Savitri 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Savitri 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 5th August 2013 Written Update

At Mahal
Damyanti is moving through hallway that an idea strikes in her mind. She asked the soldier who was guarding about the sainik who used to be her bodyguard. The soldier replies that he know nthng abt him and adds he is sent to join army so won’t come to mahal there after. Damyanti is disappointed and moves forward only to see a person dressed as commoner in king’s room. She enters with caution and adds him what he is doing in the room. The person turns around and damyanti is surprised to see king himself dressed like a commoner.

Damyanti is amazed and is about to ask further that king replies its important for a king to go among commoners and check in to their issues. He adds there mi8 be various issues that doesnot not reach king in normal way. So its important to see in to

those directly. Rajguru enters and hands over a wig moustache to king which he keeps on his face.
Damyanti is fascinated and expresses her wish to accompany saying that she too wishes to know problems of commoner and wants to know how king solves them. Damyanti pleads king not to say a no and atleast allow her showing pity. King smiles and agrees asking rajguru to give new face to rajkumari.

At ashram

The yogi says he shall give a last chance to chandal singh, his class on gain gyan dhyan yog neyog is then starting. He hands over a new weapon to chandu( something like one used by farmers lol)

At street

Damu and king is walking through village area and damu mumbles so this is the commoners abt whom sainik used to say, of which he is a part of. King reaches a particular area and overhears a couple saying how due to lackage of money they shall only teach elder son and let younger eork on field. King takes a stone and makes a marking on door. Damu asks him what’s that and king replies that money will be send from mahal to the hut the next day and marking is to identify hut.

King moves next to a pot maker who is then making pot and asks in typical slang as how r u and what does a pot value. He says the price while king replies isn’t it much of a value. King overhears another convo between a husband and wife on how vaidya told the man not to take weight and his helplessness in going to work further. The king makes another symbol on his cart wheel. Damyanti asks why is the new symbol. King replies its because the person will be then given a work not needing much man power. damyanti questions why can’t he be given money. King says a uncapable worker should be given good working environment rather than giving money and making him greedy as well as lazy.

Damyanti is amazed hearing all this and moves further..Just then there is a crowd in front and a person asking of how a old man’s last property- a goat, buffalo cart, well and bed shall be given equally to the two sons…None knew how to divide it that king interrupts . He says Goat and cart shall be taken by both sons simultaneously on each day, the well shall be taken common property as its matter of drinking water and the bed shall be used by a old person of the house as the men are young so can easily manage themself on floor

At kota(sugandha)

Chandu is running and dancing crazily on how his sword is increasing his power with each passing day. He thanks sugandha whose idea worked in him gaining power. Just then Senapati enters the kota.
Chandu goes closer and slaps senapati as in whats he doing there and how dare he looks at chandal singh like that…Senapati replies back sarkar its me bhondu…and apologises. In fear of slap he hides behind Sugandha and says how veer came to ask regarding mission of finding rajkumari’s enemies who tried to kill her. Chandu asks what he replied to which bhondu says he just said veer to go n enter sena. Chandal singh is happy and says bhondu isn’t as fool as he thought. Chandal Singh says he wouldn’t slap further and with relief bhondu tooks his hand off his cheek but only to get another slap of chandu. Bhondu asks sugandha to let him go and do the works of his wife.. Sugandha smiles and chandu approves saying him to reach mahal early morning and see in to details happening inside mahal.

At Street

Damyanti is happy seeing all these and says this roop of her father is new to her. King says how after being a king its important to know each problems and hence damyanti is taught all subjects on time. He adds once u become queen u must…but stops in between dissapointed… Damyanti is sad and stays back so to do king. She thinks how she never wanted veer in front of her at mahal but then he was there 24*7 and now when she needs him, he is not there. Just then a shawl flew by wind and falls over damyanti’s face…She got frightened and in between the mess pushes veer who was walking with a bowl. The bowl falls off his hand to ground and damyanti takes the shawl off her face just to see Veer..Veer gives a serious glare to damyanti…(i don’t think he identifies herLOL)

Precap: Bhondu informs Chandu about King and Princess at street as commoners.. Chandu asks him to inform his people … and mumbles they shall not return back mahal..( a plan to kill them at street)

Update Credit to: snowdream

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