Devon ke Dev Mahadev 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 2nd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode Begins with Mahadev and Ganpati discussing. Mahadev tells Ganesh that its time to guide another of His devotee i.e. Pushpdant.

In the meanwhile Pushpdant and the thieves near the temple of the Golden Shivling and the thieves request the Gandharva to open the door so that they can have the last glimpse of the Shivling.
Up above the hill top, Mahadev explains Ganesh that Pushpdant is a great and good devotee and selfless one with gullible intentions. Hence he is acting on the directions of those thieves. Mahadev further explains that what Pushpdant suffers from is “Bhakti Ka Moh”..!!

Ganesh enquires that what is so wrong in having this Moh? Mahadev answers that in such cases the devotee forgets the basic essence of devotion. The devotee thinks that whatever he does is right, there is nothing wrong in his actions. By the virtue of this unreasonable Moh, the devotee does not care about any Suchita or purity or impurity. This attachment lead the devotee to the worldly attachments and this in turn converts the gratest of devotees to Tarak, Ravan and Kuber.

Mahadev says that he will present the alternatives to Pushpdant, but it is he who has to choose and thus this will decide his course of destiny.

Meanwhile Pushpdant with his revolver power opens up the temple gates and the thieves’ eyes light up at the sight of the treasure box. The innocent Pushpdant offers his salutations to the Shivling and says that “Praise be the Lord who chose me to carry to out this task via these “good” men!! He then lifts the Shiv ling and goes away and so the thieves with their loot.

Far Far away in the Vaikunth.. Narad laments at the gullible Pushpdant and so does Narayan.

Mahadev in his Nat Bhairav form comes to Pushpdant while he is worshipping the Shivling and reprimands him for his act of taking away the Shivling by saying that one who on listening to thieves stole a Shivling is not fit to be his devotee.

Puspdant is shocked to know the truth, but says that Mahadev shall punish them for their sins. Mahadev further tells Pushpdant that he had no right to deprive other Shiva devotees of their chance to worship the Shivling. But as expected Pushpa dant turns a deaf ear to Nat Bhairav’s sayings and replies him back by saying that- had he done something wrong, Mahadev would have stopped him for sure..!! Seeing his efforts going in the vain Mahadev comes back to the hill top.

Meanwhile Kaalbheet leaves his house for his Sadhna with the blessings of his parents. At that very moment the gram Pradhan turns up and informs the Rajpurohit of the committed theft.

The King and the people are shocked at the state of affairs and the people are sacred thinking that Mahadev has abandoned them and the king on the other hand is extremely angry. The Rajpurohit and the Mantri discover that not only the Shivling but the jwels and gold coins are stolen too. The king promises to his people to find the culprit ASAP and punish him severely.

Mahadev is sad that Pushpdant has failed to see through his fault and deep into Bhakti ka Moh.

A very happy Pushpdant sits to worship the Shivling with flowers but, his worship is not getting accepted and the flower keeps falling. Pushp ponders about his own fault somewhere, but then feels that the flower is at fault and not his devotion.

Nat Bhairav again comes back and and reprimands Pushpdant, on which PD enquires of his fault.

Bhairav replies that Devotion is all about surrender not exerting control. When he worshipped Shiv with flowers before the king, at that time Pushpdant had nothing but surrender and complete faith in Lord, to which even the Lord responded by saving him as it was question of His devotee’s respect and his devotion

But today when Pushpdant is worshipping he has the feeling of exerting a control over his Aradhya but not of complete surrender. He is trying to establish a direct relation between himself and Lord Shiv. He wants to define the subtle relation of God and his devotee via worldly parameters.

Nat asks Pushpdant to wonder that whether Mahadev will like such an act? By stealing the Shivling PD a Shiv Bhakt himself has deprived other Shiva devotees of their right to worship their Lord.. How can Mahadev be happy with such a man??

Precap: PD asks Nat Bhairav to guide him along. Nat advises PD to return the Shivling to the king. The King on the other hand sentences PD to death and PD being dejected due to his guilt accepts the punishment

Update Credit to: kaatayani

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