Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

All sisters sleep after fighting with each other. Deepu hopes Soniya will not know about their fight as she will feel very bad. Raghav on the other side consoles Soniya and says her upbringing is not wrong but her sisters are still young and will learn from their mistakes.

Ratna gifts Suhasi a precious perfume bottle for her help and says it is a bit costlier than her. Suhasi thanks her.

Raghav comes to sister’s room ion the morning with milk. They get worried that he must have seen their fight. Raghav says they did not have milk at night, so he brought them now. He tells them about a story of unity and asks them to be united in their thick and thin. He asks them to have milk, get ready and come out. Suhasi hears their conversation hiding and thinks Raghav may ruin Ratn’a plan. Once Raghav leaves, sisters keep milk glasses back and angrily part ways. Suhasi thinks money’s glitter has overpowered them and even Raghav and Soniya cannot help them now.

Soniya is still asleep on bed. Raghav sings song with a guitar. She wakes up and asks what is this. He says this is to cheer her up as she was crying vigorously whole night. He says he just spoke to sisters and they are all well. He says they both will fast for her sister’s better life. She asks if he really wants to fast for her sisters. He asks when she can fast for him, why can’t he.

Abhiman and Deepika at office look at each other angrily and start explaining about their plan and their presentation. Abhiman asks about his floral design pic. His subordinate says it is in cabin. Deepika’s subordinate says the same and they both leave towards cabin.

Suhasi and Ratna plan to brainwash sisters again. Suhasi says she will brainwash Anjali and Ratna can brainwash Khushi. Ratna asks her to stop being overexcited and execute the plan well. Ratna goes to Khushi and gives her 3D animation course form. Suhasi brainwashes Anjali that she should attend her friend’s late night party at any cost as this is the time she can enjoy. Khusi says she will not accept it. Ratna says she is just fulfilling her dreams and can take help, she should talk to Soniya. Khushi says Soniya may get angry. Ratna suggests once she gets admitted, even Soniya cannot deny. Khushi says even then she is not feeling good accepting fees from her. Suhasi on the other side forces Anjali that she should attend party. Ratna says she will leave form with her and she can think whole night, she has reserved her 1 seat and she cannot hold it after tomorrow morning, she can think well and tell her.

Precap: Soniya sees Khushi requesting Ratna to pay her 3D anination course fees.

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