Tu jaroori sa hai #Riansh (immj2) episode 1

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Episode starts…….

Ridhima got the notice that she cannot live in hostel . If she want to live then she have to pay fee of the hostel in one go for whole year otherwise she is free to move out…..

She was very worried about his shelter.Sejal suggest her to do one more job to earn more.so she was searching work for her.

Today vansh is going home to meet his Dadi and maa as they live in another than VR mention.He hardly reach there one or two time in a month.

Dadi decided to do pooza as vansh is coming house .she and vansh’s mother always get tensed when they thought about vansh.

Vansh never come in contact with girls other than his childhood friend Ragini.

There are rumors that vansh is not interested in girls .Many of people thought that he may be not straight as they never seen him with a girl.

Although he is handsome and good looking.Many girls can die on his million dollar smile but he hardly smile .He is tall with beautiful face and body . His beared and his intensive eyes were always filled with anger give smart look to his face.

In his office all girls has crush on him but he never exchange any word to them except “GOOD MORNING”.They were always try their best to go close to him but their bad luck they even can’t enter his cabin.

Some of them(girls) secretly entered his cabin ,as a result they thrown out of the office.There is one girl who entered his hotel room and tried to get intimate ,after this is incident that girl got vanished.No one knows where she had gone.

When Ishani going to buys some stuff that was told by vansh’s dadi .she collided with Ridhima as both were in hurry so they fell on the ground. Ishani got hurt in her leg and she was unable to walk.

She shouted on Ridhima.she apologize to Ishani.But she again shouted ….

Ishani : I was going to take some stuff for my Grandmother.Now how I will buy and help her.

Ridhima : Sorry dear!!! If you don’t mind then I will help you but in return you have do one thing .

Ishani : what ???

Ridhima : you have to help me to get a job.

Ishani(making face) : Okk …..now take this list and get these things .

Ridhima goes to shop and bought all the things.Then they moved toward ishani’s car.

Ridhima : how will I contact you.

Ishani : No need to contact me.

Ridhima (shocked) :what???

Ishani : Don’t make these faces ….come with me I will help you.

Ridhima : How ??

Ishni : just get in…..

Ridhima sits in the car and they went to vansh parent’s house.Ishani introduced Ridhima to Dadi and Anupriya.
Ridhima helped them to arrange things for pooza.

Dadi was very happy with ridhima that she appointed her to supers wiser of all the worker that were working there.Ridhima also can’t denies as she needed job much……

Ridhima happily arranged all the things and asked dadi to take leave from as she have to attend a class.But Dadi said……

Dadi : you did your job with so much love.if would be happy if attend the pooza.

Ridhima : Sorry dadi!!!!! I have to go otherwise I will miss my class.

Dadi allowed her to go.At Main gate She was waiting for cab just then Vansh ‘s arrives but at the same cab also came.She moved from there to go to cab , vansh’s graze falls on her but he didn’t seen her face because wind blowing due which her hairs covering her face and rest of the thing done by her duptta that became barrier between them.

Vansh goes in……every thing was perfectly arranged for him.He took blessing of Dadi and his mother. They talked for a while when topic came to his marriage.Like always he escaped from there this made both women sad.

They also can’t do anything for his this behavior. When pooza was done vansh also left for VR mention.

At night ….

When Ridhima went to her hostel.There warden didn’t allowed her to enter to her room.she ordered Sejal to pack her belonging.Ridhima requested her but she didn’t showed any mercy to her….

Ridhima was thrown out of the hostel.she took all her stuff came to the a park which was in outskirt of the city.

Precap : Riansh meet !!!

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