Sasural Simar Ka 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Daksha syas we have to fight for ourselves. We have to figth with these men. They think we are their sandals but we are not. We can walk with you we are not lower than you in anyway. a man says how dare you to say that to sarpanj. Anitehr says if you were not that old I would have.. Daksha says what would you do? you will hit me. go hit me. look at these women they are corpses. They just survive they don’t live.
Their souls were dead when they born. saarpanj says stop it. I wont tolerate it anymore. Daksha says I will, kill me if you want. let them live. stop playing with these lives. Stop testing our patients. sarpanj says you will be punished for betrayal. Rli will be punished as well. Simar should be punished as well but she is the special of our vikrant. You both will be punished.

Sarpanj says after champa’s funeral there will be funeral of roli and daksha. bind them in the center. They grasp roli and simar. Vikrant comes and says stop.

Prem and sid are in forest. they mark the trees they go through. Sid sees a snake.

Vikrant says to simar it somehow your mistake, why don’t you listen to me> marry me then we will leave this place. I take the gurantee of roli and daksha’s safty. Simar says what a man are you? A woman has died and they you are making this deqal with me? He says they wil kill roli and daksha. what if prem comes here? he will be killed. you know my power. think what you wanna do? will you marry me tomorrow and save dakhsha and roli or you will wait for prem for next 18 days? He leaves.

Prem says it will go by itself. Prem and sid stand still and the snake leaves. prem says we have to be careful.

Roli says to simar why you did this? simar syas I had no other option so I accepted Vikrant’s offer. Roli says what about the vow you made? and you trust? Why you did that> You stpped back. I wont listen to you. I wont let you be down in front of vikrant. Daksha says you gave up in the beginning. simar says I have not goven up. I know prem will come and save us. but I don’t want people to be killed because of me. daksha says we all have to die one day. simar syas look at munni her mom died in front of me. I don’t want more people to die. That’s why I have decided to marry vikrant.

SArpanj says to virant daksha has betrayed this village and roli tried to change our rules. They both should be punished. I don’t want something to happen that will change my vow. vikrant says I am just asking you to play a game. You want to kill daksha and roli? go ahead but kill them after my wedding. We will get married tomorrow. You just have to wait for one day. Sarpanj says this will happen. leela overhears them. she says I should tell simar. she hits a pot and runs. Vikrant and sarpank looks outside but no one is there. Vikrant says who could it be? SArpanj stops leela and says you heard our conversation? I have pardoned two of your mistakes. if you say a single word to anyone I will kill you. Leela says I cant tell this to simar. I am sorry.

Prem and sid are walking towards the village. suddenly prem steps on a rope and he goes up hanging on a tre. Sid says let me help you. Prem gives a knife to sid. Prem cuts the rope. He falls on the ground. Sid says are you okay? Sid gets him up. Prem says my back. its aching I think I cant go forward. Sid says I can undersatdn but you have to do this for simar. we have to save simar. Pre, sits there

Precap-vikrany says in this story seta wil be of ravan. and the witnesses will be these women. they are like the sheeps and goats. He grasps simar’s hand. The women come and throw spices on vikrant.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Pls make this drama interesting and don’t end this drama

  2. end the track soon………..

  3. Dragging this track too much .plz end the track

  4. he called the women sheep and goats??? This is just the limit! I hope the spices blind him! -.-

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