Different Shades Of Love by Anisha-Episode 1

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Hello swasanians.
A very good evening to all of you.

We are going to get started with “DIFFERENT SHADES OF LOVE”
“Different Shades of Love.”

This story will have a huge number of stories into it.
Describing every shade of love either good or bad.

Happiness or pain.
Meeting or separation.
Love or lust.
Obsession or sacrifice.

This stories will show the every shade of love in different parts of world.
Every heart have a different definition of love. By this we will try to show different definitions by different people.

A show which will bring different stories daily on our lovely SwaSan to entertain you all.

So guys do support us with your lovely comments.

We will be there with the first episode today or tomorrow by 6 p.m.
Do comments the ones who are excited for this and wanted this to happen?.

Next story will contain a question related to the last story. So do answer the question and the winner will get a prize.?.

A question session with any writer you want ?.
And even you can choose to write a story.?.

Remember the first comes the first served? with the prize??.

Thank you ?


Namaste, Sat shri akal, salam valekum and welcome to RiSha presents “Different Shades Of Love” powered by SwaSan?.

So here we are with the very first story.

Episode 1.

Nearly at 5 p.m.

A girl was seen sitting in the room.

She was sitting facing towards the wall and caressing the photo’s face of boy.

“Sanskar. I love you. I love you so much.” She said and was still caressing his face.

She sat there for the couple of hours and fell asleep.

In the morning.

A college is shown.
Swara entered the college in the white churidar and with a spectacles on with a simple plait.
She was looking so simple but her simplicity is the best thing in her.

She turned when someone called her from behind.

“Swara. Stop. Did you do our assignments?” kavita asked.

“No. I forget. Woh.” She stammered.

“What? Haan? Don’t you know I have to give that to Sanskar today. blo*dy bhenji. Do it by evening. Otherwise be ready for the consequences” she threatened her and left the place and went towards her group.

Swara saw all this with teary eyes.
She was hurt. Anyone would be on being humiliated. But this was Kavita who never talked to her other then giving orders. Her step-sister. Who says she is in love with Sanskar and sanskar too loves her.

But his all work, his assignments she all gave it to Swara and pretends she did it.

Whereas Swara is totally opposite of her. She is shy type and scares from people.

She was standing when Sanskar and Kavita passed near her.

Swara’s pov.

I am again humiliated in the middle of college by Kavita. But it doesn’t affect me as I have to do work for Sanskar.

He is coming towards me. I wish one time he notice me

But No again he left without even looking me once.

I love him. I love him. Love him so much.
But he don’t even know if I am here or not? Of course why will anyone see a girl like me.
I sighed and left to class.

Swara’s pov ends.

In between the class she completed his assignments.
In evening she gave it to Kavita.
And kavita gave it to Sanskar saying she did them all.

Sanskar is a cool dude type guy. Never believed in love. With kavita only to make a cool figure.

At swara’s place

Swara was seen in the room and was standing in front of the drawing board.
She was smiling while drawing something but at the end sat on the bed unsatisfied.

Swara’s pov.

I think I will make you today. But No again I failed.
Sanskar. You are so tough you know. I can make any sketch in a day but you are special from past 1 year I am trying but I am unable to do anything.
Sometimes your eyes, sometimes your nose, sometimes lips.

Always something remains unwell.
I am sorry. I don’t know when I will be able to do it completely.

Swara’s pov ends.

She thought all this seeing Sanskar’s photo in her room.

Her room walls are completely filled with her pictures.

She sat near the wall and started caressing and talking to him.

“One day I will make you mine, Sanskar. I love you so much. No one will be able to come between us. Only you and me” she said and finally sleep overtook her.

Few days passes the same way.

Her love completely turned into obsession for him.

On seeing him, she started smiling and acts like a crazy but on seeing him with some other makes her burn in pure jealousy.

Now Sanskar became something she wanted at any cost. No matter what. But on the other side Sanskar is unknown of her presence.

