Tujhse Hai Raabta 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Kalyani rescues Moksh yet again

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The Episode starts with Malhar telling Sarthak that he will not bear a word against Kalyani. Sarthak says if you are so pained then ask your wife to stay away from my wife. He says she is habitual to walk holding anupriya’s pallu. Anupriya says she is my daughter. Sarthak says you risk your relations for her. Anupriya says if you think this way then its ok. She says Kalyani always supported her in her bad times, when you had gone to Avni leaving me and when I was learning to stand on my feet. She says you think that Kalyani is my stepdaughter, but she is more important to me than my real daughter. She says our pain, sorrows, breathe and blood are one. She brings a knife and cuts her palm. Sarthak is shocked. Kalyani asks Aai, what are you doing? Anupriya cuts Kalyani palm and asks if he thinks that their blood is different then she will leave Kalyani. Sarthak goes from there upset. Kalyani and Anupriya cry and hug each other.

Later Anupriya comes to Sarthak and asks what happened to you, why are you doing tamasha? Sarthak says you are doing tamasha. He says I can’t forget that our daughter was snatched from us due to Kalyani and Deshmukh family. He says I can understand that you want to be with Kalyani, but I can’t support her. Kalyani asks why will you stay with us, as you got your family now. Malhar asks her to tell clearly. She sends pic to Malhar, Sarthak and Anupriya’s phones. Malhar gets angry seeing the pic and asks Sarthak what is it? Kalyani asks Sarthak to say that he took her out on payroll. Malhar says the woman who has ruined our house, you have got her freed on the payroll. Sarthak says Vahini is your mother. Malhar says she is my stepmom. Sarthak says people change with time. Malhar says she can’t change and says very soon you will realize this. He hurts his hands and throws the glasses on the floor. Sarthak asks what is it? Malhar says I am closing the way to reach you, as after whatever you have done, neither you can come to us nor we can come to you. Asawari hears them from far and calls someone, asks to bring her/him.

Next day, Anupriya brings tea for Sarthak. Sarthak asks if she didn’t add sugar in the tea. Anupriya says she has added it. She asks him to end his fight with Malhar, tells that she doesn’t know why he got Asawari freed on payroll. She says today Kalyani and Malhar are going to Moksh’s school for his PTM. Malhar tells Kalyani that the car is not starting. Kalyani asks him not to worry. Malhar says he will be relieved when that woman goes back to jail. Sarthak says this will not happen. He asks Anupriya, why she was asking him to patch up with Malhar. Just then Kalyani gets a call and comes to know that moksh is missing from the hostel. She informs everyone. Moksh goes somewhere out of hostel and thinks he will reach Aai fi. Song plays….meri maa…Malhar and Kalyani are about to sit in the car. Sarthak says he will also come as Moksh is his grandson. Kalyani says let’s leave. Moksh tries to drink water but water bottle is empty. He faints and falls down on the mattresses kept there. Asawari calls someone and asks to search someone (may be Moksh).A guy asks the Truck driver to pick up the mattresses from the ground. The driver is busy in mobile and wraps up the mattresses, doesn’t see Moksh. He drives off.

Kalyani and malhar reach there. Kalyani finds his shoe on the road and asks Malhar to stop the car. She finds his shoe and finds mark M on his shoe. She tells Malhar that Moksh would be somewhere here. Malhar enquires with the cobbler. Cobbler tells that the tempo guy must have seen and tells that it went that side. The guy asks the driver to take out all the mattresses to burn. He asks him to burn all the mattresses while he waits near the tempo. Moksh is also wrapped in the mattress. Kalyani and Malhar reach there. The driver takes out the mattress. Moksh gains consciousness. Malhar asks the guy about the boy. The guy says there was no boy here, we came to burn the mattress. Kalyani says I will check. Moksh calls Aai fi. Kalyani sees the driver throwing the mattresses for burning and holds the mattress before he could throw it. Asawari comes there and holds the mattress from the other side. Kalyani looks at her. They take out Moksh from the mattress. Malhar looks at Asawari. Moksh asks Kalyani why she didn’t come to take him after her return. Kalyani says sorry and asks how did he reach here. Malhar doubts Asawari. Moksh says I had left from the hostel to reach Aai. Sarthak says Vahini hasn’t done anything. Malhar asks then what is she doing here?

Precap: Sarthak tells Malhar that Asawari will stay in their house. Malhar says she can’t stay in his house. Sarthak says it is my house too. Malhar gets angry and breaks his relation with Sarthak.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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