Dhhai Kilo Prem 26th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Deepu takes Meghna for pagphera rasam

Dhhai Kilo Prem 26th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya seeing Deepika’s pic and says she is successful to take revenge for her insult. Ragini asks Deepu to apologize to her inlaws. Mishra ji says they have done mistake, our daughter have supported them and made cooker cake to help them financially. He says what is her mistake that she went to her brother’s wedding. He says even young ones can be right. Elders shall understand this. I am upset that Piyush and Sharma ji are not understanding this. He tells Ragini that his daughter can stay in their house and the house is hers also. Ragini says she is worried about her future life.

Rahul says he can’t believe that they are together. Meghna says Bhabhi have to leave the house for me. She says I got married to you, so that my parents don’t get me married to another guy. She says she can’t start their new life till Deepu goes back to her house, and his family accepts her. Rahul respects her decision.

Sarika comes to meet Deepu. Deepu hugs her and cries. She tells her that she got habituated to Piyush in few days’ time. She says everyone is ended in 1 min. Sarika says you think he will change. Deepu says she thought she will make him fall in love with her one day. Sarika says when everyone’s anger gets calm then they will come to take you.

Piyush wakes up as he gets the call, and asks Deepu why didn’t she wake him up. He gets sad and misses Deepu. Roke na ruke naina plays…..He sees her electronic toothbrush and reminiscing giving her. He recalls all the moments spent with her.

Kunal asks Tushar what is cooked today. Tushar says no. Kunal says he has to go and have food outside, namrata made him have salty tea. Namrata says she didn’t know where was sugar as Deepu used to handle kitchen. Madhuri says she forgot that she is not here and went to temple. Piyush says he will make toast for everyone. He imagines Deepu making toast. Madhuri says she will make breakfast. Piyush says he will buy food from outside.

Deepu makes food for everyone at home. Mishra ji asks why did she make and calls everyone to have food. Rukmini thinks she has to twist her finger. Meghna comes and says she would have make breakfast and tells that she will make breakfast from tomorrow. Rukmini says you are not our bahu and says if she don’t go for pagphera then Rahul’s life will be in risk. Deepu says she will take Meghna for pagphera being her bhabhi. Ragini gets worried. Deepu says Pankaj will not get angry as she has not broken his promise and takes her from there.

Tushar asks Madhuri if he shall give Meghna’s books to Darshan. Pragya says what she will do with the books now, she will clean, sweep the house now. Tushar asks her to talk something good. Pankaj comes there and sit down. Pragya sees Deepu and Meghna coming and says pigeons have turned black. She asks them to stop. Deepu says I am not coming inside, I have brought Meghna for pag phera rasam. She says Meghna will do the rasam from outside. She asks Meghna to touch the door step and takes everyone’s blessings. Meghna cries. She says I have hurt you all, and will apologize to you all my life. Deepu signs her something without talking to her. Tushar tells her the rasam and asks Deepu why you are not talking to Meghna. Deepu says she is not talking to Meghna because of Pankaj’s promise. Everyone gets emotional.

Meghna and Deepu meet Piyush. Meghna asks him to take Deepu back home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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