Differences between Love (intro love story of riansh)

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So Let’s Start

Vansh Rai Singhania 

Always known as VR. A young handsome business tycoon owner of VR enterprise. He loves his family a lot. His family members dadi, two cute sisters, one handsome cousin brother, mom , chachi, dad and chachu are expire (mujhe jyada log pasand nhi isliye mein dino ko maar diya ) ons friend ( reveal in story) one bff angre. He is very caring towards his family but for the world angry dangerous businessman

Ridhima Khana 

She is very sweet lovely girl love his family a lot. She is a successful doctor owner of little life hospital. She is elder daughter of Khanas. She loves her younger sister a lot. She is a very simple girl, bubbly, chirpy girl.

Ishani Rai Singhania

She is sister of vansh Rai singhania. She loves a lot her vansh bhai ( not like show) . She is very lovely girl. She secretly love angre and she doesn’t know anything about her felling.

Siya Rai Singhania 

She is handicapped from 2 years. She loves his family a lot

Aryan Rai Singhania

He is handsome boy love flirting with girls. He loves his family a lot ( not like show) he is helping her vansh bro on business

Indrani Rai Singhania

Dadi of vansh , siya, ishani and aryan mother in law of anypriya and chancha. She lover her family

Anupriya Rai Singhania

Mother of vansh, siya and ishania badimom of aryan sister of chanchal daughter in law of dadi. Love his family

Chanchal Rai Singhania

Mother of aryan chachi of vansh, siya and ishani. First love is gold and diamond. Lover her family


He is bodyguard, best friend, crime partner of vansh. Vansh is like her big brother. He had own dective company. He has some felling for ishani

Rohit Khana 

He is business tycoon owner of kk enterprise. Father of ridhima and kiara. Loves his daughter a lot.Vansh like her son and vansh is always behave like a son

Kiara Khana 

Always known as KK known knows his face expect his family. Daughter of rohit khanna younger sister of ridhima. Love his family a lot. She is handlling her dad business. She loves risk. She love his best friend a lot. She is on America from last 4 year.

Mahir Malhotra 

He is handsome businessman( Aap sab soch rhe honge ki yha pe sb handsome hi kya) owner of Malhotra enterprise. Friend of vansh, elder brother karan, son of preeti Malhotra . Her dad has been expire on car accident. He business partner of kk enterprise. Ridhima is like her sister, Kiara is like her daughter. Love his family a lot

Karan khanna 

He is a famous cricketor girls mad of his hotness. He is younger brother of mahir. He is best friend of kiara he love teasing, pulling legs of kiara they are childhood best friend.

Preeti Malhotra

Mother of mahir, karan .  She loves ridhima and Kiara a lot she treat ridhima and Kiara like they are own daughter of her

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