Ishqbaaz ff by nans(part 14)

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Hi evryone.
Thanks a lot for ur support and love.plz support me and share ur opinions today too.

Last part anika press met was completed.oberoys are asked to stay in palace for few days by vidhyut rajput.evening party starts with anika searching shivay everywhere.finally she is taken to introduce it goes where I stopped,

Dadu: how u know them?
Ram behind him is giggling.all oberoys can see that.
Anika: leave that na dadu.y r u so excited u know them personally?
Dadu : ofc I always told u abt them
Anika confused : when?
Dadu: I told abt my friend na
Anika: wait ur close friend is dadaji!!??
Dadu: yes and ya I never took name I think so u didn’t know but how u r bonded with oberoys?
(Ani again caught)

Anika: dadu actually I was in same city last four months .and I became friend of prinku and….
Dadu: and?
Anika: and I worked as their event organiser.( saying this she looks away closing her eyes)
Ram is controlling his laugh a lot.
Dadu: u what? Event organiser?……….u r princess of the nation and u did this?
Anika smiles trying to convince him.dadu totally shocked looks at ram.ram gives a innocent look.
Dadu: wait u know right ? Y r u not reacting?
Ram: ha….I dont know bauji.
Anika: haww such a liar.dadu he knows evrthing.he only helped me to run.
Dadu takes walking stick to hit him.
Ram: bauji it will pain plssss
Dadu holds both their ears and twists them and leaves.
Dadu: behenji! Sry then u must have not known she being my granddaughter before. But trust me she is so mad tat she does anything tat her heart says.
Anika: anything? I was doing work only dadu.u only say na no work is small or big?
And she looks at dadi.
Anika: sry dadi! I didnt want to hide anything.
Ram: maaji I only took promise her nt to say might had cause risk to her life so…

Dadi: its OK beta.we all love anika a lot.after ta truth we love her more n we r proud of her.
Anika: sry dadi its all becoz of ram.
Pinky: oh my mata anika u calls ur dads my name.?
Ram: if she calls dad na I feel like i am stranger behenji.
Anika punches him in stomach.
Dadu gives a serious look to both of them.they become mum.
Rudra: bha…. ( with om signing) didi! So the tatoo is of uncle name.
Dadu: tatoo?
Anika n ram look at each other in tensed face.
Anika slowly shows her hand rmoving her watch.
Dadu shocked: when…..
Anika: when I was 18.
Ram: I promise she didn’t said me anything abt this.I came to know later.i think guests are leaving.I will go n bid them bye.( and he leaves asap)
Dadu still looking at anu seriously.
Anika looking here n there.
Dadu: we should dine now ( to kalyani dadi)
Anika: can we all come together with prem,kirti…….( showing shivomru pinky somu sweety)?
Dadu: OK and he leaves with elders to first floor to dining room.
Anika looking at sweety , hugs her “ I am so happy u r totally fine”
Sweety: thanks to u.its all bcoz of u n bhayya.
Shivika look at each other.shivay trying to show anger n is avoiding eye contact.
Om comes n hugs ani: I missed u a lot.rumya prinku too joins.
Rudra: didi what a surprise u gave!!!!
Anika looking at shivay: trust me when u all become so close, I wanted to say evrything but……

