Devon ke Dev Mahadev 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with mahadev says to mata that rohitang took birth with tandav and destruction is his behaviour and music made it more crucial and for that rohitang must know his limit, so that he will become immortal and music can help in that too. Mata says, but swami rohitang will go in which direction. Mahadev says, lets see what depend in his destiny. Dev rishi narad says, then what will happen to rohitang. Mahadev says, its depend on rohitang, if he will forget his revenge then he will become close to me but he will think about revenge then also he will bring near to me but as destruction.
Shankchur says, i have really good luck so that i have taken care of shivansh. Rohitang says, dont call me, shivansh. Shankchur says, i should not interrupt in your work but i donot suggest you to again fight with mahadev. rohitang says, i have heard about you by my guru. I have heard that you will give boon by your morning prayer. I think i still have one chance. Shankchur says, now you go and take rest.
Here indra gets worried about rohitang. dev guru says, i am really surprised to see that you are still worried. You should look on your duties and if somebody will see your wife then indra says, i will fight with that person. Indra gets an idea and says, now i will distract shankchur and rohitang. devguru request with indra that dont do any notorious work. Indra says, i will say something to shankchur in morning.
Shankchur does prayer in morning and devraj indra arise. Indra says, who will pray with weapons. shankchur says, i know about you thats why i use it. Indra says, i heard that you will give boon to anyone when you does prayer. shankchur says, i will not waste my boon. Just tell me, why you came here. Indra says, rohitang attack on swarg then i worried about my wife because andhak has given manners. so how will rohitang get manners. shankchur goes into flashback. Indra creates doubts in shankchur.shankchur gets angry and says, you came during my worship time otherwise i will not leave you. Indra then gone from there.
Brahma dev says to mahadev, i want to talk you about some important facts. He is choosing same facts that we have already discus. Mahadev says, then you know about my wordings. We have to do that work which is not happen earlier but rohitang role is more important than this. We are tridev and if we will combine our energy then false will never win but if we will do it firstly then how we will know us. brahmadev says, you are going on same path as rohitang and in this situation only you will handle whole situation. Its time to wake up of narayan. But somebody will again wake up. brahma dev says, everybody must wake up otherwise world will go into dark.
Rohitang thinks about mahadev and goes into flash back and in whole world, some negative energy arise. Saptrishi discus with each other and they get into result of rohitang and says, we have to discus with mahadev, who will we stop rohitang and if we will participate in something then it will best for us.
Rohitang again heard about mahadev wording. Rohitang build three lines and says, how will i destroy mahadev. how can i go near to my aim.

Precap:- Rohitang says to shankchur that dont you believe me that i will do this to you and you only believe on indra and dont you trust your wife.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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