Tumhari Pakhi 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Lavanya in much pain. The maid asks her to go to the doctor but Lavanya refuses. She cries saying Girish and the call goes to Girish unknowingly. He hears her screams and calls the doctor. She tells him that I asked her to come for surgery but Lavanya refused to come. Girish says I will bring her right away. He brings Lavanya to the hospital. The doctor tells him that Lavanya is fine. Girish thanks her and comes to meet Lavanya. He holds her hand and she says I m sorry Girish, but I m Naina;s real mum, not a step mum. She cries and says Naina had high fever, I could not come to do surgery leaving her.

He says you proved it today you are her real mum, not thinking about yourself and your baby, what people say does not matter to us. He says stop thinking this, there is a surprise. He calls Naina in and Lavanya is happy to see her. Anuja and Anshuman come her home. Anuja says come, I will make you meet my daughter and bahu, Deepika calls me Anuja and the second one calls me Anuja ji. She wanted to meet you and go to Singapore.

Anuja rings the bell. She says where did they go, maybe they want to give me a surprise. She opens the door with her keys and goes inside. They see the welcome arrangements and are happy. Anuja says they did this, I knew this. Anshuman steps inside the house. She says come and calls out Deepika and Pa….. Her phone rings and she answers it. Its Pakhi’s call. Pakhi says sorry I have to leave without meeting you, did your son came. Anuja says yes, we are here, I wanted him to meet you. Pakhi says I m so sorry, make me talk to him.

Anuja gives the phone to Anshuman. He asks whats her name. Pakhi hears him and is shocked. Anuja says Pa….. and his phone rings. He says Di’s call and gives Anuja’s phone back to her. Pakhi asks whats your son’s name. Deepika asks come fast, we will be late. Pakhi says I m sorry I could not meet you and your son, else you come to Singapore. Anuja says don’t know when I can meet you. Pakhi says I want to call you Maa. Anuja asks Pakhi not to care about anyone and reply to her mails, she will miss her. She ends the call and talks to Lavanya.

Anshuman does not see Pakhi’s pic there at her home. Deepika asks Pakhi to postpone her trip and they will enjoy. Pakhi says if I stay back, I can’t go. Pakhi hugs her and leaves in a taxi for the airport. Anuja serves food to Anshuman and says she did all this, she was excited that you were coming. He eats the food and Saiyyan…………plays……………….She asks what happened. He says this reminded me of someone, who made this. Anuja says my angel. She says I wish you could meet her, wait I will bring her pic.

She brings Pakhi’s pic and says this is my angel. She gets Pakhi’s call and keeps the pic frame upside down. Anuja talks to Pakhi. Anshuman looks at the frame and tries to take it. Anuja asks him do you want anything else and he stops. Anuja says how can I, its yours. Anuja tells Anshuman that she gave her Lord idol to you. Anshuman is shocked seeing it and thinks of Pakhi. Saiyyan……………plays………….

The door bell rings and Anuja goes. Deepika comes and is shocked to see Anshuman being Anuja’s son. Deepika says you. Anshuman says photographer Deepika, we know each other. Deepika says is he your son, it means Pakhi is really your bahu. Anuja and Anshuman are shocked to hear this. Pakhi talks to Bhaisa and says I will take care of myself, don’t worry, we will talk on phone every day, the company is good, I m not going far and not leaving everyone, you all are with me in my memories.

She says I don’t want anyone to wait for me and I m not waiting for anyone. She thinks about Anshuman and the sindoor. Anshuman says where is Pakhi? It means it was Pakhi as model in your photo shoot, he says she is my Pakhi. He sees Pakhi’s pic and says she is my Pakhi, where is she. Deepika says she is at airport. Anshuman says she is your bahu. Deepika says she has gone and tells him the flight number. Anshuman finds out about the flight. He comes to know its on runway, ready to take off. Anshuman says he will bring Pakhi. He says I have to go and stop her, I knew I will get you and her too. Anuja says no use, she might have gone by now, she will not come now. Anshuman is shocked.

Anuja says I thought my son came to meet me, but I did not know your dad came to meet me in you. Anshuman says I will apologize to her, I promise I will bring her back at any cost.

Update Credit to: Amena

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