Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 26th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Dev and Abeer comes face to face

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Abeer tells Karuna that Amla will tell her, and says he is going to Malik house. Amla says Abeer…please stop. Abeer doesn’t stop and goes. Karuna asks what happened, why did he go to Malik’s house. Amla blames herself and says everything is happening because of me, says Evan came yesterday, beaten Abeer badly and cries….Mando asks what did he do? She says you would have stop Abeer. Karuna asks her to tell calmly. Amla tells how she stopped Mahi’s marriage, and how Evan tries to molest her and left her with the threat. She hugs Karuna and says Abeer went to take revenge and kill Evan. Mando asks why did you go to Mahi, everyone will die. She says Evan said that if I tell anything then he will repeat that night. Mando asks if you want us to get killed. Karuna says they have sent us intentionally, but couldn’t break Amla’s strength. Mando says Abeer’s life is in risk and says Malik have the team.

Karuna asks did you tell everything. Amla says yes. Mando asks her to keep quiet. Amla says you have always made me silent and took money from them for my silence. Mando says she has taken money to better their living and asks what do you want, do you want Abeer to get killed. Karuna asks Mando to be quiet and asks why she is taunting her. Mando says Abeer also took money, but got that money fixed on Amla’s name, but Amla torn those papers. Karuna is shocked.

Mahi recalls her engagement with Suveer, her cancelled marriage etc and cries. Dev calls Viren, but no. is not reachable. He thinks where is Abeer and wonders if Viren is playing double game with him. He thinks what happened in that marriage, which changed everything. He leaves.
Abeer is in the auto. Dev is also in another auto and thinks to meet Maliks. Viren tells the family that they shall be careful and say same story to media. He says matter is that, we had brought property from Amla’s family, they came to know that we are rich and that’s why her bhabhi along with Amla made this story and got the fake news published in the local newspaper. When they couldn’t succeed, they came here and tried to get money, but did the drama.
Manvender tells Ritu that he got call from party and tells that he got bad publicity and the people are laughing behind his back. He says did you daughter found such a bad guy. Ritu says people are celebrating. He says his political career is spoiled. Ritu asks him to calm down. Mahi comes there.

Viren asks if everyone understood. Pallavi says to say thousand lies to hide one truth. Rishan says yes, we have to. Evan says Manvender ji will not agree and says Police and media will ask why we didn’t tell this story before. Rishan asks him to go and confess that he raped Amla. Evan asks how you will prove Mahi wrong and asks if he has any eye witness. Viren says Dev will tell Mahi how his fiancé got eloped with a local guy. Mahi says sorry to Manvender ji and hugs him. Manvender says we shall be sorry for not safeguarding you, we didn’t know that Rishan and his son are bad. He apologizes to her and says you got saved. Mahi cries.

Viren says rape didn’t happen, it was a love triangle case. They have sold the house and came to Mumbai. He says Dev will tell that Amla is characterless girl and his parents will also tell. Evan thinks Dev can do this, but I won’t let Suveer’s marriage happen, and asks them to do it. Abeer gets down from the auto. Evan asks how you will convince Dev. Rishan asks him to call Dev to office. Evan says ok and calls Dev asking him to come to office. Dev says I have reached your home and gets down. Abeer comes inside Maliks’ house and asks Evan to come out, I will tell you today how a threat is given. He calls aloud Evan’s name, but nobody is at home. Dev comes and keeps gun on Abeer’s head. He says I was searching you….Abeer, atlast I found you. He sees Abeer injured. Abeer also looks at him.

Dev and Abeer have a fight. Abeer picks the gun and asks Dev to stop. He says mistake was of Suveer, Evan and Viraj and somewhat mine. Amla didn’t do anything, she was going to meet you, they held her and raped her. Dev is shocked and shattered.

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  1. Tania-the fairy

    Now at last truth came in front of dev.
    now he will decide what to do with maliks.
    Nice episode ,Amla answered mando back.
    Viren will not keep quite.
    waiting 4 next…..

  2. karuna dialoug’they couldn’t break amlajis courage,really????may b we r blind ,couldn’t c crying baby’s courage? pardon ….happy family gathrd again,tym 2 c drama …writer is forced 2 write sooooo lenghy dialogues as ths talentless actors r unable 2 show chars emotions ther expressn ??

  3. Rehmat

    now love tringle start abeer amla dev ambeer love you

  4. Aleya.marzan

    waiting for tomorrows epi. realyy awesome it would be!! i saw some pics on twitter that amla with dev. donno what’s gonna happen

  5. Buddima Kalpani Muthuthanthirige

    Thanks A Lot

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    5. Thank u sooomuch for your kind information..

  7. Finally dev can reach Amla and they can live happily ever after.I can see how much they are in love with each other.If Abeer wants to be a good boy he should leave Amla and explain to Dev that Amla belongs to her.

    1. Aleya.marzan

      Oh but he left her when she needed him the most. Not due to any misunderstanding he really left her thinking that she is impure now. He even beated her when she was hospitalised . that’s not love that’s only obsession. Only abeer loves amla truly . I think so n all thinks soo

  8. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Nice episode again … Mando’s face was just as I pictured it to be ? … and as for the Maliks, well based on the precap, I believe Dev will help Abeer and Amla … I only hope he remembers that she is now a married woman ?

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