Doli Armaanon Ki 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 2nd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Kanchan comes inside thr oom and breaks the tension, as samrat reprimands urmi to not listen to music at all, and also the child. samrat lets go of his temper and leaves.

The next morning, while shashi is making panjiri, she is frustrated with the latest work that is added since urmi’s diet chart. Her husband comes in asking about the ration card, and teases her about working. she vents out her frustration at samrat for putting her to work for his wife, urmi. Her husband asks her to do this for the happiness of grandchildren. she is unable to digest samrat’s change at the prospect of a boy. He is amused at her irritation. Meanwhile, in their room, samrat finds urmi with nausea and a vomitting sensation. She rushes to the bathroom,

and he gets concerned for her. she comes out finally while she is tensed. She says that its just morning sickness. He asks if she has a stomach problem. She eyes him surprisedly, and says that its normal in such a condition. He asks her to come to the office so that they can go for a doctor’s medical check up later on. He asks her to leave all work and relax and rest, while he sends kanchan to assist her.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
gaurav is unable to find his stuff, and goes onto find rashmi and asks saroj about her. saroj says that she isnt here, and asks him to instead call the servant to help him out. all get tenseed as they dont find rashmi anywhere. gaurav says that he hasnt seen her since morning. Anu comes from outside and gaurav asks her if rashmi is outside. Annu denies. Buaji asks him to call and find out. before he can, they are all shocked to hear rashmi’s laughter and banter as she comes inside with makhan. They are all shocked to find her in a track suit. she excitedly tells everyone that she went for jogging along with makhan, on his insistence. Granny reprimands her for her sense of clothing and what impact would it have on the society. rashmi asks her not to bother about society, and that everyone should go for jogging. granny doesnt like it and leaves. gaurav says that if she does so, who would take care of the household work and make breakfast. saroj asks him to let as she would manage herself. Gaurav is tensed, while rashmi is overexcited.

Scene 3:
Location: Coffee shop
trisha and urmi meet and discuss about urmi’s expectancy and urmi asks about trisha’s latest crush. trisha says that she is confused at his overexuberant display of love. urmi asks her to find out where is amrit, as she has to meet samrat and is in a bit of hurry. Trisha and urmi are waiting, where trisha calls amrit up to ask when he is coming. He says that he would be there in five minutes. urmi is desperately getting impatient, looking at the time, and then running out of topics. She tells trisha that she would have to leave, as samrat would get really furious, and requests her to make a meeting some other time. trisha complies asking her to wait inside. Both hug each other as amrit finally makes his entrance in the parking lot. urmi and amrit both are oblivious of the other’s presence there. urmi begins to move out of the cofee shop, while he enters the complex. She is unable to see him, as just then, she gets samrat’s impatient call, and fidgets in her purse to take the cell phone. she tells samrat that she would just come, as she is halfway there. Amrit apologises profusely for having turned up late, while trisha scolds him for being late. He asks about his sister, and she says that she left after waiting for long. He says that she wanted to talk to her about asking for her hand in marriage. she is shy. But then determinedly says that she hasnt decided to get married now, as her life has just started, and that she chas reached this destination after much struggle. Sh says that they should know each other better, before taking the most improtant descision of their lives, and hence they should focus right now on their careers. He says that she is right, as her career is paramount for him too, and that he would never come in the way for her career and success, as she has the potential to change the way society thinks, and he would always be by her side, as she finds her dreams fulfilling. She gets impressed. he eyes her lustily, seeing that his cheap tricks are finally making an impact on her. he asks her to prtofess that she loves him. but he teases him and vehemently denies. But seeing the glow and shyness on her face, he is evilly smirking.

Scene 4:
Location: Doctor’s clinic
Samrat is tensed, as the gynaecologist finishes with her medical checkup. She tells him that urmi’s BP is a little high. He gets furious and asks how can this be. She sdays that there could be several reasons, and that BP is the biggest problem in pregnancy and should be closely monitores. He asks if his son is okay, as she had vomitted. urmi is surprised. The doctor says that everything else is fine. urmi asks if everything is okay and the doctor complies. He asks why didnt she check urmi’s stomach. the doctor says that its too early for that right nowSamrat, in his over display of affection, tells the doctor to use the most expensive care and treatment to keep his wife and his son safe, as after all he is his son. the doctor sdays that she would take all care of the child and the mother but questions as to why is he referring to the child, as son as it could be a daughter also. Samrat defiantly says that it would be a son, and there’s no chance of a daughter. Urmi is shocked at his stance. the doctor says that its good that he is hopeful, but he should be open to either s*x and there shouldnt be any difference meted out if its a girl and not a boy. samrat smirks at this lecture. the screen freezes on urmi’s tensed face.

Precap: Samrat is in a rage, as he lashes out at urmi, asking her how could she even think of doing something like that, and tells everyone that she isnt the goddess that everyone claims that she is but instead she is an evil soul, as a woman could never think of doing something like this, that she so shamelessly conducted and again asks her how being a woman, she could do something like this. the entire family is tensed, while urmi is shocked at his outburst of anger and frustration, as tears keep streaming down her cheeks.

Update Credit to: Aadi

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