Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zakir calling Sandhya. He says Emily came here to meet Mohit. She is adamant that till we free Mohit, she won’t go from here, I know what she is going through, but its wrong to force us to free him, come here and explain her. Take her from here, please. Sandhya says I understand, I will come there now. Sandhya tells this to Zakir that Emily went police station, we have to bring her home. Sooraj says we will go and goes with Sandhya. Sooraj and Sandhya come to Emily while she is crying. Sandhya explains her asking her to come home. Emily says no, I won’t go without Mohit. Sandhya says try to understand, nothing will happen if you sit here, it will be a problem for Mohit.

Emily asks them what should I do, I know Mohit did not do anything, he is alone and needs my support. She says no, I won’t go. Sandhya says Zakir is honest police officer, he will find out real culprit soon, trust me. She says then we can prove Mohit innocent. Emily says I don’t even trust Lord now. Sooraj says Mohit is not alone here, Pari is alone at home, does she not need you, Mohit was never alone, we are with him, if Mohit is your husband, he is my brother too. He says Bhabho is our mum, you come home and take care of Pari. Emily wipes her tears and agrees. She looks at Mohit and leaves.

Mohit talks to Sandhya and Sooraj and asks is Bbabho annoyed with me. Sooraj says no, she knows her values and trusts you, she knows you are not a thief. She is worried for you. Sandhya says I k now mind does not work in such problem, but please think do you know anything about Vineet that we can find him. Mohit says I don’t know anything, he did not tell me about his work. He says he treated me very well so I did not ask him anything. Sandhya says you might have felt something strange, maybe you feel its ordinary and maybe we can get some clue.

Mohit thinks. Sandhya says think again. Mohit says yes, I asked him once about bike delivery and bike does not come back when it goes, a new bike used to come, he said when he feels to buy new one, he buys, and his Mausi lives in Shiv mandir who sells old bikes. Sooraj says but we have old market there. He says how will we get her, there will be many people.

Zakir and Lohya see the bike parts. Sandhya and Sooraj come to them and tells what Mohit said about Shiv mandir and Vineet’s Mausi. Zakir says we have to find there well, we can get some clue. They go there. Vikram is upset and talks to his friend. Meenakshi comes and apologizes to him. She says its good I was late in giving money and we got the bike, else we would have lost the money. She says I can’t believe Mohit did this. He says stop this, I know Mohit well, he will not do this, I still love him, don’t dig valley between us, my Bhabho’s values can’t make him do this.

Zakir, Sandhya and Sooraj try to find out but does not get anything. She look around and see a well. They ask many people about bikes and selling. Sandhya gets some clues and question the people. The man apologizes and says he has lifted this junk to sell it and earn an living. They see something in the well and go to inspect it. Sandhya says we have to go down it to check. Zakir’s hand catches some oil and he smells it. He asks for a lighter and sees its petrol. He is shocked.

Zakir says I will go down and see. Sandhya says yes, it looks like we should see. Sooraj says I will go down. Zakir says Koli go. Koli gets down the well and says there is nothing here. Sandhya asks him to look well. Koli says I m finding. Zakir says fine, come back. Zakir says what will we do now. Koli says something is here. Everyone look on.

Everyone think. Sandhya says I have a solution in my mind. Zakir asks what. Sandhya says metal breaks metal.

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