Manan : U and Me Make a Wonderful We (Chapter 4)

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Chapter 3 : Chapter 3

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(Manik’s POV) It was almost close to midnight when Navya came back to the hotel.

(Navya) “You are still up?” She put her bag and coat aside.

(Manik) “Yes. Coming here may become a good thing. I am a bit shocked, no the correct word is, stunned but also interested and excited.”

(Navya) I sat more relaxed than I was. “I can see that you are interested but why excited?”

(Manik) “Who would have thought that the impulsive girl would actually behave like a complete matured business woman? Never thought she had it in her.”

(Navya) “I see.” She gave a blank nod.

(Manik) “Want a glass of red wine?”

(Navya) “No.” She came and sat on the sofa. Then she continued speaking “Manik Bhai, is it necessary to stay in such a room?”

She stared at the room. It was a executive room. Which was very huge and it had all the fancy amenities in that. A balcony just behind the sofa through the French windows with view of the city. Two rooms opposite to each other, same size and equally decorated as the waiting room, having king size beds. Near the door was a bar shelf filled with the expensive wines that can be afforded only by those who can afford this room.

(Manik) “What’s wrong with it?”

(Navya) “Having an own place is different but we spend the day outside either at office or sightseeing and just come back to sleep. Does it have to be extravagant?”

(Manik’s POV) Extravagant? What is wrong in wanting to sleep in a pleasant room?

(Manik spoke) “I don’t stay at anyplace less.”

(Navya) “You are going to freak out when you see the factory site.” I sat up.

(Manik shocked) “Did you already see it?” She nodded closing her eyes.

(Navya) “Yes. I had gone with the valuation team. But I guess, you don’t have to worry. Its someone else who is going to implement it. You can stay in your air conditioned room all day long looking at your laptop.”

(Manik) “No way. I am the one going. I have been worked to bones the past few months, if Nandini is on the project, then so am I. There is no way I am letting the opportunity of enjoying myself slip through. “Oops! I shouldn’t have said that. She looked at me with thought.

“What do you plan to do with her?” She asked me calmly. Never expected her to reply so calm, I expected her to bombard up this suite with questions. I guess there is something fishy.

(Manik) “You know the usual and what else I am going to do, is none of your business.” She looked at me warily.

(Navya) “I don’t care what you do. But do not keep your hands on Nandini like you do with my other girlfriends. She is my best friend and also my Sister In Law. If anything wrong happens I will make sure I don’t talk to you and this is a promise Bhai ” I could, but I feel like I just need to taunt Nandini. Being childlike, which she is, it makes those strung up in the real world feel the weight of reality.

(Manik) “What if she comes on to me?”

(Navya) “I know that she will never do that.” Navya looked confident. But all will know only when the real thing happens.

(Manik) “I see. But she was very different today, you know. Not like how she behaved back then when we met. Here, she seems to have become more mature, acting her age. Her approach to business is also totally unexpected. Who knew that she could handle business so smoothly! Also, man, did she look hot! She is totally not suited for business formals.”

(Navya) “You mean she stood out. Not blend in like others.” She glared at me. I averted eyes from Navya. She is not exactly the best person to talk about these things but you would feel like she just had to know.

(Manik correcting his sentence) “Yes. Exactly. I didn’t think she will exactly fit my definition of a perfect girl. Who knows, maybe Dad will make me marry her if she succeeds in the project.” But it is not that I am bound by Dad. I am my own person.

(Navya questioningly) “You didn’t tell me that she is your fiancée?” Oh yeah, I heard it once from mother.

(Manik) “Do you care? It’s just for the project and till the Mr. Murthy’s youngest daughter wedding. To think that the youngest would get married before her sister! Wonder if something is wrong with Nandini?” Navya got up fiercely.

(Navya) “Just because I am close to you, it doesn’t mean you tell wrong about her. Manik Bhai, you have the most vile tongue and say things hurtful for a joke! I suggest you stay away from Nandini if you are going ahead with the project implementation.” Hmm. It’s not like I will listen to her but if it gives her peace of mind,

(Manik pretending to be scared) “Yes. Yes.”

(Navya) “If not, I will…” Again with her warnings and threats.

(Manik) “I know. I know. I am going to sleep. I think clearing three bottles would be enough.”

(Navya angered) “Three?” She looked at me wide eyed, with her anger gone.

(Manik teasingly) “Yes. I won’t even tell what I had. You never let a person enjoy their drink. Good night.”

(Navya angered) “Good night.”

The next day, Navya and I went out sightseeing. Though we were outside, neither of us was able to do anything other than work. I am sure that there would be curious eyes looking at two people sitting in an outdoor cafe looking intently at their laptops and speaking on phone. In a life like this, how else can I find amusement except when it comes in way like girls; especially when a type like Nandini comes up.

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