Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suket asks why Sanvri called them out. She says they must all go with her. She takes them at to a dark place and says she is going to reveal a secret today. She says they might not believe her so she will let the secret keeper reveal it.
Akshit and Arpita will also come there. She says she will call Arpita and takes out another phone to call her. Arpita takes the call. Sanvri asks why you never told anyone about your relationship from before the marriage. Arpita says this is none of your business, I will give you whatever you want today but you shouldn’t call me after that. Avni wonders how Sanvri know about this secret and thinks she should text Akshit not to say anything as they all are here. Akshit takes phone from her. Sanvri tells him he doesn’t know about the relationship his wife had before marriage with someone else. Akshit says that boyfriend was me, I went to the concert with her and I was the one who had a relationship with her because we love each other.
Akshit shouts and asks to tell what she wants. Sanvri takes away the cloth and says she is his Bua sa. He was shocked when he sees everyone coming towards them. Suket asks how dared he lied to him, Avni tries to defend but Arpita stops her saying they will face it. Akshit says yes dad, we did love marriage.
At home, Akshit and Arpita apologizes them. Suket and Bhawna both scold them to be laying them all along. Sanvri says they have been lying from the beginning, she asks didn’t he think about his dad for once. Sanvri asks who taught you to lie; she looks at Arpita and says she can see the answer in her front pointing at Arpita. She says no one should be this blind in love to overlook one’s family. Bhawna says my love was blind that I loved this girl like Avni but she always betrayed them. Abhaas comes defending them and says they only hid the truth, not lied. He asks why they can’t do love marriage in this home. Sanvri asks did he know all about this, Arpita stopped him to say the truth. Suket says you shouldn’t speak into what you don’t know, marriage is not about individuals but families, so families must take decisions about it too. He scolds Akshit that Love only teaches to lie and to betray. This is what they did, chose the wrong path and will continue doing this. Sanvri says the only one wrong is this Arpita; she should be thrown out of the house right now. Bauji says no one will do anything. It is both Akshit and Arpita’s mistake; they broke the traditions of this house. So they both should be punished, Suket says he won’t throw them out of this house, but he hasn’t forgiven him. He broke all his relations with him and to anyone who will try to talk to him or try to keep a relationship with him.
Bauji asks what you Suket are. Suket says you gave me the power of decision and this is my decision. Avni asks this big punishment for lying, he says this punishment if for love. He says they were manipulated in this wedding, so they should both now continue their love and break all relations. Abhaas says he doesn’t want to talk and keep relation he should, but why is he preventing them all. Abhaas says the reason behind Akshit’s mistake is Suket. He asks would you ever let me do the love marriage if he wants to do so. Suket says his decision will be the same then, and if he has some problem with this he can leave the house right now. He announces that if anyone in the family favors Abhaas, he can also leave right away. He ends the discussion and leaves.
One by one everyone goes inside. Saddened Avni comes to temple. Raj comes home. Suket was angry and says he should come to office and talk about business. Raj says Mr. Singhania liked the food and confirmed the order, he asks how his dinner went. He sees the anger in Suket’s eyes and takes leave.
Sanvri was in her room, Pratab asks did you do what you liked. You must be very happy. Sanvri asks what she did. Pratab says you are behind Arpita from the day one; he wouldn’t have let her come here had he known about it. Sanvri says they were the one to lie and betray. Pratab says he agrees they were wrong but why did she do this. Sanvri says why she shouldn’t do this. She says the Arpita is playing with the respect of her family from day one. Pratab says she want to take revenge from Arpita. Sanvri says this isn’t true. He asks that why then she didn’t go to ask Arpita directly. He says this not only made problems in our relation also. He announces they will be far from each other the same way Akshit and Arpita will be away from their family. Sanvri says he can’t do this and is worried. He says God is just punishing her. He says she did wrong to a girl who always wanted her husband’s well being. He recalls he broke her diamond but she never let her trust break on him. He says for her respect she and her parents kept quiet but when it came to her respect you blew trumpet in the whole city. He says he wants to tell everyone about her reality but he won’t, because there is hell of difference between her and him. He leaves angrily while Sanvri cries.

PRECAP: Raj asks Avni not to ditch him as he loves her. Avni shouts to stop it Raj, she doesn’t want to hear this as she doesn’t love him. There is no place for love in her home or heart.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. pity arpitaa

  2. Knew it.. Dam you savri

  3. What a crock. I can’t believe that ‘the family” is so upset because Arpita & Akshat were in love when they married. Yes, they lied, but not for a sinister reason, they just wanted to be together for life. I cannot believe this story, this family forbids any of the young people to marry for love”…………unbelievable. That is why there are so many unhappy marriages, because THE ELDERS, think they have the right to choose a partner! someone that is going to be in the son! or daughter’s life forever. Marriage is NOT BETWEEN 2 FAMILIES, it should be between 2 people who are madly, deeply, passionately in love. I have been married for 38 years, & I married for passionate love; sometimes it has been difficult, as it is with most people. The only good thing is that Savri………got her punishment from her husband…. What a witch.

  4. I agree with you deb even if a marriage is a matter of two families it is the wife n hubby who must live the all life together in such arelation their onions also must be taken in to consideration. And coming to arpitha n akshat even they had loved each other it is their family members who fixed the marriage soooo…they can’t blame arpita n akshit for this.

  5. Hey raj is going to meet with a car accident as he will be driving recklessly worrying about his love failure.

  6. Avni shit yar….

  7. Oh come on… what kind of family is this???? If arpita and akshit had disclosed about their affair before marriage….the families wouldn’t have got them married bcz they love each other and would have a happy married life..! instead they would look for a different bride for akshit…so that he could stay unhappy…make that new bride unhappy and hide the truth from her and her family about his pre marital affair….(same situation for arpita too…)………this was something good in the view of their families…bcz they chose the life partner…is this what something the families wanted ?????????
    foolish suket says..”its not abt 2 individuals..but two families getting married”… this man is piece a piece of royal bullshit!! he just wants the two families to be happily married aver after… and let the kids go to hell….
    temme one more thing aren’t arpita’s and akshit’s family members on good terms with each other(leave alone savri)??
    this totally doesn’t make sense!!!!!!

  8. i expected a positive support from bhawna atleast… but she too thinks it would have been nice to keep the kids unhappy…. sorry bhawna but u let down many fans…by getting angry instead of understansing them!!!

  9. What u did to Arpita Savri?hatte u for that….but I feel pity on Raj and Avni too.poor couple….:(

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