Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th August 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bani’s place
All are surprised to hear rajji talk high of her in laws and her husband. Rajji says that if she’s happy, then they dont need to be angry. She says thsat she had forgiven desho, with her heart, and asks with folded hands for them to do the same too. She says that noone of them is happy giving her pain, then why and asks them to forget and forgive. Desho too folds her hands in forgiveness. The girls seat her down on the bedding. Biji comes to her and takes desho and asks her to stop crying and hugs her. Desho breaks down into tears. Others look on. Biji says that when rajji has forgiven, then all of them have too. Rajji is happy, and they are too. Rajji smiles. She takes desho to her husband, and he too aceepts her bacj, and hugs

her. The girls smile at this.

Later, rajji is apologetic that she had to lie but this was her only way to correct everything. soham comes and thanks her, and asks why she lied. He says that she wants to be a good bahu, who doesnt want to bother her parents, but she didnt need to do that. Rajji says that she didnt lie, as she just wanted top mend relations, and if thought about, this lie also contains some truth. soham is surprised, while rajji goes inside.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Angad is discussing with simran as to how much rajji has learnt with her dedication and hardwork, so as to make her place in buaji’s heart and how she also needs to win over soham. she says that soham hasnt forgotten bani and if rajji isnt able to helkp him cope, then whats the use of passing buaji’s teast. Buaji overhears this. She goes to the room and finds an envelope and starts surfing through pics. Kuki asks whats she doing. Buaji quickly hides the pics and grows nervous. Kuki says that she’s nervous as if she is caught redhanded. She asks kuki to leave and let her rest. Buaji thinks that she wont be at peace till soham is settled.

Buaji opens the door hearing the doorbell ring, and goes onto get the matchmaker inside, who says that she came to meet personally to talk this important stuff. Buaji says that she has been seeing girls for soham. The matchmaker is surprised and asks whose descision is this, as they seemed very happy today. Buaji says that its all a pretension. Kuki comes and is introduced, and the matchmaker asks if she isnt thinking about kuki’s marriage. Buaji says that she’s just concerned for soham’s marriage, and goes on to show some pics. Simran and angad too come, and are shocked to see the girls spread laid out, as prospective brides for soham. They are shocked to see that buaji wanmts soham to get remarried. angad asks why. Buaji says that rajji is useless, and hence he wants him to be happy, and this is npossible when rajji leaves and another comes. Kuki and simran is shocked. Angad asks how is this, when rajji is here. Buaji says that after rajji leaves, she would get a new bahu in the hosue, and everything would be alright then. they are tensed.
Scene 3:
Location: Bani’s and parmeet’s place
Meanwhile, gagan in the haveli is continuously trying ranveer’s call. manpreet says that its nothing new, and goes onto say how irresponsible he is just like the other gents of the family. Gagan thinks that he should have informed atleast. Both are tensed.

While all are waiting for bani to come, she finally comes out. Desho asks if she has packed her stuff. ranvir is happy. Bani says that she isnt going. Ranvir is tensed and others too. they ask why isnt she going. Bani says that it isnt needed. Desho asks whats she saying. Ban i says that manpreet called to say that she can stay here for some days as the programme is confirmed. ranvir says that if there’s any confusion, they can go and ask manpreet as she has sent him to get bani. Bani says that there’s no confusion as manpreet is on the line, and asks ranvir to talk to her, and she comes ahead and gives the phone to ranvir, who tries to keep a happy face so as not to alarm anyone. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Bani breaks down in front of rajji, and says that ranvir tried to force himself on her. rajji is shocked. Rajji asks her to be quiet as if anyone else got to knwo, there would a huge trouble. They find soham, on the door, who’s heard everything. Soham is furious and leaves, while the tensed girls run after him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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