Devon ke Dev Mahadev 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with mahadev does meditation. Narayan introduces mata laxmi as haripriya as his wife and says, she will teach you dance. Haripriya says, i was wondering to meet you. How are you. Kumari says, i want to get answer of my questions. Haripriya says, i will help in it. Narayan says, shal we start? Mata laxmi thanks to mata parvati for giving chance to recall dance form. Haripriya say, dance is not only art but it can connect your heart with your soul and i trust that you will calm down by dance. Haripriya and kumari starts dance.
Narad ji says, its really good to see. mata laxmi’s positive energy and mata parvati dance is spreading energy in whole world. Kumari starts tandav and mata laxmi gets surpised to see it. Kumari remembers her old remembrance.
Narad ji says to bhram dev, you will thinking, it is happening right now. Tears comes out from kumari. Kumari stops her dance and says, somebody was with me. Its like that somebody was with me. Narayan says, music can generate so many things and that kind of shadow was already in your mind. I am proud of you. Go and take rest. Narad ji says, kumari is really steady goal for narayan and it is really great exam for narayan. Menawati ask, what it was? Narayan says, she feels mahadev. Ganesh ji says, now banasur is also ready for chance.
Vani says to banasur, swami, why are you doing? Banasur says, i will use my energy in positive way. I just want to combine mata and mahadev together.
Ganesh ji comes and ask, who is she? Kumari says, i want to create shadow person statue but while i was creating it, i have designed my own statue. Kumari design shivling while thinking about her old remembrance.
Ganesh ji says, what is this? I thought that you design somebody’s face. Kumari says, i dont know but i know that it is also related with that shadow. It feels like that it undestroyable and whole world is in it. I cannot understand you but it is only complete. I feel complete while see it.
Narayan asks, or else you are thinking while seeing it. Kumari says, something left behind but right now it is not.
I want to clear myself to get my answer. I know where will i get answer.
Narayan says, adi shakti must kill banasur in this birth and for it, she must stay away from mahadev and before all this, she must remember herself that she is adi shakti. Kumari reaches at shakti pith. Kumari staring shivling and as she tries to touch it, half moon arise in front of her eyes.

Precap:- Banasur says to kumari’s mother, you have done wrong with mata parvati. Banasur changes her face and says to kumari, mahadev is everywhere. Kumari says, comes into your actual face. Banasur comes into actual face and kumari gets surprised.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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