Swasan FF: Our Angel Part 6

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Hii, any one remember this story. What I am asking I myself forgotten it then how could you all remember. Thanks to shan and krsytle who make me remember it or else I really forget about it.
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Now coming back to this part
Next day
Sanskar’s sleep disturb by someone shouting.
“ you moron,idiot,jerk again sleeping like ‘ kumbhkarn’”
Sanskar opened his eyes and started to throw pillow in some particular direction.
Sanskar: sometimes I really used to have doubt, you’re my frnd or enemy.
Kabir: What to do Mr , My shona not let me sleep late. So I take revenge from someone na. You’re better option for it.

Sanskar: You and your shona, uff where I stuck. It better if i stayed at station only.
Kabir: Well not bad idea, you can rethink it.
Sanskar: …
Kabir: before you open your mouth for my praise, let me remind you about today’s interview. And if you’re thinking you will easily get that job then you’re wrong.
Sanskar: I remember but you’re forgetting my interview is at 11:00 am and still I have 5 hours time.
Kabir: but before it you have to go for jogging also.
Sanskar: What is this ? One minute jogging its means park.
Kabir: yes park so..

Sanskar: nothing bro, you’re really best.
He hurriedly went in washroom.
Kabir: is he mad?
Sanskar: yes I am mad for someone.
At park
Rather than jogging, sanskar impatiently waiting for someone.
Brain: You duffer, what are you doing ? Have she told you she will come here ? No na then why are you wasting time?
Heart: you stupid can’t you keep silence for sometimes. His angel must be coming.
Brain( mockingly) : yeah his angel, what an joke? Seriously I wanna laugh but can’t getting it.

Heart: did I cracked some joke?
Brain: Yup how can be she his angel?
Heart: why can’t be she?
Brain: arre idiot, he also don’t know how she looks? Imagine if she came in front of him and he said “ bhenji side plz”
Heart: really, you’re hilarious.
Sanskar still lost in his brain and heart’s fight meanwhile someone came and stood in front of him.
Voice: Are you following me?
Sanskar came in sense listening that voice but soon he again lost in charming eyes.
BG music,

Aankhon mein teri…
Ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain….
She wave her hand in front of his eyes but no use with passing second his heartbeat start to beat more fast. She pinch him on his shoulder.
He hissed in pain and angrily looked toward her but soon his anger melt up realizing who is she?
Voice: finally you came in sense. Where were you lost?
Sanskar: in your eyes
Voice: what?
Sanskar: I mean I was trying to identify you.
Vioce: ohh so you don’t identify me. Okay so I am going.
She bdgan to go but stop listening his vioce.
Sanskar: when is my coffee date?
Her pov
Today again same boring schedule. As usual day I came here to seek some peace but something caught my eyes or I should say someone. What was his name? Yep remember sanskar. Bhai told me not to do frndship with stranger but first time my heart is not agreeing with him. I just want to talk to him.I also don’t know when I reached near him. But my disappointment he was lost somewhere. I shook my hand to gain his attention but no use. At last I pinched him, as expected he came in sense. His eyes showed anger for me but it soon melt away. I don’t know why I felt disappointment when he said he was trying to identify me. I mean yeah I didn’t wear burka as other’s day. It’s nearly next to impossible to identify me but still I want to he should identify me. With disappointment I began to go but I freezes out listening his words.
I turned toward him and found him smiling at me.
I: what did you mean?

He smiling reduce distance between us but not that much. He still maintaining safe distance from me.
Next moment his rply turned my cheeks red at least I feeling like it.
He: I already told you your eyes are enough for identifying you.
I looked down to avoid his intense gaze.
I : are you trying to flirt with me?
I looked upward to see his reaction. His face really look like someone had given him ‘ 100 watt’ shock.
He instantly replied
“ no, I was just ….”
I can clearly see how much he become afraid by it.
I: its kk cool down. I was pulling your leg.
next moment I burst out in laughing.
Her POV end
Sanskar pov
So she really standing in front of me. I can’t believe it I am seeing her.When she turned away from me I felt like someone stabbed my heart with thousand knives but next moment she again turned toward me. When she asked me how I identify her ? I wish I could say not only your eyes but your fragrance make me feel this is only you. I can clearly see she is blushing when I said I identified you due to your eyes. But next moment her question make me angry + shocked ‘ how could she say like that I am flirting with her.’ I am not that type of guy who randomly flirt with girl. But later I realised she is only pulling my legs. When she burst out in laugh, she is looking extra beautiful. I wish I could capture it.
His POV end…
She stopped laughing feeling his gaze. He diverted his gaze and felt embarrass staring her continuously.
Swara: so now what?
Sanskar: frnds
He forward his hand and waiting for her rply.
She turned her face without giving him his answer.
Sanskar: sry I thought ….
Swara turned toward him and touch his hand before he could withdrew it.
Swara: vo no one ask me for frndship na that’s why I become confuse.
He looked in her eyes.
Sanskar’s monologue
I thought I lost my first love, I felt sad when she turned other side. I thought I did mistake by asking frndship from her but my good luck she turned and hold my hand before I could withdrew it. As soon as she held it I felt like chillness in my whole body. But it not remain for long time my concentration broke by her next words. I saw toward her eyes to understand what she mean? Her eyes is showing emptiness looking like it want love and care. I want her give both but I don’t want to do any mistake due to which I could loose her and her precious frndship. One day I will surely tell her my feeling but for now a big no.
Sanskar: so my new frnd, do you come here daily.
Swara: yeah, but I never saw you here. Are you new in Mumbai?
Sanskar: yeah, I only shift here some days back.
She sees toward her watch, tension brimmed into her eyes.
Sanskar: Any prblm
Swara: nope, I am becoming late. See you later,if in destiny we again going to meet.
Sanskar: surely, we will again meet.
She began to go from there.
Sanskar: you still don’t answer me one thing.
She stopped at her place and confusedly sees toward him.
Swara: what?
Sanskar: our coffee, you told me if we again met then coffee pakka.
Swara: oh that one but I guess no café open at this time. So no coffee. And I am becoming late for my workplace.
She again turned to go but again stop by listening his answer.
Sanskar: who told you I want coffee at this moment. Meet me at 6:00 pm on xyz cafe.
Swara: if I will not come then?
Sanskar: you will definitely come. Okay now wish me best of luck.
Swara: why? Are you going to propose your gf?
Sanskar: no miss, just wish me. I will tell you in evening.
Swara: All the best but don’t wait for me I am not going to come there.
Sanskar: bye and you will definitely come.
Before she could say anything he go away from there leaving her confuse at his confidence behaviour.

