Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Soniya’s sisters see her busy teaching their younger sister and think of getting Bobby’s number and calling him. They see Soniya looking at her, one sisters starts conversing with her while others start checking her phone. Younger sis Fruity says she is checking your phone. Deepu says she was checking Bobby’s number and asks when is he coming. She says he is not coming any time. Raheem comes there and says he bought a new tempo and asks Soniya to inaugurate it.

Daad calls Raheem and asks him to take care of Raghav and make him a good chef like him. Raheem asks him not to worry. He turns back and sees Raghav’s mom hearing his conversation. He says he was talking to doctor. She asks if anything is wrong. He says nothing wrong. They then start having dinner. Raghav joins them. Mom asks about his internship and says he will get bored in 3-4 days and will join their company. Once she leaves, Raghav says daada that he remembered his dad while meeting Raheem and asks wy did his dad leave. Daada and daadi says your mom and dad had different dreams and he left us, but your mom did not shy with her responsibilities and fulfilled it well. Daada if he wants to search his papa, he should serve inside him, he should learn to become a chef like him, but he should not run away from his responsibilities like his papa.

Soniya says Raheem that she saw photo guy in a mall and says he may clash again if he is in Bhopal. Raheem says he would not come here. Sisters come there and tell Soniya is avoiding talking about Bobby and asks if Bobby will come. Raheem says yes. His new tempo just come there driven by Raghav. He comes out of tempo and touches Raheem’s feet. They both start dancing happily while Soniya prepares flowers for pooja. He picks delivery boxes and she flower box. They both clash and flowers fall on him. He jokes pooja is of tempo, not him. She says even she knows. Ek rishta…. song plays in the background.

Raheem asks his servant to bring besan/gram flour from Soniya’s house. Raghav says he will get it and reaches Soniya’s home. Fruity sees him and asks who is he. He says he came to pick besan for Khan chacha and is his student. She asks him to solve his maths sums first to get besan. He solves sums, and she takes him to the kitchen and shows besan box. He picks it, but besan falls on him, smearing his whole face. Deepu comes there and asks who is he. He says Khan chacha sent him to bring besan. She starts scolding him. Soniya comes there. Raghav identifies her as dhanush wali seeta.

Fruity says he is khan chacha’s student who came to pick besan. Soniya asks Deepu to give water to wash his face. He washes his face. Once he washes his face, she identifies him as Bobby and starts shouting in happiness. Other sisters also come and start shouting. Raghav thinks khan chacha must have told his name as Bobby to protect his identity and says he is Bobby. They start cleaning his clothes in happiness. They all drag him down, thinking of giving a surprise to Soniya. Soniya who is busy with tempo pooja. Sisters say khan chacha that he gave a big surprise to them. Khan thinks if they got that photo guy. Soniya turns back to apply tilak on Khan and is surprised to photo guy Bobby. Sisters shout Bobby jiju. Raghav is surprised to hear jiju and think why are they calling him Jiju. Sisters insist Soniya to apply tilak on him.

Precap: Soniya requests Raghav to act as his boyfriend in front of his sister. He does not agree. Deepu asks if he will come to drop her for a college trip.

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