Shivay: can we just move to dining area.
Anika is abt to say something but her friends , cousins ,ram come there.
Ram: devil! U told dadu truth in return of my help.
Anika: and u were giggling at my situation.
Cousins n friends : guys relax.
And they introduce themselves to shivomrumyaprinkusweety.
Kirti: I think ani became quite close to u ……all( looking at shivay) ( they already started doubting coz media questioned na n anu replied its their personal matter so kirti is trying to tease anu)
Prem; and anu was so eager to meet u all.
Shivay is happy hearing that but still trying to give serious look.
Anika directly to shivay: I need to talk to u personally.
( shivay is hell shocked, coz she said that in front of her Bros sis and most imp her dad.omru prisoswee cups their mouths looking at each other.shivay so wanted to talk to her, hug her tightly kiss her but right now he wanted to get out of ta embarrassment)
Shivay: dadaji called to dine so I think we should go there.
( anika is totally hurt and she thinks he is hell angry with her.ram looks at her and tells them to take them to dining area and takes anika from there)
Ram: y is he angry?
Anika : did u ever saw any father who is so interested in his daughters love story?
Ram: huh? What am I asking what r u saying?
Anika: ofc he will be angry. I left without talking to him directly.I just want to talk to him.
Ram: u didnt informed him?.hawwww!!!
Anika: my mistake is so small ha in front of his Baghdad billa attitude.hmph
Here all beauties n handsome hunks start walking to first floor dining room.
Rudra: arey how much far is it?
Soumya:I wil faint here only.
Avishi( anika sis deaf n dumb): talks in her code language to rumya.
Rumya couldn’t get her
Avikam( anika friend):she cant talk n hear.she is saying tat it happens daily wth us.when we r hungry we faint before reaching dining area.and when we return to our rooms we feel like we ate nothing bcoz of this long distance walk.
Avishi smiles at avikam.avikam looks away.

Dining room:
Its big rectangular table with more than 50 seats.all silver plates spoons glasses at each seat.all elders are already sat there.its just 2 min remaining to eat.(royal punctual rule).all young generation hurriedly go taking oberoys hunks and get seated.all elders occupied half.younsters are at remaining half of table(actually they don’t wnt to get caught in elders business talks).dadu is sitting at head seat.and two seats are empty at first for ram n anu.they come runningly .ram sits fastly.anu tries to go to cousins side and is happy seeing seat beside shivay is empty.
Dadu: anu sit here showing seat next to him.
Anu makes a puppy face.
Dadu: sit.
She sits.cousins friends giggle.leaving head seat.rajput elders are one side and oberoys elders are opposite to them.then rajput youngsters,friends allong with our hunks at remaining half of table
Food is served.( its just like a star hotel special menu )
Ram feeds anu first bite form his food.after tat she starts eating her food.their is pin drop silence while eating
Dadu: anu so after ceremony u r joining company na?
Anika coughs hearing this
Anika: dadu I am not interested in business.
Dadu: u topped in MBA anu.will u waste ur talent?
Anika: I wnt to do something on my own.prem n ankit are their to take over na? Let me earn some respect on my own.
Dadu: u r a musician already u earned name even not revealing ur face.I know music is ur passion u can continue it along with business.
Anika: but dadu….

Dadu: anu u will get married soon.after marriage also u can fulfill ur duty as royal member.but what abt business? I just want you know this side also before ur marriage happens.I know u r strong tats y I want u to face business world directly.u always gave succesful ideas in our u have to implement them on your own.after maraige it will be ur wish n ur husbands.but before that can I see my anu in our company proudly?
Anika smiles at him: OK if this will make u happy.
Dadu smiles.
After a meditation class type dining.all the elders return to their rooms. Youngsters are showing oberoys total palace.all r tired walking n walking.but still they dont want to miss any corner of palace.all the while anika is trying to talk to shivay but he is ignoring her finally they reach terrors.and after seeing they all are coming down.shivika are last in group.after evryone getting down the steps anika holds Shivay hand.they all look at them.
Anika: guys u all go we will come.
Evryone: ahannnn……la la la la la la…..
Shivay: stop it guys I am also coming.
Anika: no u are not and she takes him holding his hand.
Evryone giving hi5 to each other leave to activity room on third floor(I.e, cousin floor)
Activity room: activity room is like a big hall for all cousins.kirti does her designing work in one corner ,avishi does painting in one corner, there is mini study,mini kitchen which they use when they rturn late nights and get no food as punishment and there is big round bed on which 20 people can sleep together.seating bean bags ,stools for work also present.overall activity room is in size of 10 rooms.
As om is artist, so do avishi both talk about all kinds od painting present in avishi workshop.while prem explaing avishi signs to om.( avishi can understand lip moment easily ) later they all sit on bed roundly and Om rumya explain the whole story of shivika to rajputs n friends.

