Devon ke Dev Mahadev 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

There is a dwandyudhha between Kartikeya & Nandi in first round. 2nd round follows by Kartikeya fighting blind folded with Nandi. Mahadev asks him to depend on his other senses to know opponents attack. He wins that round by stopping Nandi’s attack. Followed by a Sword fight with Ganesh. He wins in that too. Mahadev asks him to develop & practice new technoques of war. Kartikeya wants to practice with Nandi.

Ganesh asks Mahadev about a problem which may occur in future, he is sensing it strongly, who is he? He is Andhak’s son, answeres Mahadev.
Andhak’s son is doing tough penance standing on 1 feet, surrounded by fire. Naradji praises him for such a penanace. Brhmaji says he was under Daitya mata Diti’s care. What he’s grasped from her & what qualities of his father are dominating him is to be seen in nearest future. Mansa too is curious about everything. Brhmaji says, often parents answer their child’s question with their limited knowledge. Mansa wants to find out her answers that’s a good way of learning.

Mansa is grown up, is around 7 to 8 year old girl now. She is missing from Naag loka. Rishi Halahal is worried about her being at Mrityu loka. He prays to Mahahdev, till now he’s been able to keep her calm. But her curiosity & reasoning may expose her as an unusual child to others & if she is not able to control her anger, that may be an additional problem.

Mansa is on Earth, she is standing at a crowd where people have gathered seeing a sadhu. He tells tehm to ask any question. He’ll answer them as he is Trikal gyani. Also offer him gifts while asking questions. Do it soon as he has Lunch appointment with Brhmaji & after that he has to solve Suryadev’s problem. People are impressed. Mansa comes foreword. Sadhu declares he’ll answer her questions. She asks him what is the question she will be asking him. Sadhu gets angry. She says if you are Trikal gyani, you must answer that or accept you are a fake sadhu. He gets angry, convinces people to ask her to leave or theye will be calamity. Mansa gets angry but calms down remembering her father’s advice of controlling her anger.

Brhmaji appears in front of Andhak’s son. He wants to complete some unfinished tasks of past, so asks to be immortal. Brhmaji grants him boon of who ever he’ll touch, can convert himself in that form. He wishs to learn weapons.

Precap: Brhmaji tells Mahadev Andha’s son wants to be trained in war arts.
Mahadev has called Parvati, Ganesh, kartikeya, Nandi etc. Paravti asks the reason for calling them.

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