Swara’s pov.

It is the last chance I have for telling him how much I love him. For telling him about my presence. For telling me that he is my life.

In today’s party, I will tell him everything. Our farewell party. May be after this I will not be able to see him. But no. I can’t. I can’t stay without him. No. No. No.

Swara’s pov ends.

In the party.

Everyone was present there except Swara. It affected no one is she is there or not. And even no one expected her to be here.

A lot of drinks, lights, dance, gals and guys.

Sanskar and Kavita were standing on the corner with there grp members.

A guy came running towards them.

“Guys. A hot pataka is coming. She is so hot” he said.

“Who?” Sanskar asked and kavita slapped him on his arm slightly but he remains unaffected.

“Swara.” He said. “You know she is completely changed. I think I am in love with her.” He added.

“Topper.?” Sanskar asked.

“Yes.” He said.

“You know her.” Kavita asked.
“Ofcourse… she is in same college as well as a topper. Isn’t it?” he said.

Sanskar’s pov.

Shit. I told that I know topper. Swara. But its okay. Knowing someone is not wrong.

But I cant tell them that I love her. Yeah. I love her. She is the only girl in the whole college who is truthful and never cared about anyone’s comments. I am happy she did my assignments. But I am guilty that because of me she have to bear this much.

This much insult. I can’t bear that so I always opted for leaving her. I know she will never like sympathy and will not understand my love.

I know she can never love me back. She will not. Because she may be thinking I am also a rich spoilt brat. Yes. I was. But not more.

I am afraid of being rejected. I will never say I love her and will never love anyone else too.

I stopped thinking and became shocked when I see her entering inside the party hall. She was sooo hot and s*xy. This is the first time I ever saw her in this dress.

Her big eyes without spectacles are something which are making me mesmerised.

I think she is uncomfortable in the clothes. I hate everyone is watching her ???..

These stupid people.??

I am sure I will kill them.

I thought and left the place.

Sanskar’s pov ends.

Swara’s pov.

I changed myself completely today only for him.

I wore a short blue coloured knee length dress. I dont know how i am looking but when I entered everyone was looking towards me.

I searched for Sanskar. He saw me. But he left in a minute.

May be I didnt look that good.

I felt really uncomfortable with everyone’s gazes.

Girls were gossiping about me. While a few boys came and offered for dance.
One came and started forcing me to dance and touched my hand.

I felt really uncomfortable and tears forming in my eyes.

I excused and rushed frm there dont know where.

I was running but suddenly someone stopped me by holding my arm. I was about to shout but I saw him. He was Sanskar.

He held my hand for the first tym. I am so happy wanted to jump know. But i have to cntrl myslf.

“Why you wore this.. if you are uncomfortable?” he asked a bit rude.

I didnt answered and stayed calm.

He again asked but i didnt answer.

He asked angrily and pinning me to the wall.

“you know what i didnt like them staring at you. As if you are there prey.” He said.

He saw them and even felt bad.

“why.?” I asked looking in his eyes.

“Ok. Ms. Topper. I cant hold it more. I love you. I love you so much. Do you get that. I love you. I know you will never love me back. Bcz i am a spoilt brat but its ok. I love you. I hate it when they saw you like this. And i know i dont have any right to stop you. Ok i will leave. Its my problem i cant see you like this. Not yours. But remember i love you.” He said.
Swara’s pov ends.

He completed his words and started leaving.

But she held her arm stopping him and hugged him from back.

“I love you more.” She confessed.
He stopped at the moment.

And turned towards her.

“and all this I did just for you. U to notice me.” She said.
“you need not to change yourself. I love you the way you are” he said.

And they hugged.

Kavita came there.

“O. Gr8. Two love birds met. Wow. But sanskar wat was that u did to me. Haan?? Was that all fake.? For this cheap girl, you left me. And how can you love her.

So you started to lure rich people. Isn’t it.?” She said and was about to slap swara. But sanskar held her hand.

