Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th August 2013 Written Update

The show gets over & everyone does. Abhi asks how they felt and asks whether they tried to concentrate on the solution. Calls all the four contestants to the stage. Babasa tells bhabo that he couldn’t understand anything as he was preoccupied with the song. Asks whether she found.. Suraj gets a call from Satish chandra & gives it to bhabo Bhabo leaves the place immediately with cell phone. Bhabo returns back the phone to suraj … Suraj asks who is that Satish ji??? Bhabo tells that he is the hubby of her sister… Bhabo quickly asks where are beendanis. Suraj says that they might be coming…

Here sandy is framing her answer . Ashta vinayak 8 like that she goes on to do… Sandy remembers abhi saying that AAj nahi toh Kabhi Nahi” Wonders about the same… Sandy

thinks that the answer is hidden in that sentence. Sandy remembers abhi saying that they have only today’s time to prove. Sandy gets 2013 & 8 meaning august month, Sandy thinks that it is today’s date. Emily tries to overlook sandy’s answer sheet. Sandy writes today’s date & folds the paper.Emily tells sandy that she dropped the water on paper pad & asks her paper pad. Sandy gives her. 15 secs left. Emily traces the mark of nos left in the next page of sandy’s paper pad. She gets the first seven but can’t find the last digit. Time is up

Abhi announces that everyone is ready with their codes & says lets find out who can open the locker. Calls meena to open the locker. Meena tries to escape. Chavi calls her. Meena manages by saying that there was no number in the song. Everyone laughs & abhi calls prateik & asks him to open the locker using his code. He gets the wrong code… Everyone gets shocked. Mohit thinks that emily can’t win this time.
Next comes Ashutosh… Ashutosh is successful.. Abhi wishes him. Abhi tells that he would tell the right answer only after everyone tries their hand. Abhi says who would get the answer right next jethani or devrani… Suraj is tensed. Abhi calls Sandy to do it first.
Sandy presses the code…Everyone watches her carefully… Especially emily… Suraj is quiet tensed. Abhi tells that it seems like sandy’s code is wrong & her journey might end here itself. The locker doesn’t open… Abhi asks her whether she forgot something. He adds that she missed pressing enter to open the locker. The locker immediately opens. SurYa happy. Meena too So as everyone. Bhabo is shocked…

Abhi wishes sandy & tells that she has once again proven that she is well deserving to be on this stage. Announces that she is the second finalist. Bhabo is tensed. Suraj is happy. Abhi now calls Emily saying that her jethani has made her way to finals & now its her turn to try. Emily thinks whether she would be right & her last digit .. Meena thinks that she must loose today. Abhi calls emily to try her hand…

Emily’s turn… starts pressing… Mohit is tensed. So does SaRun. Meena is very eager. Abhi urges Emily who is a bit slow… SurYa watch out carefully (pure souls)… Emily is about to press the last digit… Episode ends…

Precap: Emily is pressing the last digit & Bhabo SurYa are tensed….

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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