Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 26th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Radhika changes sarees with defective ones, God Himself comes to help Aastha

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 26th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aastha seeing Shiv getting down the car and asks driver to take Aastha to shop from where Lakshmi used to take sarees. Aastha thanks him. Shiv says I am doing this for my family. Aastha says I don’t care why you help me. Shiv asks her not to take out meaning and asks her to leave his Kurta. He sees his kurta stuck in car. Aastha says even you have same problem. Govind tells Lakshmi that she gave work to Aastha so that everyone likes her. Lakshmi says it is her hands if she will win everyone’s heart or not. She says question is that what does Aastha wants, she says if she is a good wife and want to become adarsh bahu then she will make her way without my help. She gets call from factory and goes.

Aastha comes back home. Jaya says you have returned. Aastha says she has brought all sarees before time, still there is one hour time. Jaya likes the saree and says it is good. She drapers over her, but the saree is too short. Jaya says saree is very small. Janki checks her saree and says is it saree or dupatta. Gurumaa and Radhika smirks. Aastha thinks how can this be possible. Radhika recalls replacing the sarees with the defective ones. Aastha asks driver to repair the car fast and they come home. Jaya and Janki blame Aastha for ruining their pooja. Runjhun also blames her. Aastha says she has checked the sarees, but may be mistakes was done in packing. She says those sarees were something else. Lakshmi says I will call shop keeper. She calls shop keeper and asks what did he send home. He says he packed the sarees selected by Aastha.

Lakshmi puts the call on loudspeaker. Aastha is shocked and teary eyes. Lakshmi stops her and says these sarees are of no use. Janki says all shops might have closed by now. Jaya says now we have to wear old sarees and sit in puja. She says from where we will get the sarees. Radhika asks shall I say something and says when she was in temple, she befriended a girl who has a saree shop and can deliver the sarees. Govind asks her to call. Radhika pretends to call someone and says she will bring the sarees. Lakshmi thanks her and says I will remember your help always. Radhika sasys she is their loved ones.

Later Aastha tells Balwan that she didn’t know how the saree became shorter. Balwan says we will find the reason. Lakshmi comes and says Shiv is calling you. Balwan goes. Lakshmi scolds Aastha for her mistake. Aastha says she didn’t do any mistake. Lakshmi asks her to make her understand how the sarees got small.. Aastha says I don’t know. Lakshmi blames her for breaking her trust again and again. Aastha says I am feeling really bad. Lakshmi says even hope is breaking now.
A man comes and says he came from Aakaar sarees shop. Servant goes to tell Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks Aastha to go before Ganesh Visarjan. Aastha says she is trying. Lakshmi says you can’t win anyone’s heart. She says even Ganesh ji couldn’t save you then who will save you. A boy is seen coming out of box…Ganapati bhajan plays….Servant tells Lakshmi that saree wala brought sarees. Lakshmi says ok. Boys eats the chocolate and comes out of box. Everyone comes out and sees the box empty. Radhika says she has ordered sarees, but…Boy hides.

Jaya asks where are those sarees. Radhika says she will call her friend. Runjhun says whoever has lifted this box haven’t understand that the box is empty. Govind asks them to check in the store room. Jaya says there is no sarees. Angad says he will check in market. Shiv asks them to have puja wearing old sarees. Jaya says it will be inauspicious. Radhika says her friend can’t help them. Shiv says he will call his friend. He calls his friend and says shop is closed. Jaya and Janki ask Lakshmi if they will wear old sarees now for puja. Boy gets inside the house.

Aastha thinks 25 mins are left now. Radhika tells Gurumaa that Aastha or she can’t do anything now. Boy throws the sarees in room. It flies in air and comes in hall. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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