Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 7th August 2013 Written Update

Anjani continues with the story. Cute Maruti after running around comes infront of her, is hungry, asks for food. Anjani goes to get some fruits for him. He sits & wait, says it seems mother will take time. Sees Sun, thinks it’s afruit, says till mother gets fruits for me, I’ll eat this. He flys towards Sun. At that time Rahu was about to eclipse Sun. Rahu says except him who is capable of eclipsing Sun, Devas have cheated me. I must tell Devraj. Maruti says this fruit seems more tasty now. Rahu informs Indra about this amazing kid. He tells him after growing up he will be very powerful, he must be stopped. Indra tells Maruti who is near the Sun, to stop. But Maruti says he is hungry, will eat this fruit after coming so far & who are you stopping me? I am Indra says Devraj. Maruti moves ahead. Indra throws his Vajra on him. Maruti falls down, has fainted. Anjani is worried seeing him. She calls Pavan dev, who is angry, he gives up his duty, till his son doesn’t get justice.

In absence of Air all were worried. Ganesh asks what happened then. Parvati says your father always helps in case of such events. All the Devas come to Pavandev, requesting him to resume his duty. But Pavandev is adamant. Mahadev appears. Indra asks for forgiveness, says he wasn’t aware of true identity of this child. Anjani wants her son back. Brhmaji says going against Destiny is not right but Maruti is born for a very big task, so he must be brought back to life.

Mahadev returns Maruti’s life. Maruti joins hands infront of Mahadev. All the Devas bless him. Indra blesses him to have strong body like Vajra. Other Devas too bless him ,not to be be affected by any paash. Be Gyani. Yamaraj syas you’ll never be afraid of death, will never fall sick, you’ll be Chiranjivi. Brhmaji says, you’ll be able to reach anywhere, can not be stopped.
Mahaved says you’ll be Deerghayu, be very knowledgable. All the Gunas & Nidhis will be yours. You’ll be Vajarang Hanuman. Indra with Devas does Pavan putra Hanuman’s Jay jaykar.

At night they are having food. Ganesh asks for more Modaks. He likes them, says these Modaks tasty because they are made with love. Anjani tells him even Maruti says the same. Keeps on eating, likes food made by me. Whenever he is around, everything gets alive. Anjani is missing her son, she hasn’t seen him since days, says he must be busy helping others. It’s not sure when he’ll come. Ganesh says one thing is clear Maruti is like me. We both love our mother & food. We both are Shivansh, were brought to life by father. Mahadev is watching this.

Parvati is retuning back to Kailash. Anjani asks her to wait for some time, she wants Maruti to get aadi Shakti’s blessings. Parvati says- Rudransh Hanuman ka kalian ho.

Precap: Mahadev tells Parvati, Hanuman has so much energy, Anjani is finding it difficult to control him. Maruti is shown hitting tree with his Gada. Parvati asks when will Hanuman’s curiosity be answered? When he meets Ram, there will be changes in him, says Mahadev.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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