Different Shades Of Love by Anisha-Episode 2

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So finally #Ridhima_Gupta gave you the first part of #Different_Shades_Of_Love
It’s by RiSha me and Ridhima. Guys the story will consist of numerous stories into it. Every week there will be a particular theme.

This weeks theme is???..

Any Guesses???..



Yes! It’s #obsession! So you all will get 7 rocking chapters on obsession!!

Enjoy ?


A/N: Anisha back with another chapter.

“Obsessional does not necessarily mean s*xual obsession, not even obsession for this, or for that in particular; to be an obsessional means to find oneself caught in a mechanism, in a trap increasingly demanding and endless”

**Episode 2**

Swara’s pov

I am an orphan and grew up in an irrational orphanage. I didn’t have my parents neither a guardian to guide and protect me but yes, I did have my lovely friends. It was my eighteenth birthday when I felt I need not be alone and someone was there for me. With so much of request from my friends I went to the club for the party they organized for me. They booked a small place in a restaurant for me. The minute things they did, touched my heart!!..

When we were about to go, a man, handsome and young, well I liked him came and he was speaking something. Not talks but I guess they were having a huge fight!!.. The owner of the restaurant was quite old and this man was ruthless. He was almost shouting at the top of his voice and scolding the man. I didn’t budge to interfere and that’s when I met him, Sanskar Maheshwari. He is the talk of the town nowadays. What does people say? Urghhh!!.. ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’

He didn’t look like by the way!!..

“Khaddus!” my mouth uttered and I shuddered as he came to me and looked into me with those angry eyes. I placed my hands on my mouth and grew my eyes bigger just to grab his attention and he smiled, idiotically. “Idiot!” I murmered.

“What did you say?” he plunged his arms on my waist and I shook my face, negatively “Comm’n say it! I want to hear”

“Too fast!” I uttered again as his fingers did circles on my waist under the crop top and I just lost my senses. Wrong timing, dude! He left me all of a sudden and kissed my cheeks.

“Meet you again, darling ;)” he left the place.

That was just the first time!!.. I don’t know whether it was just a coincidence but we met often. With the passage of time, we got friendly. It was like I texted him every now and then to know whether he was okay and what I was doing, while he did the same. I never realized the relationship to be love until the day he proposed me. We were madly in love by the end of the year. He was very possessive and I liked his possessiveness. His love taught me what these four letters actually mean.

But good days aren’t meant for long, there are hurdles in every relationship. So was with us!!.. It was during my exams that someone informed me, I was being stalked. Sanskar was out of town and I didn’t feel like bothering him. I went around and informed police and what came out was I was guarded, like seriously? But what shocked me more was it was Sanskar!!.. I was angry, no beyond angry after knowing he was doing this since we first met. I waited for an entire week for him to return.


“It’s for your good, Swara” that was what he repeated continuously.

“No, it isn’t for me. You don’t trust me!”

“I trust you, darling” he cupped my face.

“No you don’t” I shoved his hands of.

Yes it did hurt me. How could he do this? I trust him but he? Trust is the element on which we put love. But I must say he’s very clever. He forged me to believe him, to trust him and he put the security again.

**Flashback ends**

As I said he was possessive. I couldn’t say no. Things grew worse when he found me and Vinay working on a project together. It was for the first time, he slapped me and that was more of mental than physical. He thrashed me so hard that I hit the wall and blood oozed from my head. I was completely broken.

I didn’t inform him because he was busy in his meeting and I knew how much of possessive he was! It hurt me more to see him hurt! But hate followed out when I stepped into college the next day. Vinay was admitted in the hospital and his whole body was bleeding. The doctor said, a car ran over him and he was brutally beaten up before the accident. For a moment, I prayed that it wasn’t him but he did!!.. I saw him giving money to those man and I heard everything how he beat Vinay. I hate myself for loving such a person!!.. He was an animal. Kavita made me realize that there was no future to this relationship and I left him forever. I didn’t tell him, I knew he won’t let me go.

Now I am here in Mumbai, completing the last rituals of marriage with Laksh. Laksh Roy, was just a friend during my college. He knows everything about my past. I am going to get married. I know I can’t love him but it’s not always the one whom we love to get married. I don’t love him but no one knows about our destiny.

Sanskar’s pov

My mother left me and my elder sister, Ragini at a small age and married someone to fulfil her needs and desires. Dad died sooner due to cancer and Ragini left the world after some years to dad. I was left alone until I met her to heal my wounds. She changed me completely!!.. The first time I met her, I knew she is the one. She was different! People used to be near me because of my money and power but she was for me!!.. I am very possessive about everything after knowing the people I love, leave me. I didn’t want to lose her. But she left. It’s been two years now. I didn’t see her!!.. While going through the social sites once, I saw her and found out that now she is leaving in Mumbai. Collecting more information, I got to know she is marrying Laksh Roy. My anger grew no bounds. I know what to do!!.. I love her and she is only my property, I will not leave the person who tries to snatch her from me or come in-between us. The last time I just punished that one but now I’m sure I’ll kill this Laksh but before that I have to manage her.

The marriage rituals were over and I entered the room whereas she was already here sitting on the bed covering her face with the veil. I went to her lifted the veil and our eyes met. Her eyes grew wide as she saw me.

“Sanskar?” she said softly and it took my heart away.

“What did you think, I’ll let you marry Laksh? I’ll not find you out?” I pulled her by her hair.

“Ahh.. it’s hurting Sanskar” she complained.

“And do you know how much it hurted me when you left me?”

Swara’s pov

I was shocked seeing him here. For a minute, I fell for him again. I was lost in those dark brown orbs. But the next moment I felt disgusted when he pulled me hard on my hair. He was behaving like a psycho.

