Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 43)

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Note: the story is followed by the Titanic story line bt nt exactly the same. Changes is made according to my fiction.
As everyone knws hw great this story is bt if i fail to reach ur expectations plz excuse me.

Chapter 43:

Twinkles pov:
Kunj took me to his place where the local ppl reside.
It was like a funny mess. All over thr dancing fr a loud music n enjoying thr life to max.
For the first time I was thr n i was very much impressed n happy with the ppl over thr.
They don’t k what eo, still thy were enjoying like frndss. Local wine gave me hell kick.
I drank n drank it’s tate was very much different n wnjoyedas heavenly one.
I saw everyone dancing though I hesitated fr a while aftr few minutes I was well n got adjusted over thr, I felt like this wt the real life is.
‘TWINKEL. …..MEET MY FRND, AMAN’ kunj shouted due to loud voice.
‘HI,AMAN, VERY NICE TO MEET U’ i greeted him.
‘COME ON LET’S DANCE,’ kunj asked me.
I was little drunk bt the transfer was too much on me.
I went with him on to the dance floor, I tried taking the formal salsa dance.
I nodded n i started dancing like a club dancer. I enjoyed like anything with a loud music, I never did this,it’s was all new to me but it was very fun. May be it’s is the real essence of life.
Kunj was hell shocked with me n the person who was more equally shocked was me only, I didn’t know that I could do that. He laughed at me n even I do.
‘HAVE IT’ Aman gave me n kunj one more shots.
We drank n all the three of us, danced n danced like anything u till we were exhausted completely.

Later we made our way towards the terrace to get sme fresh air. While aman didn’t accompied us. Me n kunj went to the terrace.

** end of twinkles pov**

Third persons pov:
Twinkle: I never had such a party in my life.
Kunj: this is our daily routine.
T:i really liked it
K: very glad to here that
T: these rich ppl, never know what’s fun is, thy simply show off with thr money n most importantly thy always maintain dignity, hell with it..
K:are u saying this.
Twinkel looked at him n laughed.
T: yeah I know that I am also a rich girl bt…
K:bt u r very different twinkle.
Twinkle looked at him with amazement.
K: u hv a living soul with u, which u also nt aware of it. Today I saw that in u. I felt like aftr a longtime u r happy with urself.
T: true kunj. Aftr my dad s death everything changed we were left only with debts. So mom gave my hand to naman for sake of family n prestige.
K: I initially had doubt like u don’t love him.
Twinkle just nodded.
Without thr sense thy started to talk abt thr personals it was heart to heart talk.
T: i couldn’t do anything…
K: y u feel like that, do wt ever u want, do what ur heart says.

Thr was a silence fr few seconds.

Twinkles pov:
As I was lost in some thoughts abt bt wt kunj said. I could feel warm breathe coming towards me. I turned to see kunj approaching ru towards me. We were standing n talking, he moved closer to me.

‘U r very different n loving twinkle, I know how much expensive u r. ‘ He said with very low voice which I could hardly hear.
But the feeling inside him made me sme wt comfortable with his words.
‘Just do wt ur hearts says,’ this time he said smewt more intensely.
I looked into his deep black eyes.
Within no time he kissed me. He was so gentle. He slowly started kissing my lower lip.
I don’t know why I couldn’t resist him, I was lost fr few seconds n ‘just do wt ur heart says’ these words echoed in my ears.
I wanted to kiss him back, so I did it.
I started reciprocating to his slowly, I closed my eyes n immediately I came to know wt I was doing.
I opened my eyes n saw kunj kissing me with closed eyes. I pushed him n ran away.

*end of twinkles pov*

Kunj s pov:
I don’t knw wt happened to me, I kissed her n even she liked it, she kissed me back bt bf we could continue she left n she ran. I don’t knw wt happened, did I do any wrong!!
Why I kissed her, I don’t had answers I slowly moved out of that place.
** end of kunj s pov**

Precap: kunj’s confrontation n what’s twinkles response?


Hope u all liked, its do share ur views n nt getting enough cmnts.

If possible one more will be posted I think u ppl r happy with double back to back treat.
One more ff will be popted tmrw or tonight.

Urs lovingly

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