“Kavita. I understand you are hurt. But you dont have any right to say anything to swara and marne ka toh bilkul nhi” he said angrily.
“It will be better if you will leave us alone now.” He said.

Kavita left from there wiping her fake tears.

Sanskar felt bad for her and thought to talk to her 2morow.

He turned towards swara and saw she was about to cry and immediately cupped her face and wiped her few shed tears.

Swara’s pov.

I and Sanskar was hugging each other but that kavita came from somewhere dont know. I hate her. She always clings on sanskar.
I hate her. I hate her. Sanskar is only mine after today completely. No one elses.
Swara’s pov ends.

Sanskar was wiping her tears. His eyes fell on her pink juicy lips.

His hand travelled down and his thumb started caressing her lips sending thousands of sensations to her body. She closed her eyes in the contact pf his thumb.
He took it as positive sign and placed his lips on her hers. And started sucking them.

His hands started caressing her waist slowly. And herr hands reached in his hairs.

There lips move in perfect synchronisation.

It was a soft and a gentle kiss.

They parted away after some time.

She felt shy and hugged him.

He smiled at his shyness and make her look in her eyes.

He slowly carried her in his arms and moved towards the room.

Rest whole night the two souls mark each other once for whole life with there love..

Next day.

Swara woke up early and blushed seeing sanskar remembering about last night.

She pecked his lips and collected her clothes and left from there leaving a note on the table.

At the bus stop( where swara gets her bus.)

Sanskar reached first . Hoping to see his lady love but kavita came from behind and called him.

“Sanskar?” she called out.

He turned towards her.

“I am sorry, sanskar. I dont know what i said last night. I know i should not have said that. I am sorry.” She said with crocodile tears.

“its ok. Kavita if you felt bad its ok.
Even i am sorry i played with your feelings. Really sorry. I didn’t wanted to but. I m sorry” he said.

“its ok. Can i hug u lsst tym” she said.
“ofcourse” he said.

Kavita came towards him and instead of hugging she kissed him . As swara was coming from behind.

Sanskar was shocked to see this and wanted to push her.

While swara was heart broken. She felt bad and tears rolled down her eyes. And she came angrily towards them. Deprated sanskar from kavita and slapped her hard.??..

Kavita held her cheek.. burning cheek??.

“what yu thought haan? Sanskar will be yours. No you are mistaken swara. He is mine. He loves me” she said making her more angry.

“you know what kavita. I know what you are. Dont tell me about sanskar. And moreover a person like you dont have any right to live” she said her and smirked.

With in a seconds.
She pushed her towards the road and truck was approaching towards them.

Sanskar’s pov.

Kavita kissed me. Shitt… i tried pushing her. But of no use.

Swara came and separated me from kavita. I wanted to tell her that i didnt do it intentionally. But her words told me that she trusts me but her last words confused me.

With in a fraction of seconds she pushed kavita to the road.

No this cant happen. I pushed kavita away and came in front of the truck.

I cant see my love getting arrested if something would have happened to kavita.

When i was about to leave then suddenly all went blank.
Last words i hear was.
“I love you sanskar”.
“I love you too swara.” Maybe i replied.
Sanskar’s pov ends.

Swara was sitting near the sanskar who was lying in the pool of blood without any emotions on her face. Slowly people started to gather near her.

After 4 months.

A girl was seen sitting near the wall and caressing the photo’s face.

“See sanskar I completed it. I did it so perfectly. Everything. Your eyes. Nose. Lips. Everything is so perfect. Your swara did this.” She said.

The whole wall was covered by a painting of sanskar not any photos.
This was made by swara.

Finally she made him perfect.

According to the court orders. She is staying in her house. She is not allowed to go out anywhere as she lost her mental stability.

Her possession, her obsession killed him but still she is hoping for him to come back.

The end.

Do tell me how is this.?
Leave your comments.

We will be back 2morow. With the new story representing new shades of love.


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