Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th August 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th August 2013 Written Update

Mahadev and Parvati are standing on a cave. Parvati says , that she didn’t stop herself while Mahadev warned her before. Though she didn’t have any intention to give birth to such a creature.. Mahadev interrupts and says , questions is not about the intention , its all about the results of the does. Parvati is upset and says Is he more dangerous than Jalndhar. Mahadev says it would be a foolishness to think that he is like Jalandhar as this Jalandhar was a great warrior, in fact he had some rules, regulations which he used love and he was always ready to do well for his subjects while Andhak is rude, the enemy of development, the one who has born without eyes will be the enemy of light. Parvati is worried.

In Brahma lok Narad is with brahma dev

and says mahadev is too much upset with what has happened. Brahma says yes as when Andhak has been adopted by Hiranyash then he didn’t know that he will have more sons . So by time passed his love reduced for Andhak and also of mother. The other sons have also been so rude to him. The only thing is left is his kindness for a blind.
On the other hand A kid is stepping ahead with blindness and comes forward , ask his brothers that he also wants to play with his brothers , his brothers though allows him but keeps a condition that if he wouldn’t be able to break the pitcher ( A Soil Pot) then he will not be able to play with them anymore. He agrees to all the conditions but when he is not able to break the pitcher then his brothers start laughing and that makes him angry and he moves the stick all around and finally hits on the head of one of his brothers and says he couldn’t see so his stick was attacked on him by mistake and smiles with a devil look . Mahadev sees him and seems upset.

In Kailash Nandi is upset and says since the time that Chausar has happened Mahadev is silent and not talking to anyone. Now Only Maata Parvati can do something. He turns to call Maa Parvati says she knows .. that whatever has happened its only because of her. Nandi says he is sorry as he has planned for that chausar but he didn’t know whats gonna happens so he is sorry. Parvati says its not Nandi’s fault as she will do every forgiveness for her faults. She goes to Mahadev and says she is sorry and Mahadev must say something to her , he should elaborate his decision as she has done it before. Mahadev says his decision is that he wants to stay alone and will take inside all his energies back and suddenly he leaves. Parvati is now alone and had a shock. Nandi could realize that his Mahadev’s Energies are no where outside. He screams… and calls mahadev. All saints, devs, Kartieya, Ganesh, gets a feeling of his loneliness .
Vashisht and Rama are infront of Shivling and Vashisht says him that mahadev has taken all his energies inside so whenever he did so the demons are more energized, he doesn’t know which demon is getting powerful now. Sri Ram also looks upset.

In Hiranyash’s palace all his sons have gone to complaint against Andhak. They says Andhak had hit them intentionally. Hiranyash denies and says he is not able to see. Suddenly Andhak comes and says he is not lying he is not able to see so he hadn’t done it intentionally and his eyes are flourishing with a light. The other sons are terrified and leaves. Suddenly his mom comes and he is having lamp in her hands. Suddenly Andhak sees some lights which irritates him and he sees some glimpse of Mahadev who is burning. Mahadev is still meditating in a cave .

Precap: Mahadev & Devi Parvati is meditating together and then in BG Andhak’s glimpse is shown.


Update Credit to: Celestial

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