Do Dil Ek Jaan 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 5th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rasika telling Raghu that Aaji is hurt. Raghu runs to Aaji. Antara asks Raghu what happened and runs after him. Raghu and Antara see Aaji hurt and asks her what happened. Antara goes to her but Aaji stops her saying there is glass. Raghu asks from where did the glass come. Aaji says maybe from somewhere. Raghu asks did you not wear slippers. She says no. Antara says I got this slipper repaired. Raghu scolds Antara about this and says what were you doing. Aaji says Antara went to make food for her. Raghu asks Antara from where did this glass come. Aaji interrupts. Raghu says is this the way you take care of Aaji. Antara cries. Rasika see them fight and enjoys that. Aaji asks Raghu not leave Antara’s hand. Antara cleans the glass. Aaji asks Raghu why do you always catch Antara. Aaji scolds Raghu saying why are you blaming Antara. Raghu says I kept her to take care of you. He tells Antara that this is your first and last warning, if anything happens to Aaji, then your job is finished. Aaji says yes, its enough for now, she understood, now you go and let her do her work. Raghu leaves. Rasika hides behind the door. Antara cleans Aaji’s feet and does the aid. Rasika comes and asks shall I call the doctor. Aaji scolds Rasika for calling Raghu.

Manohar asks Rasika whats all this, is she involved in hurting Aaji. He says you cannot cut the branch of the tree on which you are sitting. He says if Antara goes from here, then you have to work in the house. Rasika says I hate Antara and does not want her here in this house. Mami talks to Antara about Aaji. Ishaan says shall I go and meet Didi. Ishaan says he did his homework and is going to play now. Noor Apa asks about Antara. Antara gives the medicines to Aaji and apologizes to her. Aaji says its fine, no need for sorry. Aaji talks about Raghu and how he used to treat him. Antara tells Aaji about her dad. Antara feels sad and misses her dad. Aaji notices her sadness and says he is with Bappa now. Antara tells Aaji about her singing. Aaji is shocked to know about it. Antara says I have left everything, I have moved forward. Aaji says you cannot forget singing. Aaji says sing a song for me. Antara says I cannot. Aaji says ok, don’t sing. Aaji says even I sing bad and tells about her singing. Antara asks her to sleep as its late. Aaji says I m not feeling sleepy, but I like to hear a song. Antara says no. Aaji says if you want me to stay awake, then go. Antara says please no. Antara cries. Aaji looks on and says I m feeling sleepy now, but insists Antara for the song.

Antara closes her eyes and starts singing the song. Aaji listens to the rhythm and enjoys it. Antara thinks of her dad. Aaji calms her down. Antara sings the kashmiri song. Raghu hears her melodious voice and comes to her. Aaji sees Raghu and smiles. Antara leaves. Raghu is with Aaji. She asks him whats the matter. He says Mai called and asked about you. Aaji says tell her that I got a good girl for taking care of me, she has won my trust, and Raghu is like a rotten karela now. Raghu asks what. Aaji says you have misbehaved with Antara, she is not our enemy. Aaji says you think about your servants. Aaji takes Antara’s side and says when she comes tomorrow, talk to her well and ask about her family.

Raghu brings Antara on the terrace while she is asking him to leave her hand. Raghu says your hand is burnt, and I need to put water on it. Raghu and Antara get wet under shower and have an eyelock.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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