Devon ke Dev Mahadev 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

At nagaloka,mahadev and devi request the agni tatva to stabilize through their powers.Next they balance the aakash tatva in mansa’s pinda,stating that it is as endless as the skies.

At kailash,nandi and ganesh meet each other.Nandi informs ganesh about what happened there earlier,to which ganesha replies that he was familiar with the circumstances.So nandi asks him and the ganas to leave kailash as soon as possible.Ganesha says that nandi could never think of abandoning kailash and points his axe at nandi.It is later revealed it was adi when kartikeya and nandi show up.They rage upon him,but he runs away and says ”catch me if you can”().They set out to search for adi.

Back at nagaloka,shiva-parvati balance the vayu tatva in mansa’s body and she finally calms down to which diti and saptarishis praise him,when kashyapa informs that it was through this process that the tridevas created the universe.(P.S:Puja looked completely disinterested in the scene)

Nandi is shown searching for adi,where he meets kartikeya,who unexpectedly starts beating nandi.When he was about to kill nandi with a sword,the original kartikeya enters the scene who shoots an arrow that hits his palm,causing the sword to fall and adi runs away from them,meanwhile kartikeya helps nandi and then runs behind adi.

At the boundaries of kailasha,kartikeys sees ganesha and his doppelganger,face to face.Nandi and ganas follow up.At that moment kartikeya remembers his training in finding out who was his enemy and how to attack him(when he was blind folded by ganesha).He instantly recognises adi and all of them try to make him understand,but in vain.He asks everybody to leave kailash and declares that only his father ,mother parvati and he could stay there,all remind him of andhaka’s apology,but to no avail.So, they engage in a fierce dual.

Back at nagaloka,mahadev entraps manasa in a cocoon-sort of green cover for her development and welfare.mahadev becomes tensed as kartikeya and adi are fighting at kailasha.He informs parvati about the same.Diti asks forgiveness,but mahadev and kashyapa say its not her fault.

Mahadev invokes veerbhadra and orders him to go to kailasha.Mahadev says that this would be adi’s last chance.If he is not willing to change,then his destruction is inevitable.


PRECAP:Mahadev is boiling over something as parvati walks towards him with a smile.As she utters swami,mahadev aims his trishul at her.(but today they showed a different view of the trident)

Update Credit to: sidspilz

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