Madhubala 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 7th August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK and Madhu are standing and RK says..your eyes were closed but i was here with you and near you! Rishbala hug..! RK says.. cry properly so that tshirt gets properly wet! Madhu says not crying! RK says.. liar.. your eyes do two beautiful things. .one speak another flow..! RK throws snow flakes on Madhu n Madhu says its fake..wont melt! Madhu says.. he is talking of love but has not taken his wife to pilgrimage of love! RK asks.where? Madhu says Switzerland and RK says thot my arms are your Switzerland and Nagaland! MAdhu says.. girls mean the oppostie of what they say. if i say no ..its yes…! RK says thanks for increasing my knowledge! RK says when wife says.. yes.. then yes..and if she says dont want then wife wants rightaway! Madhu says lfietime? RK says promised.. he to her and she to him have to follow..! RK asks for promise and Madhu hesitates..recollecting Sultans warning..! RK holds Madhus hand and says..they will have small kids..and till their last breath ..they will be holding hands …! Madhu says.. why is he going to Italy? She says his new heroine is a total tramp..dun like! RK says.. trust me. .have nothing with her! Madhu says. Ila Ramani says.. that his every lie has truth! RK says.. Madhu says its their 10th anniversary and he brought her to studio… rather than taking her to some place for a ride between gushing winds…where fans are chasing them! RK says.. Bas Itna Sa khwab? RK asks her to close her eyes..! Madhu hestitates ..! RK takes Madhus arm in his and takes her to a separate part..! RK says wanna go for ride? RK comes with a bike… and ur eyes and sit..! RK asks her to hold on tight.. and Madhu does! Madhu asks where are they going? RK says..where heavy winds flow..! The blower is switched on and Rishbala are riding along..! RK keeps looking at Madhu but she pushes his face away! RK asks if winds touched her face? Madhu says.. thank u for fulfilling my real dreams with fake reality..! Madh usays. .sit at home ..seeing his outdoor pic! RK says…asked u to come! Madhu says.. then who will take care of home? RK asks what about Maya? Madhu says.. Maya? RK says ..the one she has to take care of …change diapers feed milk to? Madhu says.. yes she has to take care and show his movie.. tohousand times! RK says.. liar.. you watch.. coz u miss me..! He asks how much u miss me? Madhu says.. everyday . every moment ..every night..! Rishbala hug..!

RK asks how did it feel staying together for life? Madhu says drove me nuts..! Madhu asks if he will surprise her everyday? RK says yes and come closer to her! Madhu says.. tyhen she will say… they bring flowres on Anniversary! RK says.. she doesnt need flowers coz she is walking rose garden! Madhu says..words wont do.. get big beautiful flowers ..! RK asks which? Madhu says.. recolelct! RK says. which? No use pressursing hubbys brain! Madhu says..when she was in hosp ..! RK asks when? Madhu says..when their kids were born.. when Arjun was born .. RK beat up the doc..seeing her in pain! RK says..when Maya was born and Madhu says. went to search flowers and came back when she was born..! She smiled seing him! RK says.. yes ..coz she forgot crying ..she is not like Madhu! Madhu asks for the flowesr and RK goes to get ..Madhu says.. just like this.. life will be a beautiful dream to live with him but she cant.. she cant live with him this dream.. just today.. just this day.. let me can spend whole lifetime.. ! Madhu comes to a table.. and sees the divorce papers and wonder who brought them there?

Sultan comes and asks…the papers are not signed yet? Sultan asks if she is waiting for RKs death? He asks why not signed? Madhu says will get it done! Sultan grabs Madhus shoulder and says..just said but her deeds show she dosent wanna leave RK .. seems like she was gonna kiss RK .. and he wont let that happen! RK comes with flowers and says Sultan?? Madhu rushes to RK..! She says..told you! RK says..he died.. but he is alive? Madhu says..hsi game is over.. he cant separate them! RK says.doesnt matter if he is dead or alive.. Rishbala cannot be separated by devil .. nor God. .no one can com between them! Sultan says.. he is here to remove the obstacle between Sultan and Madhu..! He points gun at RK..and then fires.. at his chest! Madhu screams RK..!

RK comes to her rushing asking hte matter? Madhu hus him and crise.. ! RK asks the matter? Why so scared?? He sees her holding hte papers and asks to show? It turns out to be script of his movie..! Madhu hugs RK again and asks him to take her home ..! RK Asks if she is fine? He takes her home..!

Part 2

RK Madhu come home and RK is holding Madhu in his arms ..! Madhu is quiet..! RK asks if she is fine? RK asks if she saw their future so pretty that she screamed? Madhu recollects seeing RK shot and is quiet! RK snaps his fingers and says.. right here..and dont look like that..! Not asking coz she is acting strange. but he knows she will not be able to hide and say..! RK asks.. about the flowers .. and if they are the ones.. n Madhu says yes..! Madhu says.. dont wanna go anywhere. .only want to be home with him. no shoots.. no outdoors..! RK sees gifts and stuff lying and Madhu says fan messages..! RK opens them and smiles reading..! RK says.. to take out his black suit and that they are going out ..! Madhu says dun wanna go! RK says.. its something special and she will like it..! Madhu asks where to? RK says.. to get ready and be as pretty as she is .! He asks her to tell everyone at home. as its something special..! Madhu goes from there..!

Part 3

Rishbala arrive at a venue..! All is in dark except candle light..! Radha asks wher are they? Bittu says will find out..! Sikky asks where is RK taking them to? Since he returned acting less like RK

juch chup chap thi shaam bhi
banjar tha sab banjar

aye dost tere ane se shaam ke hoton pe geet saj gaye
Welcome RK .. Khushamdeed..

SRK says.. heard that there is storms in his life.. but din leave hope.. not coz its CE success party or its Eid.. but its happiness to see RK with them. .n free! Sikky wonders who it is..! Dips says dunno ..! RK says.. if she din recognise.. this voice..she has no right to have ears..! Madhu stammers and says he.. he.. n RK says.. he is.. the Baziagra.. Badshah.. Dilwala.. Zara ka Veer and every girl.. says.. Tum Nahi Samjhoge Rahul .. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai..! RK says.. suna hai andhere jiten.. gehre hote hain .. sitare.. unko utna roshan kar dete. hain.. so light up the night! The 1..2..3..4 song starts and SRK waves to all and walks towards RK..!

Precap — SRK=Dips . RK-Madhu dancing. .and Sikky asks Dips to dance too!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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