Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th August 2013 Written Update

On asked by a gana if Mahadev too is gonna be a part in the leela.. Mahadev tells that Parvati dvei and he just guide Vishnu dev in his leela, as he can’t leave Kailash back even if he is present there or not.

At Lanka
Ravan gets the invite of dhanush yagy from Janaka’s place as the catch for his daughter’s swayamvar. Ravan puts the word of Sita’s beauty forth Mandodari, his siblings and his guru… being Mahadev’s great devote its only he who can tie the string to the bow which belongs to Shiv. Mandodari and guru tells that he is already married and he shouldn’t do that.. Raavn tells that he makes rules at Lanka. He wishes to make Sita his and is only opposed by his peers on the idea.

At Kailash
Ganesh asks Mahadev about

Shivansh- Trikaldarshi Mahadev tells that the shivansh is at Kishkindha and is super strong as weapon and his speed is faster than wind.. Ganesh n Kartikeya wishes to see him.

Parvati devi tells that all these years he went to Kishkindha and never took them..Shiva says that she needs to go there when the time is right. Ganesh tells the sooner the better as prescribed by his father.

At Lanka:

Mandakini refutes to Raavana’s wishes n whims on Sita’s note.. Raavan tells that people in or outside of lanka needn’t take any devta’s way..they are free of it!

He also tells Mandodari, she insults him n people of Lanka by questioning him about stuff.. Mandodari retorts that he its an insult for people of Lanka and mostly her as he has married her and is teh father of her son..and now he is longing for another woman.

Raavan is furious on this and takes the way of emotional black mail on how she being a woman she needs to understand another woman’s feelings!
(So much for Mr Mahadev’s- Mahan -Bhakt to prove that its he who can n only can tie the string to Mahadev’s bow.)
He tells (most ridicules thing) that the swayamavar will be incomplete without him and Janak’s daughter would remain unmarried hadn’t it for him.LOL On asked abt this to his guru, the guru reminds him of how he was humbled when he thought of lifting up the Kailash and the whole world got effected by his cry..eventually he getting named as Raavan (the ever- ronewala) and has he imagined what will be the consequence of touching the Shiv dhansuh!!

Raavan asks Mandodari of she too has doubts on his capability of lifting the dhansuh..he khadusli orders her to go and start the preparations for the welcome of Sita.

Then Mahadev arrives and everyone pay their reverence to him.. Mahadev tells Raavan to mend his ways and stop insulting his wife..Raavan is astonished to see the Mahadev who never came on his plead..
Raavan grumbles and also warns Mahasev not to interfere in the affairs of his wife n his…
Mahadev tells that his start to his end has began anyway, the one who disrespects a woman will be insulted for sure in the long run and this trait of his will be the catwalk towards his end.

Meanwhile at Kishkindha falls.. Parvati devi enjoys the scenic beauty of the water falls and hears the constant chant of Sri Raam…
Ganesh and Kartikeya reach her and njoy the nature- the Koo of koyal, the sound of waters flowing…everything..Parvati devi speaks “swami, Sri Raam’s vibes are embed even in ur ansh, Ganesh Kartikeya he is somewhere around the corner ”

At that moment they happen to observe something move very fast.. which the eye couldn’t detect clearly
The thing moves on the trees and disturbs a flock of birds.. it moves with the speed of light.
As they move ahead observing something.. they meet Anjana who is the mother of Shivansh.
She tells that her son has the speed of wind, as he is Pavan putr… saying so she welcomes Parvati, Kartikeya and Ganesh.

Parvati tells (must preposterous thing) ANjana that as she has given birth to her swami’s and , she is like her sister!ShockedDead

She narrates them the story of her son’s birth.. and how Mahadev asks Pavan dev to take care and be the guarden of his ansh as the child has a great purpose to serve.

The swayamvar is on its roll

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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