying. She explains that Karan had all the details of their clients when he was working in our company. There will be no surprise if Karan has won this contract on that basis. She knows that he is upset with dad and so is everyone else. But I want to hear it from you. He tells her to stop it. Sharda takes his side. He is honest. He is angry with his dad but he cannot choose any wrong path. You too know it. she denies knowing anything. I only want the truth. Karan tells her that he dint do anything like that. She cannot understand why Pallavi is after her. she thinks that I helped Karan in getting this contract. I dint do anything. Sharda tells her to make Pallavi understand. Latika doesn’t know what to do. She gets hyper thinking that she cannot leave this company as she has been there for forever. Sharda hugs her to calm her down.Trust me Karan cannot do this. God is taking our exam. If we will doubt on one another in such times then our family will break. We all will have to be together and lend each other support. Karan tells her not to worry for he will always support her even if Pallavi thinks her to be wrong. Latika apologizes. I got overwhelmed and blamed you without any reason. he can understand her situation very well. The brother sister duo share a hug.

Shanaya, Neha and Deepti come to Sharda and Sakshi. They have been sitting idle for a long time. There is nothing to do. Some stuff was about to come from Ahmadabad. She tells Sakshi to check with their dealer as to when will it reach. Sakshi calls the dealer and asks about their consignment. Just then a guy comes to deliver it. Neha tells the guy to keep the boxes inside. They have lost a week because of the delay. Sakshi assures her that they will do double shift if necessary but this order will be completed in time. All the ladies like the garments. Shanaya looks at it and smiles.

Karan has been called by his boss. He tells him that board of directors have come to know that he is doing fraud. You stole info from your dad’s office to get this contract. Karan is shocked. He replies that he doesn’t need his dad’s name to achieve anything. His boss understands it but the whole week is gossiping about it. someone has sent them a mail stating the same. If it turns out to be true then you and I will be in trouble. You can tell it now if there is something. Karan reminds him of his own opinion on him. You find me hard working and trustworthy but what happened now? Someone pointed a finger at him and it’s all gone. His boss regrets trusting him. Karan cannot work here anymore and tells him thus.

He calls Sakshi and tells her everything. Sakshi has full faith in him. She tells him not to worry. He nods.

At night, Karan tells his mom that he has left his job. She is shocked. He cannot work there. Latika di was right. There is a rumour in the market that I stole info from dad’s office and used it to gain this contract. I cannot work there in such condition. She wonders what he will do now. He is positive he will get another job. Sakshi has full faith in Karan. He will get something soon. Sharda nods.

Shanaya comes to the factory when everyone has gone. She switches on the lights and looks at the material that was delivered earlier in the day. She looks around and smiles looking at the tap. She puts a piece of cloth under the draining filter and covers it back. She leaves the tap of the factory open. Everything will be ruined by the morning when you will come to open your factory. She laughs but is shocked to hear a few women’s voices. She doesn’t want to get caught and goes to hide. Neha notices that the lights are on. Shanaya switches them off by the time Deepti turns to look. Neha sticks to what she has seen even though Deepti tells her against it. Neha goes to check but her son comes in time. He pulls her away for he is hungry. Shanaya leaves as soon as she is gone but she drops her chain in the process.

Karan and Sakshi are searching for a new job for him. he asks her if she is upset with him. she was worried for a bit as they cannot do all this without his job. But I know that my son is very talented. He will find a very good job. She tells them about Meeta’s call. She is very happy with our progress. Sakshi adds that it will be their first accomplishment when they will complete this order. Karan is very proud of both of them. sharda wants to make their website once they complete their order. She talks about growth from website. Sakshi and Karan are impressed with her knowledge. Sharda smiles. I am educated. They have a cute moment.

Next morning, Sharda and Sakshi reach their factory while talking about their work. They are shocked as they notice the state of their consignment. Everything has gotten drenched in the water. Sakshi goes to close the tap while Sharda rushes to check if the material is alright or not. but everything is ruined. they both are in tears.

Neha and all the ladies are in for a shock as they reach their factory. Everything has been ruined. They as Sakshi and Sharda about it but they have no clue. Neha tells the ladies to save whatever they can. They all set down to clean and sort things. Sharda notices the chain next to her table. It isn’t of any of those ladies. Sharda keeps it with her till either of them comes to ask for it. Neha tells her what she had seen yester night. Sakshi feels that someone has done this intentionally. Sharda wonders as to why someone will do it intentionally. We don’t have any enemies. Shanaya walks in just then and smiles looking at the condition of the factory. Nonetheless she quickly feigns to be sad over what has happened. sharda doesn’t even have money to buy more stock. Shanaya offers to support her anytime and in any way that she can. Sharda blesses her to be happy always. Shanaya thinks that she knows how to snatch happiness if she isn’t getting it. sakshi points out that the consignment cost was Rs. 15 lakhs. We incurred a loss of that much amount. Shanaya suppresses a smile.

Precap: Sharda asks everyone who closed the factory. Neha takes Shanaya’s name. Shanaya agrees to it. I checked everywhere. There was no tap leaking. Sakshi is sure she dint check properly. Shanaya’s phone rings and Pallavi’s photo flashes on her phone. Sharda notices it and is taken aback. She looks at Shanaya and gets thinking.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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