“You know Swara, I love you so much and what you did?” his eyes grew red and tears flowed out “But you are going to pay for it! Like your to be husband did” he yanked me on the bed.

“What did you do with, Laksh?”

“You’ll know tomorrow but now get ready to face me” he dug his face on my neck and started his torture there. It pained how harsh he was biting me. He was going rough and I needed him to stop.

“Sanskar leave me” I shouted.

But he wasn’t ready. This wasn’t correct!!.. It was paining but I was helpless. Moments later, we both were nude and he was entering me. I was feeling disgusted that I loved this animal. Tears of helplessness were flowing through my eyes but he didn’t stop.

Third person’s pov

He was doing it every now and then. Especially, when she didn’t approve of it. She loved him selflessly but he was obsessed. He didn’t realize his love rather for him she was his property. Days went by and Sanskar was showing no mercy. He used to torture her physically. She was now getting used to it, she did hate him at first but now when he didn’t touch her she felt dejected.

It was two months later to their marriage, that she got to know she was pregnant. Sanskar was so happy, he twirled her around with him and they were happy!!.. For the first time in his life, he had been so happy instead of the miseries. As time passed he started taking care of her, he was taking care of both the baby and mother and he was getting the true meaning of love.

After a wait of 7 months, she gave birth to a girl whom they named, Anshika.

Sanskar’s pov

It’s been five years to our marriage now and I can’t believe time went so fast. I’m happy man now. After I apologized for what I did and she forgave me, everything is going so good.

We are a happy family now. Anshika, her and me and of course our upcoming child. Swara is five months pregnant now and we all are happy.

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death.

“Can we Just Dance?” Ed asked Swara who was right beside me. Ed was a friend and business partner.

“Ah… No…” she fidgitated.

“Yes of course. Go on” I said and she looked with those doe shaped eyes in shock. I smiled and assured her. She smiled happily and followed with Ed.

Obsession is the single most wasteful human activity, because with an obsession you keep coming back and back and back to the same question and never get an answer.


Now tell me how it was? I know it’s bad. I wrote it hurriedly. Do comment!!

Question from the last episode…

Who was obsessed do you think? And what do you think Swara deserved (Think Not as a SwaSan fan but a person yourself?)

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  1. Soujanya


  2. Arshaanya

    Wow risha m loving ur dis concept of different shades of love…???
    Ohk so coming to dis story srsly speaking m vry scared ???of dese type of peeple.. dey r psycho n sanskar was lucky dat swara loved him truly coz watevr he did wid vinay laksh even swara he dun dsrve anybdyz love… he hd painful pst n was scared dat swara wil leave him bt dats not d way watevr he did wid dem… u united dem dat was fine wid me as u r showing dffrnt types of obsession stories n dat was d need of d story…
    N coming to d que regarding last story in dat story i nvr expctd swara to b d obsessed one as u showed shez shy type girl n scared of kavita n al… fine she was obsessed wid sanskar bt wen he said he also loved her dan she shud ve undrstnd n hs not bothrd abt kavita… only thing bad she did was trying to kill kavita in which she lost her love…

    1. Anisha

      Correct babe! ?

  3. I loved it.

  4. Deeksha

    Nice dear….

  5. Niku

    Amazing both ff…
    ????….for ur idea that take one topic of love n make 7 stories or more for a weak….
    Anisha can u tell me in which class u r ?? If u don’t mind….

    1. Anisha

      I’m doing my medicine dear. 1st year of medicine ?
      Thank you

  6. Epi was superb…. I love Swasan…so can’t say anything

  7. I think sanskar is more obsessed person he did not even think of my swara and always physically abused her firstly I don’t like sanskar character but after reading his flashback i was very sad about his painful past he lose his parents love nd sisterly love also so circumstances made him possessive man but in reality obsession can make her/him happy for a short time and can make relationship worse so
    obsession was not much good for me nd i think swara deserves a person who loves her truly and it is sanskar

  8. Pooja26

    awsm story dear…..

    ya obsession is lyk hurting people ….or doing things… without d concern of that person…

    keep writing dear…….

  9. wooh…!!! Loved it…!!! Coming to last episode’s question…I feel to be obsessed…!! If she have grown with proper care and love…with no partiality from childhood, she wouldn’t have become like that. Morever, she has no intention of killing kavita…!! She just pushed her…and it happened all of a sudden…!! If sanskar would have been alive…may be she would have been normal…!!
    Thinking as a normal person, I feel she deserves sanskar’s love…which she is deprived of since childhood…!!

  10. Deeksha gupta

    Awsm yr ..loved it …

  11. SNY

    Nice one dr…..
    I rly luv it….
    Keep rocking Risha….

  12. Simi

    Loved it..

  13. Mica

    waa….. huh! what a though question..lemme think first…

    they both have bad experience in childhood.
    Swara became introvert and suffering from bullying meanwhile Sanskar became introvert for his loneliness…….

    they both have the same level of possessiveness, claimed their loves one as their property, he/she is MINE…the differences, Sanskar has power to do everything as a rich person and God gave him opportunity to set everything right.
    meanwhile Swara didn’t have opportunity and the lose feeling lead her to deep mentally illness.

    deserve or not deserve in love ?
    well love feeling doesn’t know the word “deserve”
    it’s we are, our mind, our value or even society who think about this….
    we can’t blame the love feeling even if someone fall in love to the killer of his/her parent or whatever…
    in Swara case,..with her patient , she gains the success…
    more over, Sanskar faithfull on her

  14. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Goshhh, I missed the first part*banging head on the pillowpillow.. It’s really interesting and different from other ff dear.. I loved it…Oh God, sanky is obsessed with swara??..Thank God, swara forgave him.. Keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

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