Her lips curved into a beautiful smile but soon it faded away by realization of time.
At office
Sanskar’s monologue
Thanks god no no thanks my lady luck. Only due to her I got selected. Till yesterday I was feeling nervous but after meeting her my all nervousness faded away somewhere. Now I am in kabir’s office. Now my dream is not only to fulfill mom’s dream but also I want to become something so I could confidently ask swara’s hand from her parents. Now enough of my day dreaming. I started to find kabir. I need to thanks him also. My eyes started to find him. As I expected he is flirting with girls. I don’t know how he able to manage these things. I mean he always used to busy in flirting, drinking still his company is no one. I guess I have to know him fully. He is not really like that he is trying to show this world.
He comeback in sense by listening kabir’s words.
Kabir: really I am so happy for you.
Kabir hugged him.
Sanskar: its all due to you.
Kabir: nope you deserve it. Now enough of our bro romance. I think in office we should concentrate on work.
Sanskar: ohh who is saying it? Who is busy in flirting with random girls.
Kabir: are you jealous due to my popularity? Don’t worry some girls will also going to try on you.
Sanskar: no keep your girls till your self only I already have someone in my heart.
Kabir: how could I forget? Your angel right.
Sanskar: yeah and don’t call her angel. Only I have that right.
Kabir: so much possessiveness.
Sanskar: now enough of pulling my legs, go and enjoy your flirting session.
Kabir: no I also want to meet your angel. I really want to see what magic she have?
Sanskar: are you going or I will throw you.
Kabir: see what type of employ I got, my employ want to throw his boss from his office only.
Sanskar: Mr boss pls don’t disturb this manger.
Kabir: okay Mr manager do your work. I am going for my imp work. Don’t forget to introduce your angel to me.
Sanskar: surely, Mr boss. Now you go, I have to work. Also I have tell you one good news.
Kabir: what good news? Don’t tell you again met her. Do you know her name?
To be continued…

What do you swara will go to meet him? How sanskar will win her heart or he will loose his first love?
Most importantly what will happen if kabir come to know about sanskar’s angel?
If you want I again not forget this story then shoot your cmnt…
Pardon me if its not so good and boring.
Do you like swasan’s second meeting?

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  1. Mariyajap

    Awesome anniya

  2. KrsytleS

    Thanks you di….Nd Swasan 2nd meeting was really great…
    Nd I think swara will went to coffee shop to meet sanskar…
    Nd when kabir comes to know swara is sanskar angel …he will happy to see his bf and his sister together….

    Really I love this part….
    Post soon di next part nd this time no forgetting…

  3. Scooby

    Alas u got tym to post nxt part ah?? Thnks to shan and krystle for reminding her..
    suprb chapie.. so swara too hv feeling on sanskar.. haha today no bromance btwn thm in bed..
    nxt swara shud meet sanskar in cafe and hope so.. kabir wud definitely gt angry on him if he knws swara is his angrl.. bcz he warned him b4. May b aftr thinking about hw sanskar respect hr as angel he might b hapiee for him and his sis swara…
    post nxt part soon..

  4. awesome…!!loved it…!! Definitely swara will come to meet him…!! Because they are ‘swasan’..!! 😉

  5. Deeksha

    Awesome anniya….!!!!!! Where is bhabhi pls give ur sis hand….?????? U didn’t update it….!!!!! I am angry on u….!!!!!!

    1. Anniya

      Sry, don’t be angry
      I will update it tmrw ( with puppy face????)

  6. Arshaanya

    Finally u poated anniya…
    I loved it dear

  7. nice one..tc..

  8. Abirsha

    Awesome definitely swara will meet sanskar…. And kabir will be happy for swasan surely….. atlast u updated…. Dont take so much time to post next part….. ?

  9. Awsm Dr

  10. Mica

    i wish i can give the brain a hammer and the heart a knife.. let Sanskar’s brain and heart fight
    it will be epic…

    1. Anniya

      Go on mica…
      I am waiting for epic fight

  11. Superb Dr

  12. Soujanya


  13. Dharani

    awesome loved it

  14. Vyshu10

    awesome….u ll stay here na? Again won’t disappear na?

    1. Anniya

      Very bad I never disappear, only story use to disappear????

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