Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 2nd April 2014 Written Update

Avni asks where Raj was going. Raj says that he was going to talk to Abhaas. Avni tells him not to involve himself with the issue, as Abhaas was already angry. Raj says as he has broken the handy-cam, he is already involved in it. This can only be solved by talking to him about it. Abhaas was going out. He stops him and says he wants to talk to him. Abhaas says angrily that he also has to talk to him but not now, and goes out. Arpita calls raj but he says he will listen to her later on and goes out after Abhaas. Avni tells Arpita that Abhaas was angry and Raj thinks he must talk to him about the handy-cam issue. Raj sees a group of people outside and wonders had Abhaas called them to beat Raj. He is determined that he will speak to him anyway. He comes forward and says to Abhaas that before you take a step you should listen to him. He knows that this reaction came because of handy-cam. Abhaas scolds him that whatever he did to handy-cam was wrong, only mom-dad saved him otherwise he must be ashamed of himself. Abhaas tells him that the videos in the handy-cam… Arpita comes from behind and takes Raj inside upon insistence. Raj tells Arpita that the videos that were in the handy-cam contained something Abhaas is upset about. Arpita says that she knows about them and she not Abhaas had seen them. Abhaas is upset for some other reason. She told him that she deleted them both from memory chip and the laptop. Raj was relieved that it was she who watched this video. He clarifies in front of Arpita that his intentions are right and he loves Avni more than anything in life. Arpita says that she is very happy about Avni and him. They celebrate it.
Shashtri ji arrives inside. Everone greets him. He tells Avni that the way you are serving these married women; soon you will also be served. Avni tells him that at least he should not talk about her marriage like everyone at home. Buasa tells Avni that marriages should take place at the right time. She asks her father to tell them stop but he also favors them. Avni is upset. There Arpita tells Raj that avni is too innocent to understand what he wants. Raj says that he is sure if his love is true, she will know it.
Buasa tells Suket to magnificently celebrate Avni’s wedding as she is his only daughter. Akshit arrives there too. They tell her about their plans about Avni’s marriage. He gets happy and gives some money to the ladies who had blessed Avni and were now leaving. Akshit asks Shastri ji if he had looked for some suitable proposal for her. He says it is difficult to find good proposals so easily but he is looking for one. Bhawna notices that Avni was disturbed. She goes behind her, Suket also notices that.
Avni is too disturbed about thinking to get married so soon. Bhawna comes in the room. Avni asks hurriedly why they were planning to marry her so soon. She is very nervous and has not even thought about getting married now. Bhawna tells her to relax. She says it happens with all the girls. She asks had it happened with her as well. Bhawna tells her that every girl has to leave her home one day, it’s not easy but it has to be done. Though it’s not easy but it’s the tradition of the world. She cries as she tells her that she herself is not ready to marry her yet. How will she live without her when she was so use to hear her calling “Maa Maa!” all day long? But she tells her that it’s true that she has grown up. She says not to worry because it is with time that you realize what was missing from her life. Avni asks who will wipe Bhawna’s tears when she won’t be here. She says when there will be no one to make her cry; there will be no need for someone to wipe them too. She also says that Avni should not worry; she and her father will find the best guy for their daughter.
Sanvri tells Mahesh to buy the nearby Banglow for her as she will not stay away from this home till Avni’s wedding. They were in the living room. Suket also says that Sanvri is right. Arpita and Raj comes in. Sanvri tells Raj that he will be responsible for the catering arrangements at the next wedding too. Arpita asks who was getting married. Abhaas? Sanvri tells them Avni was getting married. She says that he must do it with perfection else they will think he only works well in his sister’s wedding and leaves. Raj and Arpita were speechless. Raj thinks this cannot happen. He wonders if she knows about it, he will tell Avni everything. Sanvri was calling his name while he was lost in his thoughts. Arpita tried to deviate Bua sa by telling her that he was not feeling well. Bhawna meets him at the staircase and asks where he was going. He says he was going to meet Avni. She asks had he also known about it and tells him to go and wish his friend. Raj smiles and he thinks about Avni as he goes upstairs.
Avni was talking on phone as Raj enters the room. She was excited and saying she was very nervous. She turns around, exclaims “Raj!” and says bye to whoever was there on call. She tells him that he was lucky for her, as whatever he had predicted was happening in her life. She asked if he was also happy about her. Arpita was listening to them. Raj says that he only wants to tell her is. Episode ends

Avni meets a friend who was dressed up traditionally in saree. She asks what happened to her. She tells her that you have to change after marriage. You cannot stay the way you are.

Update Credit to: Sona

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