Uttaran 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Plastic Surgeon’s office
Rathore’s hands are clenched when he finds that its yuvraaj, and his entire history of philandering flashes before him. He is super irritated, when he remembers yuvaan’s shady talks and meethi’s warns.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
While driving on the road, yuvaan places his hand on Mukta, and when she turns around startled, she remembers yuvraaj’s face, which had smiled in the same manner at her, before he had tried to take advantage of her. She screams, and he asks what happened. she says that it felt like the past knocked on her door. Yuvaan tells her to relax as nothing fron her past would bother her now. He asks her to sleep, as she must be tired. she doses off, and yuvaan smiles. while mukta is asleep in the car, yuvaan gets an idea. As they reach the room, and she excuses herself to freshen up, his eyes fall on the mobile phone, he switches it off, and hides it, saying that this night would be Mukta’s last. He replaces her medicinal tablets with sedative pills. He says that he doesnt need her body, but her life, her death and he would rightfully take it. He finds that she is upset and gets her to have some food. She denies that she doesnt want and wants to sleep, as she is tired. She decides to call her father. Mukta searches for the phone and wonders where it went. yuvaan asks her to call later, and first take the med. She takes them, and starts to dose off, feeling light headed, while yuvaanm smiles evilly. As mukta gets dizzy continuously, he asks her to compose herself while he goes to get the doctor. he throws the pill on the floor. He walks mukta through the lobby, and she is wondering how her head is dizzying so badly. He asks her to wait, while he calls for the lift. He turns around, wearing yuvraaj’s mask, calling out to her. Mukta is shocked to find that its actually yuvraaj, who tells him about his true identity, that he isnt yuvaan but yuvraaj. He takes mukta’s hand by force, while she cries for help, and gets her forcibly inside the lift. He takes her on the roof, while she is shocked.

Scene 3:
Location: Akash’s residence
While kajri and meethi are talking about what a great husband akash is, meethi gets rathore’s call. Rathore tells meethi that he found the truth, and that he needs her urgently. He tells meethi that he just got late by few minutes. Meethi asks why is he so upset. rathore tells him about yuvaan being yuvraaj. rathore tells meethi that if there’s anyone who can save him, its her. Rathore is in venomous rage, saying that he wont be able to control hismelf once he nabs yuvaan. He says that last time, ichcha saved him, but this time around, he doesnt know what he would do, and the only person who can save it all, is she hesrelf. He says that he wants her help. Meethi cancels the call, as she remembers, akash’s promise. Rathore, meanwhile is tensed as he waits for meethi’s answer outside her house.

As akash comes and is excited to have icecream with meethi, Kajri tells him that meethi went out with rathore. akash is surprised, when kajri tells him that she looked upset and was talking about yuvaan, He ius angry that meethi broke his promise. Akash is very upset wondering why did meethi go, despite him having erxplained so much, and her doing what she felt like. kajri asks if he talked to her. He denies and says that he doesnt want to. kajri asks him not to, as there must be something imp. Akash vents out saying, what could be more important than their child.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
rathore finds that mukta isnt picking up the phone, and asks meethi top continue dialling, while he drives the car. He gets a call, and tells them to send in vishnu’s message, and also to call the acp to track mukta’s phone. They get the retrieved message from Vishnu, wherein they hear the audio recording, about vishnu knowing that yuvaan is Yuvraaj. Meethi wonders how can yuvi do this, her own brother. rathore is tensed. rathore is able to trace mukta’s phone and says that its coming from a resort. they finally reach it.

Scene 5:
Location: Resort
Yuvaan tells mukta that she along with his mother had sent him to jail, and now she too would go to his mother. Yuvaan asks whats his mistake, as he just wanted to sleep with her. she terms him disgusting and says that changing the face doesnt change character. he says that he doesnt want to change, and tells that it was all his revenge scheme, and tells her tha entire story of his first captive being Vishnu, who he turned into a waiter, because he loved what yuvaan himself loved. she tries to get up, but is unable to, due to the pill’s effect. yuvaan says that he had to take revenge of his jail term.

Rathore rushes inside to the receptionist while meethi has a dizzy spell. rathore rushes to her while she says that she’s fine and goes in with him, as the receptionist tells them the room number. Rathore breaks into the room, but doesnt find mukta there. He finds the bottle of pill, and understands that yuvaan mixed them. The recptionist comes in saying that the butler saw them both going to the terrace. They rush outside.

On the terrace, Yuvaan tells mukta that she would definitely die now. She tells him that he is an animal. he says that he is, and he wants her to be the next prey, and that then the story shall be over. He leans in, while she is scared. rathore’s screams at yuvaan, shocks yuvaan and releives mukta, as they both turn around to find meethi along with rathore. the screen freezes on their face.

Precap: A wounded and blooded yuvaan comes forward, while mukta clings to meethi and rathore. Yuvaan tries to stab mukta, while happy that he did finally fulfill his purpose. But he is shocked to find that meethi’s hand stopped him. He gives meethi a jerk, and she falls on the floor, with her stomach hitting the floor, and she lets out a scream wincing in pain. As she screams, writhing in pain, rathore pushes yuvaan away.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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