Rajputs: so we guessed right!!!
Rudra: anika didi was angry on shivay but now its happening whole reverse.
And they all chit chat sitting their only.
Anika takes him to corner of fort minar.and it is a mini room.
Shivay: what R u doing? Evryone …..
Anika: I trying to talk to u but u are not listening to me at least.I know u r angry…..
Shivay: ofc i am angry……
Anika: I had no other way that y I left without saying.
Shivay don’t looks at her.
Anika: u hurted me more but I forgave u easily but u are angry with my small mistake.
And she starts leaving Shivay holds her hand angrily and pulls her n pins he to the wall coming closer.
Anika really nervous seeing him in so much anger.
Shivay: I am angry not bcoz u hided bcoz u didn’t said me directly.u sent stupid msg and left from there.( his eyes arw wet)
Anika: I am sorry.
Shivay: those men came to me searching u.they had guns.u know what was I going through? And u left just like tat.10 days I was searching for u,and whenever tbose men strike in my mind I feel like loosing you,I feel like de…..
Anika stops him by tight hugging him.
Anika: I am sorry shivay!!!! ( crying )
He calms down hearing shivay form her.he holds her back.
Shivay wiping her tears: don’t evr dare to do tat again ! Don’t evr dare to risk ur life!
Anika: I will if its about ur life and I know u will do same.
Shivay: anika!!!!

She again hugs him.after a 15 min tight warm hug in silence shower of love they broke apart.they both sit on slab along the wall of minar holding hands.and from minar window they can see half of fort outer view.coz the fort is curved and they are in one of minar which is edge of fort.
Shivay laughs suddenly.
Anika: what?
Shivay: I am laughing at me reminiscing our fights.u are princess of this samsthan and I was showing you attitude of class,surname and what not.
Anika gets up making a pout face.
Anika: u are right not in terms of me being princess but u u being attitude Singh oberoy.hmph.
Shivay: OK, but i was not tat much bad also
Anika: huh? U should thank me tat I forgave u easily for ur harsh words.
Shivay: really?
Anika: really!!
Shivay gets up and pulls her holds her by waist .anika holds his suit with this act.he comes closer to her ears whispering “ thank you for coming into my life just as anika not as rajput “ .anika smiles.he passionately kisses on her cheek.he comes closer to her lips but anika pushes him and starts running smiling. Shivay too smiles n runs after her.
Anika is well known of her palace she runs as fast as she last shivay catches her hand and is abt to come closer. Just then hearing foot steps he looks through tat side and leaves anika hand seeing ram.
Ram looks at them n comes to them.he is abt to ask something before that
Shivay: hi uncle she is just showing me palace.
Anika looks at shivay with confusion.
Ram: u r faces are showing something finally ur love problem got solved?
Shivay is like “ he knows abt us? Hawww” in his mind.
Anika looking at shivay shocking expression burst outs into laughter.

Precap: anika crown ceremony along with her Bros and sissos. Couple dance. A surprise and a little shock.

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  1. Loved it nans…… And. I m sorry For being late I am loving the way Anika’s cousins bonding well with O’bros and our Omru…… Shivika moments were awesome… ???
    Ram and anika’s bond is soo gud… No words to explain❤❤waiting for next??

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u sanaaa don’t say sry?????????????

  2. Tulasi

    Suprrb dear…kekaaa …chinchesaav…….awesummm…fab…fantastic…..lovely….sweet…marvelous…..coool…cute…..n thnkng wat r felt to tell abt dis…❤❤❤?????????????????????????

    1. Nansshivika

      Awwwww love u tussy

  3. Mrunal

    i am speechless dear???

    ?? i am finding some words to explain that how much i liked it….

    i can only do this right now???
    u r great????

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u dear??

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